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Asunto:[GAP] Transcending Democratic Slavery
Fecha:Jueves, 30 de Noviembre, 2006  13:46:32 (-0600)
Autor:Red Iberoamericana de Luz <ricardoredluz>

When in Mexico, visit us at 
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico 
Home of the Iberamerican Web of Light 
Intercultural ecovillage 
From: Ascend Press <ap-newsletter@...> 
Date: 29-nov-2006 23:00 
Subject: Transcending Democratic Slavery 
To: Red ANAHUAK <redanahuak@...> 
  Dear Red Anahuak, 
We thank you for the continued interest in our work.  Attached is the latest 
article from the Hawaiian Ancestors "Transcending Democratic Slavery", an 
interesting essay about how the use of credit and bank loans as well as the 
media steal dreams.  Please feel free to share this with others who may or 
may not focus upon the path of ascension.  The Hawaiian Ancestors have 
geared there information for a more general audience. 
We have posted our free 2007 calendar with special messages from the nature 
kingdoms that are associated with the New Astrology for Ascension.  Special 
thanks to Paige Wickline for the layout and Brigitte Rondeau for the 
beautiful art.  Paige offers one to one ascension healing consultations and 
Brigitte offers to paint beautiful ascending art for those interested! 
We have many associates that are beginning to express themselves more fully 
and share of their personal ascension experiences.  Please see the following 
links for articles from Sherry Stapleton, Ruth Morgan and Linda Kittler, 
each of whom also offer one to one healing consultations. 
We have many gifted healers that are ascending and understand the spiritual 
karmic lessons that humans are learning at this time of evolution.  Please 
feel free to connect with the ones that you feel drawn unto and resonate 
with for some one to one work in support of your personal ascension "home" 
into the great central sun dream.  Many offer a special rate for a series of 
six readings to support your evolutionary unfolding.  Each works with the 
Earth Mother and the Nature Kingdoms in their anchoring. 
We are moving our summer Conclave to Big Sky Montana,  near beautiful 
Yellowstone National Park.  The Yellowstone region sits under the new 
co-creative will center chakra that opened in 2006 due to Earth's continued 
expansion of field in her own global ascension.  The co-creative will center 
will now hold the dream for human awakening ahead, and this is the reason 
for the change of region for our future events.  You can read more about our 
summer event as well as look at pictures from Yellowstone National Park at 
the following links.  Please plan on joining us next summer if you can! 
At the end of this article, we have a list of many products that we offer 
for a small donation that supports ascension.  We offer a special rate for 
our Healing with Nature audio CD and our Blessings from Nature and Language 
of Light Tarot Deck and CD book; a perfect gift unto yourself or others to 
support those that you love upon their spiritual journey "home". 
We hope that you find our information of continued assistance upon your 
Until our next communication, 
Blessings upon your journey 
The Earth Mother 
* To the Hawaiian Nation* 
* (or those who are Hawaiian at Heart)* 
*  * 
* The Hawaiian Ancestors through Karen Danrich "Mila"* 
* November 25, 2006* 
* * 
*  Blessings for Learning to Live from What the Land and Sea Can Provide* 
*  * 
 Dear Hawaiian Nation (and those who are Hawaiian at Heart), 
 It is the Hawaiian Ancestors who greet you again today.  Today we speak 
about the nature of the current paradigm in which one is imprisoned to 
mortgages or rent causing you to work sometimes many jobs to provide for 
one's family or life.  Most humans desire to be free, to live in freedom, 
going where they wish to go, and doing what they wish to do.  Freedom has 
become equated with Democracy in the West, which does indeed create a 
civilization that may be considered free from the stand point of the above 
description of freedom. 
