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Asunto:Meditacion Focal Planetaria # 4 / Peru este domingo 28
Fecha:Viernes, 26 de Mayo, 2000  07:42:36 (-0600)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <anahuak>

Peru es el tema de la meditacion del GRUPO FOCAL de este domingo 28 de 
mayo, al mediodia en donde quiera que estemos, al que se suman como cada 
semana 250,000 nodos de las principales 500 redes del nuevo tejido nervioso 
y consciente de luz del planeta, entramado a traves de la Internet, es 
decir, las principales organizaciones y networks de nueva consciencia y 
despertar de la Madre Tierra. Nuestra Red Iberoamericana de Luz es sin duda 
uno de estos networks. Nuestra focalizacion estara centrada en pedir que el 
Espiritu tome el poder nuevamente en el Peru. Incluimos tambien a la 
situacion en Medio Oriente por su gravedad. Aun no encuentro quien traduzca 
el texto al español, pero se los envio preventivamente en ingles. Si 
alguien puede hacerlo hoy mismo, aviseme inmediatamente para no duplicar 
esfuerzos. Saludos fraternales! 
Ricardo Ocampo 
What follows is the fourth Meditation Focus suggested by the Global 
Meditation Focus Group: 
1. Summary 
2. Focus Group Recommendations 
3. About the Focus Group 
4. More information on the 2 topics 
1. Summary 
On Sunday, May 28, a second and final round of voting is scheduled in 
Peru's presidential election. Bolstered by independent watchdog 
organizations' reports that it would be impossible to prevent massive fraud 
under the current vote-counting system, opposition candidate Alejandro 
Toledo announced he was boycotting Sunday's vote to force a postponement. 
But incumbent Alberto Fujimori refuses to bow to pressures and wants the 
vote to take place anyway. If Fujimori does not relent, "his country will 
face international isolation, possibly accompanied by internal violence or 
a military coup," according to the Washington Post. 
Please hold in your heart and mind the fact of Spirit regaining the power 
in Peru and a vision of peaceful resolution of this situation with justice 
and social harmony prevailing in this part of the world. 
An uncertain peace is prevailing after Israel dramatically ended this week 
two decades of military occupation in southern Lebanon. Amidst stern 
warnings by Israel of massive retaliation against Syrian strategic targets 
if the militant Islamic Hezbollah guerilla fighters continue their attacks 
on border villages in Israel, there has been renewed violence recently in 
the West Bank and Gaza territories over the slow pace of negociations to 
create a Palestinian state. 
Please hold in your heart and mind a vision of peaceful coexistence between 
all nations in the Middle East and the development of harmonious relations 
between all people. 
(Please see below for more details on those 2 topics.) 
2. Focus Group Recommendations 
The Focus Group suggests that we focus our meditations and prayers on these 2 
situations for the week beginning Sunday June 28. Please hold and empower the 
vision, as guided by Spirit during your meditation, of what needs to occur 
for a peaceful and lasting resolution to be found for all, in so far as it 
furthers the highest good of all. 
We also invite once again anyone interested to review the Focus Group 
"Suggestions for Enhancing the Effectiveness of our Healing Focus in 
Meditation" at 
Please make sure also to note the following: 
Daily Meditation 
People may take a few moments at the top of any hour, once a day, to join 
with all those meditating on the suggested weekly focus at the top of that 
same corresponding hour in other time zones around the world. They may also 
choose to meditate or pray every day at any moment that best suits them, 
knowing that their added positive vibrations will complement the positive 
vibrations emitted by other people on that same day. 
Sunday Global Meditation 
People may also join with all others to meditate simultaneously every 
Sunday at 9 am in Los Angeles, noon in New York, 6 pm in Paris, 5 pm in the 
UK (now corresponding to 4 pm UT/GMT) - please see the World Clock at to find out your own corresponding 
local time - or simply take about 30 minutes beginning at noon local time 
to meditate and pray on the suggested focus (or foci) for this week. 
Earth Healing Focus 
Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the 
healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with 
life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to 
our greater identity and the sacredness of all life. 
