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Asunto:[GAP] [LuxWeb] June events
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Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 18:10:25 -0500 
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Subject: [LuxWeb] June events 
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From: bjwolf <bjwolf@...> 
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 05:31:59 -0400 
To: bjwolf@... 
Subject: June events 
Hello, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf. 
Global Meditations Network. 
If you print, the listing of  June events is extensive. 
Check the Calendar of Global Events page, 
May 23-25, Saint-Malo, FRANCE. First meeting of the francophone 
countries network of Light, with people from Belgium, Switzerland, 
Haiti, Africa, Quebec, and Canada. 
Contact: Jean Carfantan, jean@... 
The above is followed by a conference about indigo children, May 
30-June 1. 
May 25-June 1, LONDON, Royal Horticultural Halls, 27th Festival for 
Mind Body Spirit. Chris James sound healing workshops. 
Contact: Lani Fulgar, lani@...; 
Tel: 44 20 7371 9191. 
Also at the festival, May 28, 2:10 pm, Concert: Global Gong Mantra 
Sutra. Sound healing and the Vach Choir by Gongmaster Don 
Conreaux and Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble. Conreaux 
workshops: 28 May, 5-7pm, Gong Yoga to restore, rejuvenate 
& re-youth yourself regardless of age or state of health; 
Demonstration Stage: 1 June, 1 pm, Gong Yoga; 
Workshop: 1 June, 2-4 pm, Introduction to Gongmaster Training. 
Play gong, singing bowl and produce healing vocal tones. 
Contact: gongmaster@... 
May 30, 8 pm, and May 31, 2 pm, Zutphen, THE NETHERLANDS, 
Theatre the Hanzehof. Peace Concert and Spoonbenders Course 
with James Twyman. Contact: Hans Rietveld, J.Twyman.NL@...; 
Tel: outside the Netherlands, 0031263645827; inside, 0263645827. 
May 31, 2-6 pm, Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA, 
Lismore City Hall. Interactive Performance Concert and Community 
late Bundjalung visionary, Grandmother Faye Smith, and the 
Bundjalung Grandmothers and their dedicated work for family 
and community. GrandMother Drum Project will be in attendance. Contact: Amrahla, 
amrahla@...; Tel: (mobile) 0427 295 920. 
May 31, 2 pm-8 pm, Brooklyn, NEW YORK STATE, Herbert Von King 
Culture Center, Bedford Stuyvesant. YOUTH CONFERENCE II. 
Sponsored by city wide youth conference committee. Contact: 
LMARIO2FRAN@...;ion, 718-918-919-8394 fax/Tel after 6pm; 
or Avone Logan, Tel: 718-789-8304, 11 am to 7pm weekdays. 
June 2-6, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA. PEACEBUILDING, 
Conflict Transformation & Post-War Reconstruction, 
Reconciliation and Resolution, with Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen. 
Sponsored by TRANSCEND, a peace and development network of 
invited scholars-practitioners doing action/training/research/ 
dissemination within 20 programs, based on 40 years experience. 
Contact: Dietrich Fischer, fischer@... 
June 3-17, Fes, MOROCCO. 9th Annual World Sacred Music Festival. 
Contact: Sarah Tours Inc., sarahtur@...; 
Tel: 1-(800) 267-0036 or (703) 619-0777; Fax: (703) 619-9399 
June 5-16, Fiery Forks, MISSOURI, along the Little Niangua River 
near Climax Springs. 2003 Ozark Rainbow Family Spring Regional. 
All peaceful beings are encouraged to come participate in the circle 
of peace and share as a family tribe of one, freely and unencumbered 
upon the land in the cathedral of nature. Camping. 
Contact: scouting@...; Tel: 417-948-7349. 
June 6-8, Otsiningo Park, near Binghamton, NEW YORK STATE. 
24th Ostiningo Pow Wow, featuring Indian dances, storeytelling, 
music, art, crafts, Indian food (buffalo, caribou, corn soup, 
Indian tacos, sassafras tea, and more). Wildlife exhibits, 
children's activities. Contact: Tel: 607-729-0016. 
June 6, 8 pm, LONDON, St Pancras Old Church, Pancras Rd. 