 However democratic societies are also prone to enslaving the masses with 
heavy work ethics.  Working 9 to 5, five days per week is the work ethic in 
the United States, with two weeks vacation and a few holidays throughout the 
year.  In Europe it is a little different with many countries having a month 
holiday in August and several additional "health weeks" over the course of 
the year.  However is this really freedom?  Can you really be free if you 
spend more time working than doing what you really would like to do?  This 
the Hawaiian Ancestors ponder. 
 In our time, there was not the current work etheric that has caught on 
fiercely in the islands in present time.  In our time, the day was spent in 
many ways, including fishing, gardening, harvesting the food for the meals, 
making poi, building a new boat of Koa wood for transportation, weaving new 
mats and baskets, or preparing for a feast, and creating the clothing or 
jewelry for a special occasion.  All told we worked no more than four hours 
per day at providing for the community and in collaboration with one 
 Locals in Hawaii today often work two jobs to pay the rent or mortgage and 
buy the food.  Working two jobs is worse than only one, for now there is so 
little time to do what you want that there is great deprivation that the 
body and human feels over time.  Working two jobs is a form of democratic 
imprisonment.  Two jobs become necessary with the high cost of rent, housing 
and food in the islands.  This is also so for many living in other places 
who are also Hawaiian at heart.  Recently Mila caught a headline in one of 
the newspapers that stated that American earnings were up, but not due to 
raises, but due to households choosing to hold two jobs to make ends meet. 
The pattern of democratic slavery is catching on now in other parts of the 
US when perhaps in times past this was not so.  Does it really need to be 
this way? 
There was a time in the islands as well as in the US where households could 
survive upon a single income leaving one partner free to raise the 
children.  Time must be rolled back to the 1950s or earlier both in the 
islands and upon the mainland for this to be so.  One parent could work and 
the other stay at home and there was enough to pay the rent, mortgage and 
put food upon the table, and buy the clothing and other life necessities. 
Perhaps those of a single income were not wealthy, but there was enough. 
And there was freedom to spend time with one's family. 
 What has occurred that has caused the need for both parents to work?  And 
not only one job but sometimes more than one to makes ends meet?  Who is 
present to raise the children if this is the case?  Children are raising 
themselves which perhaps speaks to the high use of drugs and other 
addictions that are causing trouble in the community.  There is no one in 
adult form present to guide the young; and the young then go off and get 
into things that perhaps they would not if there was more guidance 
available, and elders to hold a watchful eye over their well being. 
 Guidance from school teachers or counselors is not the same as guidance 
from the Ohana.  The elders play a pivotal role in the ohana (family) for 
providing a foundation of knowledge from which the younger one can emerge 
into the community and create participation that is not only harmless, but 
also contributes in some manner to others.  Without guidance of the elders, 
children and teenagers falter, and then fail to become young adults that 
contribute.  Many remain at home into their 30s as they fail to be able to 
hold a job to manifest the same style of life that their parents know, and 
the parents sacrifice themselves by working several jobs per week to make 
ends meet to continue to support their children into adulthood. 
 Why is it necessary to have up to four jobs, two jobs per parent, to cover 
the needs of the family when there was only the need for one job just a half 
a century ago?  In the observation of the ancestors, the shift has to do 
with banking practices more than anything else.  The banks have wormed their 
way into profiting off of everything.  With the advent of credit cards, 
suddenly all shop keepers send 3% of the price of every piece of merchandise 
or every transaction to the banks.  Everything must rise then by 3% to 
accommodate the greed of the banks.  The increase in cost then equates to 
having to earn more for the same standard of living as prior to the 
prevalence of credit.  What do the banks really provide in return?  Nothing 
really; they take without giving anything and founded upon fear. 
 Why would anyone use credit over cash?  We ancestors see that humans have 
become accustomed to using credit or debit cards out of the fear of being 
robbed.  "Oh, I won't lose anything with my debit card; I can call the bank 
if it is stolen; and if someone charges something, the bank will absorb the 
loss."  How many times has one been robbed or lost a purse or wallet in a 
given life?  For many it is never.  So why is it frightening to carry cash 
then?  Our channels switched to a cash only manner of living many years ago 
now, and they learn to carry whatever they need without fear to purchase 
anything that they wish.  If they have not enough, they can go to the bank 
and take out cash, and this then does not add to the cost of living. 
