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Asunto:[gap-argentina] Mensaje Nº3 Lady Nada en inglés
Fecha:Martes, 15 de Febrero, 2005  21:20:57 (-0300)
Autor:Monica Barbagallo <monicaba>

por favor reenviar a todos los que puedan...
Third Message
Enough of Lies.
The Dark Forces already lost.
The same that happens with the majority of the channeled messages that say that are from the Ascended Masters and they are not, the same happens with the messages of different groups of extraterrestrial beings that some of them belong to Children of Light but also there are the messages of the Children of Darkness.
The Children of the Darkness are not represented now; they do not even have who represent them out of this Planet, but inside the same, still there are many persons that receive telepathic channeling of these extraterrestrial beings, Children of Darkness that are in the Planet.
But ... even though they wait, nobody is going to go to rescue them.
And these beings that express the channeling are they going to say that they are Children of Darkness or representatives of the Dark Forces?
Certainly that not, but yes, they will say that they are Children of Light and will start distorting the teachings of the real Children of Light, which well-deservedly for their actions and for their works, are Ascended Masters. These, are those that they show as the rebels, the dissidents, which enslaved, etc., etc., etc., in the History that they managed to tell and to write. There are many.
First it is necessary to be objective and analyze what they say.
If really they belong to Light, they are going to try that all take conscience and be saved.
Are they going to generate and to propitiate that only their group of followers are saved or that you have to buy areas in certain places with previous made lists , etc., etc., etc ..? As the Rama group does? These were not of Light.
Like the construction of bunkers under the Earth, to be protected of Apocalyptic Events, but only for those who could pay their place? If you cannot pay, you remain discarded, even though you are Brothers of Light.
These who foment this type of segregation are not Children of Light, because the Light will give the opportunity to all, in order that you choose to ascend and to evolve, and this way are saved all or the great majority.
Not only a group.
When the Rama group was formed and when they get-together, was delivered to them from heavens and to certain deserving persons, a few ethereal crystals that were materialized being placed in the Solar Plexus. It turns out that these energetic crystals were blocking this chakra, in order that the being did not evolve in the physical plane and be more attached to the earthly and materials aspects.
This group was dissolved when the members began to adore to the extraterrestrials as if they were Gods. Yes, Gods of tricks and confusion.
From these contacts, happens that the Orion Masters were reptilians.
They were of Ganymede and of Andromeda, but also of the Pleyades. The recipient of these messages, Sixto Paz Wells, author of the book "Interdimensional Contacts" has no contacts since years ago, They are not anymore. Then of the first book, he breaks down three new books that say the same. That Satanel, or Satan came of Orion.
It turns out that Satan is the First Son of the Anti-god.
The Jesus of Nazareth opposite and antagonist.
If Jesus of Nazareth came from Orion, then for logical deduction they want to mean that Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ, Supreme Father of Universe, is reptiloid?
These have no pardon of The All and are really Children of Satan,
For your tranquility, the crystals were removed from all who received them, in this way  have the possibility to evolve, if they choose to do it.
Now let's see the gray ones of a meter of height, these are reptiloids, the types of eyes are alike, and they realized genetic experiments.
But ... abducted persons and placed implants to handle them from far. This also was annulled, they do not serve any more.
This is what now they want to do with all the Children of Light, the few Dark domineering forces in the Earth, to continue reigning.
These are not Children of Light.
And if this way it had been, you all would be already implanted for ages and all enslaved. You would not be like in these instances, using your free will.
With regard to the Arcturians, they repeat another new history of origin "Arcturian Version ", where two different groups from that planet fight in Mars for the control.
Mars has never been an origin Humanity Planet. The Earth has her origin stone, which is the Diamond (coal) sunk in the Atlantis as guarantee of this origin. Now it is possible to say, that they have no traffic means to go to the Atlantis and to remove this stone.
In the next years the Terrestrial Humanity will be able to re-discover her origin stone, the stone of coal.
These are not of Light either.
Be prepared for when the real Sananda appears. It is not the one that
Actually you are invoking.
Because this is not new.
Because since ever, you were warned. Forces of Light in continue antagonistic fights with the Forces of Darkness that wanted to be imposed, to establish themselves and to remain in order to conquer and control to Planets with Humanities of Light, which were never engaged with constructing or with generating.
Hermes in the Kybalion: "and since it is below, also it is above ", now will be said it was above, it is not any more. Now it is necessary to complete in below.
Entire, but extended books have been channeled, with resemblances to
Sacred books of this Humanity, to prove that they were real: "Book of Enoch" and John's "Apocalypse" of the "New Testament ", they have their modern and updated version in the book "Enoch's keys" of J. J. Hurtak. According to the author, it was snatched as Enoch or as John. Also, he swallowed the roll of knowledge; it turns out to be that this book has a glossary where he makes clear that it was realized by the Ummas.  If the he swallowed the knowledge and has it, why the Ummas wrote the glossary?