3. About the Focus Group 
The Focus Group members wish to acknowledge that we do not claim to have 
presented here a complete view of all the aspects of the issues under 
consideration. Our basic aim is to work impartially for the highest good of 
all, with the guidance of Spirit. We encourage everyone participating in 
this global healing work to similarly strive to become neutral channels so 
as to help step down the powerful Divine vibrations of Love, Peace and 
Unity to a level at which they can be of assistance to alleviate the 
suffering of people and instill the goodwill necessary to resolve 
peacefully any conflictual situation involved with this week's Meditation 
If you are not familiar with how the Focus Group was created, how each 
focus is being selected, who is part of the Focus Group and so on, we 
recommend you visit our new international website at where our information is also available in 
French and Spanish. 
If this material has been forwarded to you and you want to make sure you'll 
always receive each new Meditation Focus, please subscribe to our automatic 
listserver by sending a blank email at focus-group-subscribe@... 
for the English version, and at groupe-focalisateur-subscribe@... 
pour la version francaise. Para recibir cada semana la version en 
castellano de cada Meditacion Focal, suscribase gratuitamente en (1 mensaje semanal solo con las 
meditaciones propuestas por el Groupo Focal y otras alertas globales 
eventuales) o simplemente envie un mensaje en blanco a 
4. More information on the 2 topics 
May 23 - Pressure Builds on Fujimori - By RICK VECCHIO, Associated Press 
LIMA, Peru (AP) - With five days left before Sunday's presidential runoff, 
pressure built Tuesday on incumbent Alberto Fujimori to postpone the vote 
or face political turmoil. 
Peru's national election watchdog group, Transparencia, said it would 
``abstain from observing Sunday's election.'' The move came one day after 
the Organization of American States' monitoring mission announced that it 
was suspending cooperation with election officials. 
``It is not exclusively a problem with the date, but rather for us, that 
there does not exist the minimum technical conditions to provide electoral 
competition,'' said Transparencia spokeswoman Cecilia Blondet. 
Transparencia's independent poll count provided a benchmark for foreign 
governments and local politicians to insist on a runoff vote to clear the 
air of fraud allegations in the first round April 9. 
Official results showed Fujimori falling just shy of the majority necessary 
to avoid a runoff with challenger Alejandro Toledo, whose supporters 
maintain that street protests and international pressure were the only 
things that prevented Fujimori from claiming a fraudulent victory. 
The U.S. State Department has fully backed Transparencia and the OAS 
mission, and President Clinton signed a resolution last month warning 
Fujimori that Peru could face diplomatic and economic sanctions if election 
irregularities persisted. 
In Washington on Tuesday, White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said the 
United States would continue working with the OAS to ensure fair elections. 
``This is important to our bilateral relations, that we have free and fair 
elections,'' Lockhart said. 
Transparencia, which receives large-scale funding from foreign governments, 
including the United States, Canada and Germany, had been prepared to send 
20,000 volunteers to voting sites across the country to conduct another 
``quick count'' of ballots. 
Toledo, who last week announced he was boycotting Sunday's vote to force a 
postponement, said Tuesday that he would begin telling his supporters to 
spoil their ballots with the words ``no to fraud.'' He had been asking 
Peruvians not to go to the polls in defiance of a law that makes voting 
But Toledo said he was changing the strategy because of an aggressive ad 
campaign by election authorities warning that absenteeism would be punished 
by stiff penalties, on top of a $33 fine. The minimum wage in Peru is less 
about $120 a month. 
The ad campaign reminded Peruvians that anyone who failed to vote would be 
unable to obtain public medical insurance or social security of any kind 
and be ineligible to receive a driver's license or passport. 
On Monday, the OAS monitoring mission announced it was ``temporarily 
suspending cooperation'' with Peruvian election officials, accusing them of 
trying to use its presence to endorse a flawed ballot-counting system. 
Eduardo Stein, head of the mission, said his observers had found grave 
flaws in the vote-counting software. 
Stein went behind closed doors with ambassadors from 11 of the OAS' 35 
member nations Tuesday and was expected to issue a new statement about his 
mission's position on the vote. 
- FROM: 
May 23 - Fighting Follows Fujimori Campaign - By RICK VECCHIO, Associated 
Press Writer 
LIMA, Peru (AP) - President Alberto Fujimori stood behind kneeling security 
guards using plastic shields to deflect flying fruit and wooden poles 
hurled by protesters at a pro-government rally. 