An Artists for Humanity Mysterious Tremendum Concert with 
Gongmaster of Ceremonies Don Conreaux and Mysterious 
Tremendum Ensemble, featuring Tim & Alex Wheater, 
Michael Ormiston, Eddy Sayer, Candida Valentino, 
Emily Burridge and Aidan McIntrye. A gathering of artists 
to lend their energies in support of the Global Gong Network 
of World Peace Bell Gardens and the bronze casting of a Chalice 
Gong centrepiece designed to be placed in sonorous gardens 
around the world. 
Also, June 7, 8 pm, same location, A Mysterious Tremendum Mass 
Gong Healing Event with Gongmaster Don Conreaux who 
conducts the first Mysterious Tremendum Mass Gong Healing Event 
in London presenting gongs, gongmasters and overtone producers. 
Featured will be the Mystic Chord of Scriabin using a tuned array of 
ancient singing bowls. Contact: Amina Productions, ormi_khoomii@... 
June 7-8, Lake Mills, WISCONSIN. June 7, 1 p.m., Namaste Retreat 
Center of Wisconsin Inc., W7872 Co. Highway B. PEACE POLE 
PLANTING. One side of the peace pole will have the Universal Star 
language. June 8, Lake Country Inn, GOLDEN EAGLE'S Star 
Language teachings. Contact:; 
Tel: 920-648-3580; Fax: 920-648-2566. 
June 7-19, SANTA FE to CHACO CANYON, New Mexico. 
WALK FOR THE WORLD, a 170-mile walk to send forth as one voice 
the call of universal peace and brotherhood that shall reign supreme 
upon the Earth in this, the Golden Age of humanity. 
June 20-22 at CHACO CANYON, Summer Solstice celebration. 
Contact: Iemaher@... or wolvesangelssing@... 
June 7-8, Island of Mallorca, SPAIN. Visiting sacred sites: 
2003 Earth Energies/Devic Studies, with Christan Hummel. 
This island was home to the ancient prehistoric inhabitants, 
the Romans, and Knights Templar who built the cathedral of 
Palma and other temples on this island full of geomancy, 
history and power spots. We will visit major power vortexes, 
temples, energy grid points and monasteries with the intention 
of understanding their geomantic significance, and learning to 
harmonize the energies of Heaven with Earth. We will work 
co-creatively with the devic and angelic realms using sound, 
ceremony and energy tools. Language: English, translated into 
German.  Contact: EarthHeal99@...; Tel: 760-722-5555. 
June 8, 9 am-6 pm, Mansfield/Foxboro, MASSACHUSETTS, 
Holiday Inn. Your Sacred Quest: A Glimpse of 2012 and Beyond, 
with Ronna Herman who will channel Archangel Michael. 
Contact: Nancy Mott, FOAE@...; Tel: 508-222-6518, 
or, Ronna Herman, RonnaStar@...; Tel: 775-856-3654 
June 8, 10 am - 3:30 pm, DENVER, Colorado, Radisson Hotel 
Denver Stapleton Plaza, 3333 Quebec Street. Free Seminar, 
Create The Life You Want Now!, presented by Patricia Diane 
Cota-Robles, New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose. 
Contact: Margy Vaughan, Eraofpeace@...; 
Tel: 1-888-310-4488. 
June 9-14, Derry/Londonderry, NORTHERN IRELAND. 
The UNU/INCORE International Summer School to those 
involved in conflict management the opportunity to come 
together to broaden their knowledge and to avail of the most 
up-to-date learning and experiences. The program is designed 
for political scientists, journalists, policy advisors, community 
workers, professors, youth workers, local government officers, 
post-graduate students, military personnel as well as others. 
Contact: school@...; Tel: + 44 (0) 28 71 375500. 
June 9-20, DORSET, England, Gaunts House. GONGMASTER 
TRAINING, an 11 day gong yoga retreat with Gongmaster Don 
Conreaux for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. 
Contact: Don, gongmaster@..., or Richard Glyn 
Foundation at Gaunts House - Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 4JQ; 
Tel: 44 (0) 1202-841522, email: 
June 12-15, Leeward side of Oahu, HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. 
Summer Fire Tribe Gathering. Four days of chanting, drumming 
and dancing together under the stars. Contact: 
firetribegatherings@... or Michadl at drum@...; 
Tel: 808-377-3786. 
