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Asunto:[GAP] Unete a la ola de meditacion de los Niños Indigo
Fecha:Martes, 16 de Abril, 2002  10:39:02 (-0500)
Autor:Malena Sotomayor <msotomayor1>

----- Original Message -----
From: Venus
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 9:41 PM
Subject: [gaia] Unete a la ola de meditacion de los Niños Indigo

Niños Indigo en el Medio Oriente
Un llamado de oracion

Unete a los niños Indigo del medio oriente este 20 de abril a las 6pm hora
de Nueva York , 11pm en Gran Bretaña y 8 am del 21 en Sydney.

Enviales tu energia y apoyalos creando una ola de luz sanadora que los ayude
a que sus poderes alcanzen efectos en toda la region.

Te pedimos que te reunas con la mayor cantidad de personas que puedas y que
hagas lo siguiente:
1.Siente que la paz prevalece en el medio oriente , este sentir sera
realmente magico.

2.Imagina a los niños de Israel y Palestina respondiendo a este llamado
usando el poder de sus espiritus para activar la red de energia sanadora que
llevará paz a todos en la region.

3.Canta una cancion como "let there be peace on Earth" , la musica tiene
gran poder que no puede se negado.

Y eso es todo!. Imagina a millones respondiendo este pedido.

Recuerden que los niños indigo tienen un rol importantisimo en la creacion
del Nuevo Mundo basado en amor y compasion, but no olvidemos que nosotros
debemos ayudarlos, debemos dar el primer paso para que ellos puedan Salvar
al mundo.


From: The Beloved Community

Indigo Children in the Middle East
 A Call to Prayer

(Please help spread this vigil by passing to everyone on your list)

Join us in "Praying Peace" with the Indigo Children in the Middle East April
20th, 6pm New York Time, 11pm UK, 8am April 21 in Sydney

A Letter from Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden and James Twyman:

We have all been distressed by the escalating violence in the Middle East.
Every day we hear stories of  suicide bombings, tanks destroying entire
villages, and the rising death toll. Most of us feel helpless, wanting to do
something to help, but having no idea how.

We believe that prayer is the most powerful force in the Universe, and that
we can use this power to shape a world based on compassion and love rather
than conflict and war. It has been proven over and over. Many of you have
participated in other World-Wide prayer vigils we have sponsored in the
past, and you have seen the dramatic results.

Here's one example:
On November 13, 1998, war ships were preparing to launch an assault against
the Iraqi people. Later that night millions of people in at least 80
countries stopped what they were doing for ten minutes to "Pray Peace" for
that terrible situation. Little did we know that at the same moment people
gathered to pray, President Clinton ordered the bombing to begin. The jets
were in the air and the missiles were made ready. But then something
happened that no one expected. Twice that night President Clinton gave stand
down orders and called the jets back to the ships. To this day no one knows
exactly what happened, but it was as if the bombs could not fall with the
force of so many people praying and sending their feelings of peace. At
least for one night no bombs fell and no one died.

It's time to activate the same initiative for the Middle East.

Many of you are aware of the role the children are playing in making a
global transition into the New World. We believe that the adults have had
their chance, and yet the struggle for power goes on. There are thousands of
Indigo and Psychic Children in the Middle East, but they need our help to
activate their influence. It may not be the traditional
influence most of us are accustomed to, but one that is far more subtle.

If we can send a wave a healing Light to the Children of the Middle East
with the expressed purpose of activating their Spirits, we believe it will
have a powerful effect on the whole region. They are the ones that may be
able to end the violence, but only if given the chance.

Here's what we are asking, and please pass this email to everyone you can.
On April 20th, 6pm New York time, we ask that you join with as many people
as you can and do three things.

1. "Feel" the emotion of peace prevailing in the Middle East. This is where
the real magic is.
2. Imagine Israeli and Palestinian children responding to this call, using
the power of their spirits to activate the healing energy grid that will
bring peace to everyone in that region.
3. Sing a song that we all know: "Let There be Peace on Earth." Music has a
power that cannot be denied, and this song says it all. (words at bottom of

That's it. Imagine if millions respond to this request. We believe that it
may activate their souls to create the peace that evades the politicians.
It's the children we need to encourage now, and the rest of us will surely

From James Twyman:
There has been so much talk lately about the Indigo and Psychic Children,
and the role they have to play in creating a New World based on the ideals
of compassion and love. But sometimes we forgot our responsibility in
helping them. We need to powerfully choose this world and work together in
making it a reality. Mass prayer is one of the best ways to do this. It
simply works. Please help activate the Children of the Middle East by
joining millions of people in holding this vision.

The Children will save the world, but we must take the first step.


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