 Many have turned to using credit for everything because they earn "points" 
for free airline tickets or hotel stays.  The hotels and airlines are not 
stupid; they earn far more from the merchants than the cost of the ticket 
you receive for free.  All of this leads to the increased cost of living 
over time as the merchandisers must raise the cost of their products or 
services to cover the high expenditures going to the credit industry.  All 
then end up paying more for less over time. 
Oa's spouse had a interior design business and had a showroom of 
furnishings.  Over the years, many clients would pay cash for their new 
furnishings.  This all ceased as soon as the opportunity to earn free air 
travel was offered through the credit industry.  No one in years ever made 
large purchases thereafter without using their credit card; and yet 3% 
always goes to the banks.  As more and more humans operate this way, it 
leads to the increased cost of living for all, even those who never use 
 You must also take into consideration the debt that the thieves of the 
credit system also create and how it is also hoisted upon consumers to be 
covered.  How is this so?  The debt of such "expenses" is covered by the 
interest charged upon credit card debt.  The interest charged upon credit 
card debt is far higher than interest paid out in any savings account in any 
bank.  The excessive interest charged on the credit debts covers the cost of 
the thieves.  You see no one really receives something for nothing. 
 Over time the interest spent upon credit debt equates to money you must 
earn that is not used to provide for your needs, which adds to the 
requirement to hold more than one job.  You may think, "Ah, I pay off my 
credit cards each month and they do not get anything from me!"  In reality 
the banks get 3% of everything you charge and this then adds to the overall 
cost of living for all.  However this is not the only problem with the use 
of credit.  The credit industry also takes dream. 
 What is dream?  You are a living dream that catches a projection from the 
nonphysical that leads to your life experience.  It requires dreams to 
manifest anything in the physical.  If you want a new dress, coat, couch, 
cooking wear, or anything else, it requires a dream to manifest the desired 
object in the physical.  For every dollar spent upon credit, the credit card 
industry takes twenty five dollars in dream.  This is how the credit 
industry perpetuates its game; for now it has lots of dream to give out in 
exchange for the use of the credit card. 
 So you want a new couch, dress or cooking wear and do not have the money or 
dream for it to manifest?  Money can be equated to dream.  If you have 
money, you have dreams for all things that the money can be spent upon.  If 
you do not have money, then you have no dream; however you can use the 
credit card, and suddenly you have the dream necessary to have what you 
desire without the money.  However you will also end up with 25% less dream 
to manifest anything else in your life that you desire that cannot be 
purchased with a credit card. 
 Some dreams cannot be procured through credit cards or banks.  Such dreams 
include the dream for love and relationship; or the dream for a new job; or 
the dream to move to a place that resonates and brings you joy; or the dream 
for loving friendships and the dance of the ohana.  These dreams cannot be 
bought by credit, and therefore the more that credit is used, the less dream 
you have in the dance of life to manifest such things that could bring you 
joy.  Furthermore as the credit companies acquire too much of your dream 
over time, you may find yourself very unfulfilled or even homeless upon the 
streets.  Perhaps this is why so many are addicted to television from the 
Hawaiian Ancestors point of view. 
 Television portrays dramas of others who have fulfilling lives; they have 
friends and they have beloveds, and they have relationships that bring them 
joy, or sometimes trauma and drama.  Those losing their dreams to the credit 
industry then try to fill themselves with the movies and sitcoms upon TV as 
there is not enough dream to manifest joyful experiences for real and to be 
experienced in the life dance.  This is very sad for the Hawaiian Ancestors 
to witness, for it deprives humans in the deepest possible way.  Television 
can never fill the heart, nor can relationship portrayed in the movies 
provide the love that one needs to subsist.  The end result is vast 
emptiness of a grand order within.  It is no wonder that more and more are 
finding themselves depressed and even suicidal as a result. 