June 13, Wingham, NSW,, AUSTRALIA. The Healing Power 
of the Drum-Wingham Showgrounds. June 13, 10 am-6 pm. 
A Drum Making Ceremonial Workshop -make a small replica 
of the GrandMother (drum) . Coordinator: Lindy Morris, 
Tel: 02-6557 0555; Email: lonedeer46@... 
June 14, same location, BIG DRUM, BIG LOVE, a family day 
of cross cultural celebration, healing and renewal featuring the 
largest Full Moon Drum Circle for Peace. Help us set a record 
for thousands of hearts beating together for peace. Bring a drum 
or make one with us on Friday at the showgrounds. A wonderful 
day of local and international performances. group singing, 
chanting, and storytelling. Stallholders welcome. 
Coordinator Lindy Morris 02-6557 0555; email: lonedeer46@... 
June 14, Cardiff, ENGLAND. Cardiff Healing Conference. 
Speakers include Bill Harrison, and Jayson Stilwell. Hosted 
by Soul Searching Promotions, NewAgeShows@...; 
Tel: 01989 765520. 
June 19-22, Görlitz, GERMANY, St. Marienthal Convent. Third 
International Conference for Women from Central, Eastern & 
Western Europe: Network East-West and WOMEN, 
SPIRITUALITY & YOGA Conference, to provide a platform 
for women for intercultural and interreligious dialogue. 
Workshops range from psychological, medical , sociological, 
ethnological and spiritual issues to the building of self confidence 
to empower women to implement their professional and human 
competencies. Contact: Inge Friedrich-Rust, 
inge.friedrich-rust@...; Inge Fier, r, im.fiedler@...; 
Heide Friemann, heide@... 
June 20-21, NEW YORK CITY, Cathedral of St. John the Divine. 
Paul Winter's Tenth Annual Summer Solstice Celebration. 
June 20-22, near Hazleton, PENNSYLVANIA. Gathering to honor 
Sun Bear's life and vision, to mark the anniversary of his passing, 
and to celebrate Wind Daughter's eighth year as Medicine Chief 
of the Bear Tribe. A weekend to include building a medicine wheel, 
drumming, dancing, including a pipe carrier's dance. 
Contact: Pat Ross, ptross@...; Tel: 706-746-5787. 
June 20-22, TORONTO, Canada, York University. The Canadian 
Society of Dowsers' 16th annual convention. 
Contact: Diane Marcotte, diane.marcotte@... 
June 20-23, Palomar Mountain, CALIFORNIA. Second Annual 
Eagle Sundance, with Maria Yraceburu. Shamanic Arts Healing 
Center, Tel: 619-299-5393. Nohwike Bagowa , Tel: 619-443-4467. 
Maria Yraceburu, maria@... 
June 20-25, five day Pilgrimage to the Andes of ECUADOR, 
and June 25-July 1, seven day pilgrimage to the Amazon Rain 
Forest, Ecuador., with Vijali Hamilton, who says,"We will 
celebrate the Andean Festival of the Summer Solstice, Inti Raimi, 
in Peguche, near the famous Indian crafts market of Otavalo, 
journey to the sacred sights in the volcanoes, and waterfall, 
and partake of a sacred Andean shamanic ritual. Linda Rosa 
Corazon will join me in facilitating the pilgrimage in the 
Amazon, east of Macas. We will experience the magic of 
the rain forest, traditional Shuar music and dance, sacred 
shamanic ceremonies, time for meditation, healing, creativity 
and deep intercultural exchange with the Shuar." 
To reserve a place, contact Vijali Hamilton, VijaliHam@...; 
Address: HC 64, Box 2703 / Castle Valley, Utah 84532. 
Note from Barbara: Vijali's fascinating newsletter is on 
June 21, Warrandyte ,Victoria, AUSTRALIA, The Grampians 
of Australia. WORLD PEACE AND PRAYER DAY 2003 
AUSTRALIA.: "All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer", 
with Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th generation Keeper 
of the White BuffaloCalf Bundle, and Spiritual Leader of 
the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations (collectively known 
as the Great Sioux Nation) who founded World Peace And 
Prayer Day in 1996 to promote peace. 