The violence Monday coincided with the official withdrawal of rival 
candidate Alejandro Toledo from the presidential runoff after accusing 
Fujimori of vote-rigging. (MORE...) 
- FROM: 
Editorial: Peru at the Brink (May 24, 2000) 
THE POLITICAL impasse in Peru has reached a critical stage. Presidential 
elections on April 9 were marred by accusations that President Alberto 
Fujimori, running for an unprecedented third term, had perpetrated fraud. 
Mr. Fujimori, confronted by the United States, the Organization of American 
States (OAS) and leading Peruvian civic groups, consented to a runoff 
against his leading challenger, former World Bank consultant Alejandro 
Toledo. The election is set for Sunday. 
Now, however, it is unclear what sort of election, if any, will take place. 
The OAS election monitoring mission in Lima has questioned the Peruvian 
authorities' claims that Peru's vote-counting computer software can 
guarantee a fair count by Sunday. Mr. Toledo has sent a letter to Peru's 
National Election Board affirming that he will not participate in an 
election on that date, though he is willing to take part later if the OAS's 
conditions for a fair vote are met. Both Peru's official ombudsman and the 
leading independent vote-monitoring group, Transparencia, have backed an 
election delay. 
Peruvian society is polarized: Many laud Mr. Fujimori's success in 
defeating terrorism and inflation and wish to keep him despite his many 
abuses of power; many support the inexperienced Mr. Toledo because they see 
him as Peru's best hope for an immediate return to full democracy. In this 
context, Mr. Toledo's withdrawal, intended to increase pressure on Mr. 
Fujimori to permit a fair vote, is a high-risk move. Mr. Fujimori could 
press ahead with the Sunday vote, then try to ride out the international 
and domestic reaction. But that reaction is likely to be sharp indeed. If 
Mr. Fujimori is reelected in a process that is not endorsed by the OAS, he 
and his country face international isolation, possibly accompanied by 
internal violence or a military coup. 
The objective of U.S. and Latin American diplomacy should be to talk 
everyone back from the brink. Mr. Toledo needs to calm his followers so as 
to give the government no pretext for a crackdown. The even greater burden 
of statesmanship falls on Mr. Fujimori. He has made a career of thumbing 
his nose at critics, at home and from abroad. This is no time for that. He 
needs to swiftly offer the OAS the guarantees of a clean count that it 
seeks, even if that necessitates some postponement of the vote. If the 
president concedes that, Mr. Toledo would be obliged to participate, and 
both the international community and the Peruvian people should accept the 
outcome (which, according to the polls, might well be a Fujimori victory). 
Mr. Fujimori has the power to save his country from disaster. © 2000 The 
Washington Post Company 
- FROM: 
Deconstructing Democracy: Peru Under Alberto Fujimori - Executive Summary 
The Peru inherited by President Alberto Fujimori was far from democratic. 
The violence unleashed by Sendero Luminoso had ravaged the country. Despite 
twelve years of uninterrupted civilian rule, democracy had hardly taken 
root in Peru and emergency measures to counter guerrilla violence 
restricted many civil liberties and freedoms. The 1979 constitution 
delegated excessive powers to the executive branch and failed to establish 
effective mechanisms for transparency and accountability, and few would 
defend the poor track record of the Peruvian Congress or judiciary prior to 
1992. There is no doubt that when President Fujimori took office, the 
country was in a state of economic, social and political chaos. The April 
1992 autogolpe, or presidential coup, did lead to the re-establishment of a 
sense of order and security. Unfortunately, however, President Fujimori has 
failed to deliver on his initial promise to reconstruct democracy anew. On 
the contrary, the past decade in Peru has witnessed the steady dismantling 
of the basic institutional structures of democratic governance. 
The widespread international condemnation of anti-democratic practices in 
Peru following the 1992 autogolpe largely ceased after the 1995 
presidential elections, which President Fujimori won handily. As the 
internal war subsided following the capture of Sendero leader Abimael 
Guzmán in September 1992, the egregious human rights violations that 
characterized the first years of the Fujimori government slowed to a 
trickle. Fujimori supporters claimed that Peru had re-entered the 
democratic fold. Yet almost immediately after entering into its second 
term, the Fujimori government initiated a series of undemocratic measures, 
many of which violate the very constitution it crafted. The fundamental 
institutional guarantees needed to ensure respect for and protection of 
human rights and democratic practices are more distant than ever. The 
immediate human rights crisis came to an end, but in its wake came the 
crisis of democracy that dominates political life in Peru today. (MORE...) 
