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Fecha:Sabado, 6 de Octubre, 2012  20:27:26 (-0300)
Autor:Monica Barbagallo <monica.barbagallo>

 fractal2008 te ha enviado un vídeo: "Duluth Cop Punches Wheelchair-Bound Man Repeatedly In Face, Brutality"

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From: César

¿Y los derechos humanos?

fractal2008 ha compartido un vídeo contigo en YouTube.

Duluth Cop Punches Wheelchair-Bound Man Repeatedly In Face, Brutality

,A Duluth, Minnesota, police officer could be charged with assault after he allegedly split a man's head open at a detox center. (218) 730-5020 is the number for the office of Duluths Police chief
The whole thing was recorded by a security camera last Friday.

Police say concerned employees at the detox center reported the incident involving 50-year-old Anthony Jackson, in the wheelchair, and Officer Richard Jouppi.

Jackson is initially asked to take his coat off when he hits the officer.

Then, the incident explodes.

In a written report, Officer Jouppi claimed Jackson was extremely drunk and belligerent during the exchange and threatened police and detox staff.

Duluth police say they are handing the case over to an independent prosecutor and requesting a 5th degree assault charge against Officer Jouppi.

The attorney for Officer Jouppi told CNN that the accusations were a "little extreme" and that sometimes police action is not very pretty.

Jouppi has been on administrative leave since Tuesday and will remain on leave until the investigation is complete.

Jackson was booked on charges of felony assault of a police officer and released.

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