In this book there are two fundamental pillars: the Pillar of Light and the Pillar of Darkness, in physical enclaves. It turns out that the one of Darkness is in the Mecca, where the black stone is.
Is this saying that the Islam is the forces of Darkness?
They are predisposing all, negatively towards the Islamic world. And it is not this way. Search and read. Separate, Destroy and You will reign.
It turns out that the Pillar of Light is in Jerusalem.
But in Jerusalem there were always religious wars. And a religion could not to be supported, were needed the three biggest religions of the world to support in certain form the calmness, of so many wars there generated. And they want to re-do the temple of Salomon, but disarming the mosque of Rock and two temples can share, with the Christian temples their permanence in Jerusalem. Because Jerusalem belongs to all.
Because the Pillar of Darkness, was in Jerusalem and not in the Mecca. It is not more.
These do not belong to Light, when they segregate and divide.
It is not the same the Galactic Federation of the White Brotherhood or also Galactic Confederacy that is an equal Organism, but very different to the named Confederacy of Worlds, this it performs the Dark Forces and that already does not exist.
The messages have always to transmit real and specific teachings
The majority brings many words, which always say the same thing, but do not teach new things, entertain and distract.
What did they say about the Tsunami in Asia?
"The High Pleyadian Counsel, in his message says that for differences of time with your dimension is that they cannot stipulate exact schedules. Likewise they have many ships around The Earth, and that also there are other participants of other Planets providing variety of services and that the disaster had been much bigger"
But they do not make clear what did they did and are justifying themselves; neither they explain what motivated the Tsunami?; nor that the Dark Forces have the Haarp Plants or the Shield Anti-militia that harms the ionosphere.
Do not they see it from the ships that are around the Earth?
They do not give these tracks. Do not know them? Or is it because they are not of Light?
The Captain Elena from her ship Capricorn worries about having a Web place, in order to communicate with her directly and this way to discover incautious and to be able to control them.  Also they fulfilled another type of extraterrestrial technology, and this technology will be without interferences, it will be genuine.
Will it be more rapid than the thought and the telepathy?
If they are more evolved spiritually and they can: Why do they discard the telepathy?
Because they are not of Light, they are not above, are below with everything what it happens, they are programming a contest to visit the mother spaceship or say that can help to reduce some of the tornadoes and principal hurricanes, if it is asked them that to do it.
Of course, she is on North America, to the only ones that she is going to help it is to North Americans and there is where the first contact is going to happen.
And if they are the elected ones, why does not warn them of what generates all these disasters? Or the last ones that affected to California in USA.
This is not of Light either.
Others said:
"That the Mother Earth sent you a sign"
It is true. But ... since when the Mother Earth is sending signs and you did not see them, from the year 1996 with the earthquake of Turkey, in Mexico, the avalanche of Venezuela, the floods in Europe, in China, the tornadoes of the USA.
Wake up, search, state and add up.
Were they natural or provoked?
The Messages of the Galactic Federation are giving information, are warning that the Dark Cabbala was going to use his most lethal and secret weapon.
"They denounced that USA, had a flying saucer and that could mix with the ones of them, to generate the chaos from above, when the first contact is realized, to avoid in order that all believe that it comes to attack so they will be attacked.
The Haarp Plants, the Anti-Militia Shield and the generation of electromagnetic waves of lower frequencies to control in massive form the minds: are not these actions enough, in order that the authors of these facts are judged by the Galactic laws, such as it is explained in the Declaration of the Cease of Fire in Iraq, Afghanistan and Middle East, requested by the Galactic Federation?
- “This last phase of the plan is the most complex and sensitive"
- "The changes of this reality are going to be dramatic"
And it is like that.
There are events that have to happen, can be smoother, can be diminished, but have to happen in order to learn and to know.
- "Other groups warn of an Air Battle on the skies of USA that can be filmed by video cameras"
Verify and know.
What you are going to be able to film is the Anti-Militia Shield, if it is working.
Its sparks and resplendence are seen.
That is the true.
And you have to know, to see and to verify this truth.
That's why they send you to film. These belong to Light.
When in the Messages refer to the 5th. Dimension and obviated the 4th., they are not Children of Light and do not know of what is about, because they never evolved, they were never not in 4th., not in 5th. They are not Ascended Masters, not even extraterrestrial beings of Light, who should know it.
As another group teaches "Hugs of the 5th. Dimension" and what they teach is to mentally dominate others and attracting them to sell services, to place notices, to create business cards, etc.
In addition, they inform that the network of the Love is connected in each one in the base of cranium, in order that when you embrace someone, you open this connection and... suck energy, is free and it belongs to other. No....?
These do not belong to Light, they are black of Soul and they want that all do the same that they do, this way you get involved and lose the Light.
As also those who say that you should be prepared because the Children of Light will be ascended, moved to another Planet, etc., etc., etc.
It is not true and these are not of Light either.
This is the Planet that is ascending and to which we have to help to fulfill its Ascension and the ascension of the Children of Light, with the expressions of Light that live it.
Those who go away, do not return any more, they are not Children of Light precisely, nor they go away, go to other place, they are going to disappear.
