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Asunto:[GAP] More on the letter by Dieter Duhm about Iraq (from Tamera, Portugal)
Fecha:Domingo, 16 de Febrero, 2003  02:19:02 (+0000)
Autor:Andres Angel <andangel>

>From: Institut für Globale Friedensarbeit <IGF@...>
>To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>
>Subject: More on the letter by Dieter Duhm about Iraq (from Tamera, 
>Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 19:28:09 +0100
>To all Peace Workers:
>The comment by Dieter Duhm entitled: IRAQ, THE PLANNED HOLOCAUST AND ITS 
>PREVENTION has caused near admiration and pleasure in some readers, 
>resentment in others, and some shocked questions to us. This in turn has 
>caused me, as the director of the IGF (Institute for Global Peace Work), to 
>formulate a statement.
>We did not want to hurt anybody but we do consider the information 
>formulated in points 4 and 5 important. We have researched so many texts, 
>so much background information, articles and films since September 11, 2001 
>that we can no longer remain silent. Even those who do not want to believe 
>everything straight away should acknowledge these sources; to find their 
>own picture and build their own opinion despite the manipulation by the 
>media and thus to get a step closer to the truth.
>The shock of the fact that, possibly, leading forces of the USA are 
>responsible for the incident of September 11, 2001 was originally so great 
>in us, as it is right now in some readers of the comment. It was precisely 
>this that caused us to keep asking and investigating. It seems very strange 
>that the USA had no idea until the deed was committed and afterwards needed 
>only a few hours to present the predator to the world public: Bin Laden and 
>his legendary terror network Al Qaida, (of which it is known that the USA 
>contributed to its building up). We don't claim to know all the answers to 
>those questions no longer asked in the media. But, we question the enemy 
>picture showing Bin Laden riding in a sand storm, the apocalyptic rider, 
>incalculable, devious, the cruel new enemy! The precise work of the alleged 
>predator of September 11 stands in no relation to the imprudent behaviour 
>after the assault, the videos allegedly found in Afghanistan admitting the 
>deed, the sudden appearance of the suitcase of one of the assassins, the 
>passport found in the ruins of the WTC of one of the aeroplane kidnappers 
>and much more.
>The fact that two days after September 11 NESARA was connected to the event 
>and that since then a flood of mystic games of confusion about this alleged 
>file has circulated belong to the further dubiousness. It also makes one 
>wonder that even the former German Federal Minister Andreas von Bülow is 
>not allowed to reflect on these question in the German magazines "Spiegel" 
>or "Stern" but only finds refuge in the magazine "Konkret"; or that the 
>engaged system critic Arundhati Roy from India was forbidden to talk (in 
>public) in the USA. Here, we as Germans, must learn from our history. The 
>list of the many unclarified questions never discussed publicly in full 
>must make us suspicious. One may realise this and all the same disagree 
>with the conspiracy theories frequently supplied along with the 
>information. We must recognise that in the network of violence it is no 
>longer about nationality, rather it reaches the whole globe. World-wide 
>wars are led for the achievement of this global power system and enemy 
>pictures are built up, supposedly to make us believe the necessity for 
>these wars.
>We neither want to stir the hatred for Bin Laden nor for the 
>Bush-government; it is not about the "good" and "evil" ones within one 
>system, but about seeing through the system and leaving it entirely. This 
>is the possible perspective we dedicate our engagement for peace to. We 
>definitely have the task to find out truth and name it, to make suppressed 
>information public, well knowing that much faulty information is 
>circulating and that a lot is done in order for the truth to not come to 
>light. "Peace requires the courage to find out the truth. And we need the 
>courage to change ourselves", was one of many feedback we received to the 
>text of Dieter Duhm. But above all we have the task to turn towards 
>comprehensive new perspectives of peace. Who ever wants to co-operate in 
>this sense is cordially invited to do so.
>For all those who want to research further, and know more about how we came 
>to the uncommon comment, we have included some sources in the flood of 
>information we received. If you have doubts about the statements in the 
>text of Dieter Duhm don't only contact one source; none of the sources is 
>absolute. But they give enough reason to profoundly question the publicly 
>recognised version about the assault of September 11, 2001. We would like 
>to point out that we do not agree to everything written in the referred 
>sources, but it was important for us to acknowledge this information. For 
>all interested people we enclose an extensive statement by Dieter Duhm.
>In the name of the Movement for a Free Earth
>Sabine Lichtenfels and the IGF-Team
>Sommeruniversität 2003  "Movement for a Free Earth"  July 28 - August 6th 
>of 2003
>IGF - Institut für Globale Friedensarbeit (Institute for Global Peace 
>Work), Monte do Cerro, P-7630 Colos,
>igf@..., Tel283 51-283 635 3-06, Fax: -74
><< DD-letterafterIraq-statement.doc >>
><< IraqSources.doc >>

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