 Television also takes dreams.  Each circumstance manifest by the media in 
the form of a television drama, show, movie, documentary or other production 
requires dream.  As the masses watch television or go to see a popular 
movie, they forfeit dreams of parallel nature unto Hollywood in the West or 
Bollywood in the East.  So let us say you go to a movie of a beautiful 
loving romance that ends in a happy ever after scenario.  You lose the dream 
to manifest the relationship and happy life experience unto the movie makers 
as a result.  Then perhaps you end up without a relationship or in an 
unhappy relationship instead. 
 The movie makers require dream to manifest more movies; the more movies 
that they produce that the masses watch, the more dream that they acquire. 
This deprives humans of loving life experiences over time leading to greater 
boredom, depression and non-fulfillment.  You will notice that movie 
production is at an all time high along with the production of television 
shows as a result of all the dreams that the masses give to the media.  As 
you cease to participate in watching television or seeing movies, you will 
then have more dream to manifest the experiences that you would like to have 
in the physical, and then live to experience them yourself rather than 
watching them upon TV. 
 Loss of dreams can also equate to loss of job, or inability to acquire a 
job that pays well and provides for the family.  Dreams for jobs can be 
given also to the movie industry in watching shows about those who have high 
ranking positions of authority or are extremely successful.  As you cease to 
give your dreams for a good job that provides well by abstaining from 
watching the media, you will then be more likely to manifest such a 
circumstance in your own life experience. 
Long ago Mila was advised to give up television and movies; and she did so. 
Over time she acquired enough dream to manifest the birth of her ascension 
school.  Over time and as she retrieved more and more of the dream she had 
given to the banks and media, she was able to manifest her beloved Oa who 
attended one of her workshops.  Oa moved to California a short time 
thereafter and the two now co-direct their school, have hundreds of 
students, and produce events all over the world associated with ascension. 
None of this would be possible if they had continued to give their dream to 
the banks or media through the use of credit and the watching of television 
or the movies. 
 It is not just credit cards that are problematic to manifestation of dreams 
however; it is interest and loans and banks in general that are 
problematic.  In the 1950s and 60s most in the islands in this time period 
rarely took out a loan for such things as a car; each would save until they 
had enough to purchase the car outright and then there was no "interest" 
paid on top of the cost of the vehicle. 
 It is not just the interest that is troublesome however to the rising cost 
of living.  It is the fees for making the loan that are problematic.  Mostly 
the car dealers absorb this fee, which amounts to 2 points or 2% of the cost 
of the loan.  As more and more purchase vehicles with loans rather than cash 
over time, now all vehicles must cost more as the car dealer must add the 
bank fees to the overall cost of doing business.  Now vehicles must cost 
more for everyone, whether you are taking a loan to purchase the car or 
paying cash. 
 In addition to the points and fees charged in obtaining the loan, now 
interest is charged for five years to pay off the vehicle.  By the time that 
the loan is paid off, you have now paid the bank the equivalent of the car 
in interest.  You could have purchased two cars for the price of one if you 
had simply saved your money instead!  Paying twice for the cars that one 
owns may be why the family now requires two jobs instead of one to adjust to 
the upward cost of living. 
 Purchasing a car costs far less than purchasing a home in most regions in 
the United States; home loans are perhaps the largest cause of why humans 
have to work four times harder than a half century ago.  Home loans receive 
many points up front just in the settling of the transaction.  Buyers 
generally pay this and nothing is given really in return for the thousands 
and thousands spent other than that you receive a dream for your home in 
exchange.  Then the average home owner pays interest plus the note over 30 
years.  By the time the home is paid off, you will have paid for the home 
three times over with the bank profiting all the way.  You could have 
purchased three homes over 30 years if you simply saved and paid cash. 