The majority of those who are dying in the whole Planet are not Children of Light. They are those who did not choose the Light, if they had chosen it, here they would be.
They are not sacrificed Souls that before being born, chose to do it for fulfillment of their Akashic Records, There are some of them that for their karmas it is determined like that, but they are less.
The great number of those who are disappearing, they do not exist any more, do not have neither spirit, nor Soul, nor Energy, because they were members of the Dark Forces that are being decimated.
Do you have any idea of the statistics of dead people in an accident, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, epidemics, galloping illnesses (old and new), suicides, etc., of the last eight years in the whole Planet?
You would surprise and would scare.
And the great majority is not in any place, less in the higher skies.
This causes me a great pain, because they all had opportunity to change and they did not want.
But ... what if it is important and that it is necessary to do, is not to continue repeating all these pernicious experiences that by human negligence are happening.
But ... what it is necessary to do is to help their families and all the children that are saved and that are alone without anybody who loves them.
Because if they still are and were saved, they are Children of Light.
What actually did the Extraterrestrial beings of the Galactic Federation that are in the skies and in their ships?
They helped their Brothers of Light of the Earth not to lose any life of Light, because it is already the time and the hour that no Son of The All is sacrificed or leave their bodies by the fault of Dark Forces.
What is happening?
The Great Treatment of the Forces of Darkness is carried out. As also is realized the Great Purification of all the Children of Light, with their 9 chakras. Everyone had the opportunity to decide and choose of what side to be and chose already. Then, it is not the time to lose these Children of Light.
It is necessary to wake up.
You Children of Light can do it, you can use your new energies with the 9 chakras, and with the request of energies to The All, can feel and detect with your hands the electromagnetic fields of the persons and also of what these persons write.
If these fields are low, dense or you don’t feel them, they are not from Children of Light, it is enough to have their names written in a paper, as likewise the outgrowth of what they write; even though they say that it is of an Ascended Master, also you can measure it, if it is true the field will be from the paper of at least a meter.
If it is not, you won’t feel anything.
You can do it, even when you are reading these messages in the computer.
Measure this energy; softly you will feel that this energy pushes your hands out, pushing them up to the border that radiates, you will feel as a tickling in your fingers.
It seems as if it was a bubble that presses.
Practice with this message.
These writings if are of Light, will have energy and this way you will confirm their origin and the truth with your Superior Being.
But ... if you do not have anything, you will feel nothing, the hand will not detect any energy that stops her, this is not of Light, not written by the Children of Light. Also you can verify this way your books or what ever you want.
This is a teaching to end with so many lies that run in the internet. In order that you know and do not believe everything what is said to you. As also, verify the channeled books, as "The book of Urantia ", other one of the Dark forces.
Also, can happen that the channel is a Son of Light, but what he receives and does not belong to him, but he wrote it, have no light. This way, will also know what he receives and wherefrom it comes to him.
But ... if it has no Light, even though it plugs to a battery or a power point, will not mark nothing.
This is like that.
Everyone speaks about Nesara, all wait for Nesara.
But ...  Nesara is already signed since the year 2000: what do you wait to fulfill this Law?
The Galactic Federation asked for the action of all the Allied Forces of the Earth, the Children of Light, and those are you. You are those who have to act,  to put in order your home, this Planet, demanding that the Laws are fulfilled globally.
Support the Senator and the Congress in order that they review the results of Ohio in USA.
You cannot expect that others should clean up your home, when it is not their home.
You cannot continue allowing that with terror decrees, they continue restraining your freedoms and this way you lose your state of democracy.
You cannot allow that the fear paralyzes you, because you do not know who to believe and which side to take. Believe what is Just and Noble.
You cannot live being blind and deaf without interfering when all the humanity is being affected, injured and controlled, by the only and residual Dark Forces, that want to continue in their power deliriums.
All united are more and all together will win.
Ask for the energy of The All, for everyone and for the Planet.
Generate an energy of Love and Compassion so big that it disarms the Darkness and all their plans for lasting.
Denounce and speak, you are not alone.
The whole White Brotherhood that has moved from the whole Universe, is present to help. They are not going to go away neither to go without presenting themselves, or intervening.
It is already the time and it is already the hour.
But they are not going to realize what the proprietors of the home have to do.
They come to support and to take care of the Children of Light in Justice and Truth.
We all are One with the One.
And we all are going to join to obtain the triumph.
The real truths expressed along these messages hurt, more when they fall down already recognized and conscience structures of thought that you believed were truths.
I regret deeply with the pain of the soul, be the one that draws back the veils, to demythologize them and this way you can verify that you were fed with lies.
It is not the time to sweeten your ears with the words that you want to listen.
It is the time to shake your spirits in order that you act fairly.
Now you with your Real I am and with your new handling of energy, will be able to verify the veracity of these words and of these teachings.
Please Children of Light wake up and verify, know and act, you are not alone. We love you.
With all our love, on behalf of the Ascended Masters, Lady Nada.

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