HERE ARE THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLES: Full Coverage - World - Peru 
Presidential Election 
Peru Faces Pressure to Delay Sunday Vote - Reuters (May 24, 2000) - 
Confusion rules as key election nears in Peru - Boston Globe (May 24, 2000) 
- OAS Monitors of Peru Vote Returning for Key Test - Reuters (May 24, 2000) 
- Election Monitors Extend Deadline in Peru - Washington Post (May 24, 
2000) - OAS to monitor crucial test of electoral computers in Peru - CNN 
(May 24, 2000) - Peru faces a "diplomatic war" and loss of investments - 
AFP (May 23, 2000) - Pressure Builds on Fujimori - AP (May 23, 2000) - Peru 
Election Woes Deepen As Monitor Withdraws - Reuters (May 23, 2000) 
- Alejandro Toledo - profile of the presidential candidate - Peru Election 
2000 - get comprehensive information on Peru's electoral process, 
candidates, political parties, law, and more. From the Centre for the Study 
of Democracy at Queen's University in Canada. - U.S. Library of Congress 
Country Study - Peru - informative introduction to Peruvian history, 
society, and culture. 
- From: 
Israel's parting shot at Syria 
Israeli soldiers unload their weapons after leaving South Lebanon. 
By ROSS DUNN at Fatima Gate, Israel-Lebanon border 
Israel yesterday dramatically ended two decades of military occupation in 
southern Lebanon with strong warnings that it will strike at Syrian 
military targets if cross-border attacks continue against the Jewish State. 
In a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Mr Kofi Annan, the 
Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Ehud Barak, accused Syria of attempting to 
sabotage the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon. 
He said Syria, which is Lebanon's main powerbroker, was cynically helping 
dissident Palestinian groups in the country to launch terrorist attacks on 
Syria had also given the militant Islamic Hezbollah guerilla fighters a 
free hand to set up a terrorist network in southern Lebanon. 
Mr Barak's warning was matched by the head of the Israeli Army, 
Lieutenant-General Shaul Mofaz, who said that if there was an increase in 
violence after the withdrawal he would call for attacks against Syrian 
strategic targets. 
``Syria is responsible for the situation which has arisen in Lebanon,'' he 
said. ``This has to be said clearly there is no immunity for any force. 
``We are preparing answers for a large variety of possibilities against all 
power wielders in Lebanon and I will recommend that we attack all powers if 
they open fire, including Syrian targets and interests in Lebanon.'' 
His declaration came as thousands of Lebanese supporters of Israel streamed 
through military checkpoints along the border, seeking refuge from the 
The scenes echoed Kosovo and other refugee tragedies as the homeless packed 
onto buses with their belongings before being driven to an uncertain 
Despite the appearance of turmoil as the thousands of former South Lebanon 
Army (SLA) soldiers and their families streamed into Israel, Mr Barak could 
at least claim that no Israelis had been wounded or killed in the 
He said the pullback had ``cut the vicious cycle of the tragedy in Lebanon 
for Israel''. 
However, Mr Barak was accused by some commentators of having forced a 
humiliating defeat on Israel as the Hezbollah and their supporters 
jubilantly reclaimed what had been a buffer zone for Israel. 
In one dramatic scene, the Hezbollah stormed and took control of a prison 
where it was claimed the SLA had tortured Lebanese prisoners for years. 
The scenes of joy contrasted with the lines of panic-stricken former SLA 
soldiers and their families trying to get into Israel before the Hezbollah 
Residents in towns along Israel's northern border have been kept in bomb 
shelters at night to protect them from possible rocket attacks. 
In Beirut, the Hezbollah secretary-general, Mr Hassan Nasrallah, warned the 
border residents to stay in their shelters, saying his guerillas had not 
finished their fight against Israel. 
But he conceded that the Lebanese Government would now be responsible for 
security in southern Lebanon. 