 In Mila's childhood, her parents learned to double and triple the mortgage 
payments each month as they could afford to and pay off the note ahead of 
schedule.  This cost them less interest over time, causing the house to only 
cost two times what it would have been if they had paid cash at the time of 
purchase.  Some loans today do not allow you to double or triple up on the 
payments.  This assures that the bank will earn three times the cost of the 
home over time.  Why would the banks do this?  When there is greed, there is 
no end to the greed.  It is not enough to have millions to loan, the bank 
wants billions.  In order to loan billions, the banks must have millions of 
home owners paying their monthly interest for 30 years.  Paying off the loan 
does not serve the greed of the banks; and so loans have been constructed 
that do not allow for early payoff. 
 In the past 20 years, it has become less and less common to pay off a house 
at all; instead folk refinance for lower interest rates and another 30 year 
mortgage.  In the refinance, the banks again charge points and earn 
thousands and thousands of dollars for basically doing nothing; and you then 
will continue to pay on the loan for yet many more years and the house may 
never be paid off at all.  Unless due to inflation now the house is worth so 
very much more that the loan can be paid off in the sale of the home, and 
now one has cash to go purchase something outright if there is enough "gain" 
in the settlement. 
 Perhaps there are places yet that you can move to and pay cash for a house 
and have nothing other than taxes to pay in any given year thereafter.  Many 
islanders moved to the mainland for this reason.  The high cost of living on 
Oahu drove the prices up into the millions in some fancier neighborhoods; 
locals could sell out and move to someplace like Las Vegas or Oregon and 
purchase something outright; and then have to earn less and work a little 
less in order to subsist.  In exchange however they gave up the beauty of 
the island style of life and all the local amenities that accompany this, 
such as their own Ohana. 
 Soon over time even the lower priced regions catch up with the higher ones 
and now everyone is in the same boat.  Your children cannot afford the 
housing in the regions that they grow up within; and end up either renting 
or living with their parents until middle age.  Many children also do not 
wish to settle for a lower lifestyle in the rent that they can afford; and 
opt instead to stay at home.  Those that do rent end up in apartments or 
town homes; and if they can afford to purchase, they only can afford a 
condominium and not a home.  This causes grandchildren to be raised in high 
density surroundings without the freedom of a yard and some open space 
nearby to play within. 
 Mila's parents home today is in a prestigious part of California, is worth 
well over one million dollars in present time.  Mila could never afford her 
own parent's house, and so this is so for most children today.  Why has 
housing costs lifted so greatly over the past 50 years that they are 
disproportionate with what folk earn in many regions?  What is the real 
cause of this? 
 From the Hawaiian ancestors point of view rising housing costs has to do 
again with greed, but of another variety and related to the real estate 
business primarily.  Over time it became apparent to realtors that you could 
make a living off of rental properties.  Realtors and their clients began to 
buy up inexpensive housing and allowed the tenant to pay the mortgage.  Over 
time more and more housing that would be purchased as a family's home was 
purchased instead by investors ; and this created a heated market that drove 
the prices of all housing up and up and up over time. 
 Sooner or later the average family now has to have two jobs to afford the 
mortgage on a home due to all the property owned by investors and the over 
inflation of value that it caused; and this has led to the need for two 
working parents in each household.  As the real estate continues to rise in 
some regions that are desirable to live within and easy to have tenants 
cover the mortgage, now it requires more than two jobs to subsist, and 
especially this is so in the islands. 
 The islands are subject to another problem and this is related to vacation 
rentals.  Vacation rentals can charge exorbitant rates per night as rent. 
Condos may rent for $100 to $200 per night depending upon size; houses for 
more than this.  Now from an income point of view the condo can generate 
$3000 to $6000 per month (if it was rented the entire time).  This equates 
to a value much higher than what you would pay simply for a place to live. 