Contact: wppd2003@... 
June 22-27, HAWAII. Visionary Voice: Dolphin Dreaming, 
sound healing workshps with Chris James of Australia. 
Contact: cjames@...; Tel: Sounds Wonderful 
03 9844 3933. 
June 26-29, Canyon Calm, one-half hour southwest of Custer, 
Black Hills of SOUTH DAKOTA. Spiritual Unity of Tribes / 
Gathering of Eagles, a coming together of all people from all 
nations, uniting spiritually through sharing and respecting each 
other's traditions and philosophies of life. This gathering is a time 
to share prayers, stories, and teachings from the past and present 
for the enlightenment and upliftment of humanity. Under the 
Guidance of the Elders, planned activities are: Honoring of the 
Elders, Speakers, Talking Stick Circles, Traditional Singing 
and Dancing, Youth Activities, Purification Lodges, 
Cross-Cultural Discussions, Music and Storytelling, 
and Spiritual Healing for Mother Earth. Grandmothers will 
speak to share their wisdom and knowledge. 
Contact: Adell, adell@..., or Clay, 
dcu777@...; Teleyhone Mary Ellen and Clay, 
605.341.0724 or Mary Kate and Garry at 605.673.4096. 
June 27, 7:30-10:30 pm, Gosford, NSW., AUSTRALIA. 
BIG DRUM, BIG LOVE- Interactive Multicultural 
Performance Concert with local and international performing 
artists. 7:30-10:30pm. Coordinator: Earth Productions-Ylenna 
Zajec, ylenna@...; Tel: 02-4329 5719. 
June 28, 10 am-6 pm, The Healing Power of the Drum: A 
Drum Making Ceremonial Workshop --make a small replica 
of the GrandMother (drum). Contact: Ylenna Zajec 
June 27-29, Virginia, Beach, VIRGINIA, A.R.E. (Association 
for Research and Enlightenment, the Edgar Cayce Institute). 
The Fruits of Intuition, featuring Caroline Myss and 
Norm Shealy, who will speak on energy, medicine, 
and the intuition. Contact: 1-800-333-4499 
June 27-29, Stanford, CALIFORNIA. Stanford University 
Campus, Kresge Auditorium, 555 Nathan Abbott Way. 
THE PROPHETS CONFERENCE, "Stanford: Anchoring a 
New Reality." Sharing innovative thinking and community 
building as innovative visionaries for a movement for 
personal and global renewal. Speakers: Huston Smith, 
Barbara Marx Hubbard, José Argüelles, Ervin Laszlo, 
Gregg Braden, Howard Martin, David Hawkins, 
Russell Targ, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Arthur Hull, 
Young Visionaries. Contact: prophets@...; 
Tel: toll-free: 888.777.5981. 
June 27-29, Ojai, CALIFORNIA, Matilija Sanctuary and 
SACRED FLAME, a weekend retreat for women with 
Vicki Noble, shaman and author of Motherpeace. Contact: Marie Alexander, 
Goldenfeline9@...; Tel: 562-225-1642, 
or Letecia Layson, letecia@...; Tel: 805- 646-6983. 
June 28-29, SEDONA, Arizona. Alchemy of Sound Workshop: 
Therapeudic use of Sound for Personal and Planetary Benefit 
with Christan Hummel. Learn to use sound to shift belief 
systems and negative emotional patterns at core levels, 
balance your chakras, release blocked energies in your 
body, and open doorways to higher dimensions of reality. 
Discover how sound can clear noxious earth energies, 
reduce crime and pollution, balance weather patterns, 
and promote harmony in cities. Discover sonic solutions 
to global problems. Contact: EarthHeal99@... 
June 30-July 4, 2003, Hamburg, GERMANY. Fourth European 
Congress for Peace Education in Hamburg. Its motto: 
Lay down your arms - a peaceful world is possible! 
Workshops, round-tables and exhibitions to concentrate 
on what more can be done in educational European 
institutions against the war and against the readiness 
to solve political conflicts by military power. Contact: 
Horst Bethge, Pädagoginnen und Pädagogen für den 
Frieden (PPF), Saseler Kamp 69a, 22393 Hamburg; 
Tel.+Fax: 040/6015212; E-mail: 
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