- From 
May 24 - U.S. Says Syria Has 'Special Responsibility' 
FLORENCE, Italy (Reuters) - The United States said Wednesday that Syria had 
a special responsibility to ensure peace on the Israeli-Lebanese border 
after Israel's withdrawal from the ''security zone'' it occupied for 22 
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, speaking at a news conference in 
Florence, again appealed for restraint by all parties and said the United 
States favored U.N. troops and Lebanese government forces taking control in 
south Lebanon. 
The Lebanese guerrilla group Hizbollah has moved into positions abandoned 
by the Israelis and their local allies. The guerrillas have in the past 
fired Katyusha rockets into northern Israel, drawing severe Israeli 
Albright said that she spoke to Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq al-Sharaa 
about south Lebanon Tuesday. ``I urged him to use Syrian influence to 
exercise restraint over Hizbollah and to make clear that it is important 
that this withdrawal go forward peacefully,'' she said. 
``They (the Syrians) have a special responsibility to make sure the 
situation is not exacerbated,'' she said. 
- From: 
Lebanon-Israel-Chronology -- 15 Key events that shaped the history of this 
conflict, leading up to Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon 
- From: 
HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH Report, May 2000 - Lebanon Pullout: The Human Rights 
Dimensions Israel's unilateral military withdrawal from occupied south 
Lebanon -- code-named "Operation Morning Twilight" -- is now underway. The 
human rights dimensions have been largely missing from debates about the 
anticipated withdrawal. 
Many parties to this conflict have committed serious violations of 
international humanitarian law. Where evidence exists of such violations, 
including grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, or war crimes, legal 
proceedings should be initiated in domestic courts or in the courts of 
other countries, and the individuals found responsible should be brought to 
justice. More.. 
- U.S. Says Syria Has 'Special Responsibility' - Reuters (May 24, 2000) - 
Lebanon cheers as Israelis ponder - MSNBC (May 24, 2000) - UN Envoy in 
Beirut to Discuss Lebanon Peace - Reuters (May 24, 2000) - Israel Ends 
Lebanon Occupation, Warns Syria - Reuters (May 24, 2000) - Lebanese 
celebrate Israel's withdrawal - BBC (May 24, 2000) - Israel's parting shot 
at Syria - Sydney Morning Herald (May 24, 2000) - Dazed, disoriented, 
defeated, SLA fighters now just refugees - JTA/Jewish News (May 24, 2000) - 
Israelis, Guerrillas Now Neighbors - AP (May 24, 2000) - Residents fear 
calm before the storm - Sydney Morning Herald (May 24, 2000) - Hizbollah 
Tightens Grip on South Lebanon - Reuters (May 24, 2000) - South Lebanon 
liberated today - Arabic News (May 24, 2000) - Fallout from pullout: 
mistrust - Christian Science Monitor (May 24, 2000) - Guerrillas Head to 
Israel Border - AP (May 24, 2000) - Out of Lebanon - (May 24, 
2000) - Israel Hurries From Lebanon; Guerrillas Exult - Reuters (May 24, 
- Israel-Lebanon "April Ceasefire" Understanding - text of the agreement 
reached on Friday, April 26, 1996. From the Israeli Ministry of Foreign 
Affairs. - Embassy of Lebanon in Washington D.C. - includes a section 
entitled Israeli aggression in Lebanon. - Israeli Ministry of Foreign 
Affairs - Lebanon Pullout: The Human Rights Dimensions - Human Rights Watch 
report, May 2000. - Lebanon-Israel-Chronology - key events leading up to 
Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon. From the AP. - Israel 
Involvement in Lebanon - Background - from Amnesty International. - 
Unofficial Hezbollah Website - Hizbollah Central Press Office - official 
site. - U.N. Resolution 425 (1978) - calling for strict respect for the 
territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon 
and for Israel to withdraw its forces. From the Daily Star. - Israeli 
Defense Forces - official site, in English and Hebrew. - Islamic Resistance 
Support Association - State of Israel Web Site - includes information on 
the president, Knesset, government, judiciary, and zionist organization. - 
Echos of Qana - Lebanese page on a 1996 Israeli attack in South Lebanon. - 
Israel and Lebanon - The Facts - from - United States 
Committee for a Free Lebanon - non-profit, non-sectarian organization that 
performs Lebanon-related research and education, tracks human rights among 
Lebanese worldwide, and fights alleged corruption within the Lebanese 
government. - World Lebanese Organization