As more and more properties become vacation habitat, the cost of housing 
raises through the roof for the rest; as it is more profitable to rent to 
travelers than locals trying to earn a living in the islands.  As a result, 
locals end up paying twice or more the rent as in other non-vacation regions 
because there is limited rentals available and this then drives the cost of 
rent up.  The higher cost of rent then requires the family in Hawaii to now 
hold four jobs to cover the expenses. 
 Many Hawaiians have also lost their homes due to increased property values 
around them.  The Islands have no method to avoid tax increases.  Let us say 
you live in a little Hawaiian shack by the beach, and the property upon 
either side is sold.  Builders come in and create a fancy spec house that 
now sells for one million or more as a vacation property that can generate 
$300 to $500 per night in income or more.  Now your property is reassessed, 
and instead of paying taxes upon what you paid for the place, you are paying 
taxes founded upon living in a million dollar neighborhood.  Many a Hawaiian 
on fixed income has lost their home due to failure to pay the taxes.  Many 
hold three to four jobs to pay the high taxes given the cost of vacation 
properties nearby. 
 It is the Hawaiian Ancestors observation that the current economy is 
imprisoning people through the greed of the banks as well as the investors. 
The current laws and practices in the West support the profit and gain for 
the wealthiest.  Little consideration is given to others who must survive in 
the current scenario and are not fortunate enough to have purchased housing 
before it rose excessively in value.  Where did the dream for this 
experience come from? 
The entire banking system is founded upon a Pleiadian dream.  A small family 
came to Earth from the Pleiades to mine gold.  They were white skinned and 
blue blooded.  This family managed to take over 1/3 of Earth's overall gold 
resources over time.  The loss of gold and the associated vibration of the 
golden octave caused Earth to go into a spiral of downward moving energy 
that led to a massive fall in consciousness, a nuclear war, and a minor ice 
age.  Earth is still pulling herself out of the effect of this experience in 
present time. 
 This small family bred a race of humans that were a paired down blending of 
their own DNA and red nation DNA that had been seeded upon Earth by the 
Sirians.  The slave nation caught a dream from the Pleiades for an economic 
system that is monetary based.  The slaves were bred to work hard and mind 
their masters who were considered gods (this is where the Greek and Roman 
God myths come from, and they were real people long ago.).  As their 
civilization grew, so did their own baking systems, governments, businesses, 
universities and real estate markets.  Those who were the bank owners and 
real estate investors profited the most as this is how the dream unfolds in 
the Pleiades; the bank and land barons win.  At this time humans are 
reliving this Pleiadian dream en mass and global wide. 
 What does the bank and land barons win?  The bank controls the dreams of 
all physical possessions of the masses.  It is the bank that determines what 
dream you can have and what dream you cannot have in relation to homes, 
property or other objects you desire.  This is why when most think of 
purchasing anything, you think of your credit cards or the bank for a loan; 
and the bank divvies out the dream for the possession or property and then 
charges high interest for the privilege.  The land barons hold the dream for 
the life of the masses.  It is the land barons that determine whom one 
marries, whom one has relationships with, and how many children one may 
bear, and what job one holds within the community.  This is a Pleiadian 
dream and the cycle for this dream is coming to closure in the coming half 
century ahead.  What will follow may be a very different kind of economy and 
life as a result. 
 How can you pull out of a system that is so convoluted and imbalanced?  How 
can you learn to weave a dream that is sovereign from the bank and land 
barons or real estate companies and outside of their control?  How can you 
get out of paying the rent or mortgage, and working two or more jobs to 
afford the current cost of living?  In some countries, there is a social 
welfare system that allows you to step out of the system through government 
support.  This is no longer so in the United States, whose social welfare 
program has been spent paying of the national debt.  Perhaps it is a good 
thing that this is so, as allowing the government to weave your dream is no 
better than allowing the banks or land barons to determine your fate. 
