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Asunto:[gap-argentina] resultado del gran experimento
Fecha:Martes, 11 de Febrero, 2003  21:17:35 (+0100)
Autor:magie s <magie2012>

>Beloved Friends,
>We are sending Light to you from the City of Peace,
Jerusalem. I 
wanted to 
>take time to share our experience here in Israel, and
to offer some 
>preliminary results from the scientific testing
gathered during the 
>Experiment III. As you know, we have hired several
statisticians to 
>qualitative information to help us prove the power
and impact of our 
>Most of the results will take a week or two to gather
and share, but 
we do 
>have some amazing information to offer now.
>But first, here is a description of our gathering.
>Over 300 people gathered beneath a tent in a village
called Neve 
>between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The village is a
living example of how 
>peace can be accomplished with both Israeli and
Palestinian families 
>and raising families together. We began praying and
chanting together 
>almost two hours before the appointed time, and we
could feel the 
>building. We know that there were millions of people
from around the 
>joining us, in addition to the 100,000 "Spiritual
Peacemakers" who 
>been studying together through the Spoonbenders
Course. (I think I 
>substitute this title for "Spiritual Warrior" from
this point on.) We 
>also aware of hundreds of groups that participated,
including over 200 
>joined Doreen Virtue on the steps of the California
State Capitol.
>When 7PM arrived we could sense an amazing energy
begin to fall in all 
>around us. Most people began to cry or enter ecstatic
states for we 
knew we 
>were grounding the prayers of peace of so many
dedicated souls. We 
>the prayers we shared in the Course, and the energy
grew so high that 
>wasn't sure I would be able to continue. Of all the
vigils I have been 
>of, this was by far the most incredible. (At times it
was hard to 
>conscious.) I KNOW that the effect was felt around
the world. We can 
>already feel and notice the change in this area. Many
Muslims and Jews 
>heard about our mission and wanted to send their
thanks to us all. Our 
>lives will never be the same.
>(We are asking all Beloveds to share their own
miracle stories 
>the Great Experiment on the Emissary of Light message
board. Please go 
>there to add or read these inspiring offerings.)
>Attending the gathering was a scientist named Richard
Benishal who was 
>taking readings on what is called a Biometer. It
measures the vitality 
>life-force of a person or place through a measurement
>Angstroms are units of light which all living beings
and physical 
>emit. If there is dis-ease or low energy, it
registers a low reading, 
>the opposite for high energy. He shared with me that
a neutral reading 
>would normally be around 6500 angstroms, but that he
has seen readings 
>high as 7000 after powerful meditations have taken
place in a certain 
>Then he told me something that amazed us all. The
reading of the area 
>the vigil's focus was between 9000 and 9500. Richard
said he has never 
>such a high reading before. I will continue to get
more information 
>him and share it with all of you.
>We have stepped forward as One Mind and Heart to
claim a world of 
Peace and 
>Compassion, and we KNOW that it has now taken root
and is growing 
within us 
>all. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to all of
you for sharing 
>experience with us. But it is only the beginning.
This was only the 
>time we are using this technology in this way, and
our success 
inspires us 
>to continue this great work. More experiments will
soon follow.
>One final note. I have been trying to get the two
post lessons for the 
>Spoonebenders Course distributed, but the activities
of the last few 
>have made it difficult to finish. But now I see the
grand plan. I now 
>that I wasn't to finish them till after this amazing
experiment. Now 
>we are through, I see that the lessons will lead
directly into our 
>course, "The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking." I should
have the post 
>available in about a week, then the Peacemaking
course will follow a 
>weeks later. As I have said before, this will be the
culmination of 
>everything we have shared till this point. I cannot
tell you how 
excited I 
>am to share this new information.
>I will forward more information in a few days. Till
then, please keep 
us in 
>your prayers as we return to our homes from the Holy
>I love you all. Congratulations.
>In Peace,
>James Twyman

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