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Asunto:[GAP] Sirius update - new trailer
Fecha:Martes, 22 de Enero, 2013  21:39:39 (-0600)
Autor:REDCONCIENCIA <lacasadelared>

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January 22, 2013
Please post and circulate widely

Steve Greer

Showing of the most recent trailer for SIRIUS

 Dr. Greer and Actor Thomas Jane - Cicero's - January 23, 2013 - 5pm - 7 pm
Park City , UT - during the Sundance Film Festival

On Wednesday January 23, 2013 Sirius Technology and Research (STAR) will be holding a reception in Park City UT while the Sundance Film Festival is going on.  We will be showing a trailer of the Sirius film and media and attendees will be able to meet Dr. Greer, the force behind the film and whose work is its inspiration and famous actor, Thomas Jane, who has done the voice over for Sirius.  If you or anyone you know is in Park City at that time - come to Cicero's and join us!


New Sirius Trailer


Click here to see the trailer that will be shown at Cicero's or go to to see it. 



STAR is in the process of developing a new website where you can link to information about the Sirius film, The Disclosure Project, CSETI,  The Orion Project and Dr. Greer's CE-5 Expeditions.
Right now we just have the landing page, but go to and link to a wealth of information.

Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer -

Dr. Steven Greer with guest Steven Sadleir

The Science of Consciousness  

January 25, 2013 
11 am pacific/ 2pm eastern 
6 pm pacific/ 9 pm eastern

Steven Greer and Steven Sadleir both understand that the science of the new era is the science of consciousness. Enjoy a riveting discussion as how they each use this knowledge in their chosen fields.  
The Self Awareness Institute ( provides training in Self-Realzation and the enlightenment of the consciousness. They have thousands of students in over 120 countries. We provide you with the tools and training to deepen your meditation, find your purpose, enter samadhi and experience the bliss of higher consciousness directly.

 Steven S. Sadleir is a Kundalini Master in the lineage of Vethathiri Maharishi and Siddha Yogi in the lineage of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He is a bestselling author, host of Enlightenment Radio, and founder of the Self Awareness Institute with students in over 120 countries.

CE-5 Contact Expedition at Marco Island, FL    

February 3 - 9, 2013



A photo from the CE-5 Expedition at Mt. Shasta 2011  



CE-5 Expeditions  

Limited to a small group the afternoon sessions include instruction in the CE-5 philosophy and protocols, remote viewing instruction, updates on Disclosure, New Energy and more.  Evening sessions are 4 -5 hours under the stars making Contact using the very effective CE-5 protocols.  An extraordinary opportunity to learn from Dr. Greer in a small group setting.


There are just a few places left for Marco Island. Join us now ! 

Find our more at :