 One suggestion that the Hawaiian Ancestors have is for many families to 
pool their resources and try to purchase a farm outright or with minimum 
loans.  Make sure that the loan can also be paid off ahead of time.  Some 
may continue to hold jobs to assist in paying the mortgage and taxes, but 
others could begin to work the farm to raise most of what one needs to eat 
to subsist, and perhaps even sell the excess produced at farmer's markets. 
The excess food source raised and sold could also be used to pay off the 
loan more rapidly minimizing the interest given to the banks. 
 Other projects could also be woven into the farm dream with enough time and 
space to do so, such as making clothing, creating jewelry, pottery, art or 
other beautiful objects to sell at local fairs or upon the internet. 
Lotions, potions, handmade herbs, soaps and other necessities that others 
will appreciate could also be produced creating additional income to pay the 
taxes, pay off the mortgage more rapidly, or purchase what the farm itself 
does not grow or produce.  In so doing, one could begin to move back to 
living from what the land can provide and out of the current paradigm of 
democratic slavery to the banks and land barons. 
 Those living a farm life will have more time.  Time can be used to learn 
new skills that contribute to the living environment of the entire family 
and also produce other potential forms of income.  Some could learn to make 
furnishings; others could create beautiful and useful décor or pottery that 
is pleasant to the eye as well as functional.  Others could create jams, 
chutneys, jellies and other delicacies to eat as well as sell at farmers 
 Oa once visited a former community known as the Amana Colony.  The Amana 
Colony was made up of many families that moved to the United States from 
Germany around the turn of the century and pooled resources to purchase land 
in the Midwest.  The colony raised their own food, had their own schools, 
and created Amana washers, dryers and refrigerators for profit.  The colony 
also had a restaurant that served the public from their home grown and 
homemade resources.  The restaurant and a museum and is still open today. 
No one in the colony ever worked more than four hours per day when it was 
active and producing their wears; from the Hawaiian Ancestors point of view, 
the only reason humans work so hard today is to pay the banks; and this 
requires four or more hours additional per day to afford. 
 Those pulling together and moving away from the current paradigm may choose 
to end the over consumption of objects and possessions that are really not 
needed to sustain your existence.  From the Hawaiian Ancestors point of 
view, much of the credit debt that humans get into are objects purchased 
from whim and that are not really required to subsist.  The mass 
merchandisers are really good at creating artificial need, and the dream for 
the need is pressed into the masses through the media and television 
commercials and infomercials.  Leave the television behind, and the 
artificial need for objects that you really do not require to subsist will 
also be left behind. 
 Need is equated to a lack of love in our opinion.  Most today are trying to 
fill their hearts with objects.  Humans go to the mall, they go to the 
movies, and they try and fill themselves with love from the outside in.  The 
popcorn eaten and the possessions purchased do not fill the heart; and if 
anything the vacuum and feeling  of emptiness left following the experience 
is worse than before.  This leads to a repeat of the need to go to yet 
another movie, and visit the mall yet again bringing home yet more "junk" 
that you really do not need.  This then requires you to work yet harder to 
afford the objects purchased upon a whim, and not enough is ever saved then 
to purchase cars or homes outright and for cash. 
 The mass merchandisers run a large "con" from the Hawaiian Ancestor's point 
of view.  The "con" is that if you purchase this dress, wear these 
cosmetics, use these soaps, perfumes and lotions, or create a beautiful home 
that looks like this or that, that somehow and in some way, you will draw 
more love into your life.  Alas, the entire dance has the opposite effect, 
especially if you use credit to obtain the goods.  The dream for the beloved 
or friendships or Ohana that will fill your heart will go to the banks; and 
they will pass it on to the movie makers, and you instead will end up alone 
at home watching a late night love story on TV instead of living a life of 
love, unity and joy. 
 If you are not ready to band together with others to create another type of 
living from the land, then there are simple ways that you can begin to free 
yourself from democratic imprisonment that you may find yourself in.  The 
following are some suggestions from the Hawaiian Ancestor's point of view: 
   * Cut up the credit cards and learn to work upon a cash basis, saving 
   for what you really need when you need it.  * 
   * Pay off the car or purchase a used car outright that you can afford 
   and take care of it.  The insurance will also cost a lot less.  Or if you 
   live in a region where public transportation is good, then use it in lieu of 
   owning a car.* 
   * Double up on your mortgage payments and pay off the house; or sell 
   the house and move to someplace you can reduce your mortgage or purchase 
   * Stop watching television and going to the movies.  Instead take your 
   time to be with nature and enjoy the beauty around you.* 
   * Learn to subsist upon only one job so that there is time for other 
   focuses that bring you joy.* 
   * Learn to live within your budget.  There is an old Hawaiian saying 
   "Want more?  Desire less."* 
   * Learn to fill your heart with the love of nature and the love of 
   your friends and Ohana instead of excessive spending.* 
   * Learn to create beautiful things with your hands either for you to 
   enjoy or to sell and make extra income with.  That which is made from 
   scratch will cost less and give just as much joy to share or wear.* 
   * Create your own business that assists in manifesting added income 
   and in an expression that brings you joy.* 
   * Plant a garden and reap the harvest of your own home grown food.* 
   * Relocate to a region that is beautiful to enjoy and brings you 
   * Call upon the ancestors to weave a dream for living upon a farm with 
   others that also desire to live from what the land and sea can provide. 
 *  * 
 Times are coming ahead where the economic infrastructure that you know 
today will collapse.  This is still many years ahead yet.  However the 
Hawaiian Ancestors perceive a time ahead of great change primarily due to 
the times of cleansing ahead.  The times of cleansing shall be due to many 
diseases that will arise as the temperature of Earth continues to rise due 
to her global ascension.  Earth is becoming a star.  This will take a 
thousand years or more into the future, but it has begun, and there is no 
way to stop the continued warming.  This is because Earth is a conscious 
vessel and is choosing consciously to ascend that this is so. 
 As the temperatures continue to rise, toxins and viruses of other eras that 
also killed many humans will become active again.  As these substances 
become active, many who are not strong in their immune system function will 
perish.  Those perishing will default upon their credit cards, car loans and 
home loans.  The defaults will grow to be so excessive that it will put many 
banks out of business and cause credit to come to a screeching halt..  Those 
leaving their money in the banks may lose their funds, much like the 
depression era of the 1920's and 30's.  Others will return to bartering and 
trading for what you need in order to subsist. 
 Those who can find their way to property that is paid off and a manner of 
creating your sustenance from the land and sea will fair far better in the 
times ahead than those that continue to dance with a lofty lifestyle and the 
credit or bank loans that it costs to do so.  The Hawaiian Ancestors desire 
to see the ascending little ones to be born ahead to have a solid family 
life and enough to eat to continue to exist in relative ease.  This is 
possible with some rethinking of what is important in the dance of life, and 
a change to another way of being that may be more reminiscent of the turn of 
the century farmlands.  Those that make these changes now will be better set 
to withstand the struggle that the future will present in the times ahead. 
 The Hawaiian Ancestors and all ancestors are here for you to call upon.  We 
are a consciousness that carries forward beyond death.  We continue to exist 
and watch those who are living.  We desire to contribute to your lives.  We 
will share what we knew when we were alive.  Perhaps in so doing, suddenly 
you will remember how to make furnishings, weave mats and baskets, create 
beautiful clothing or jewelry from natural objects, and cook delicious meals 
from home grown gardens.  We will also share our gardening knowledge so that 
your food source shall flourish.  And so call upon your ancestors and we 
will weave a dream of change into a dance that is harmonious and joyful to 
experience ahead, and one that takes you out of democratic slavery. 
 The Hawaiian Ancestors 
*  * 
*Copyright (c) 2006 Karen Danrich. All Rights Reserved. 
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