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Asunto:[GAP] Telepatia / fUSIONAnomalog
Fecha:Jueves, 1 de Julio, 2004  11:46:09 (-0500)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <redanahuak>

Asunto:    fUSIONAnomalog. 
Fecha:    Domingo, 2 de Mayo, 2004  22:55:46 (-0500) 
Autor:    Och'nop Paxwanee <paxwanee> 
you are what you cache, so remember... 
FAQ Wiki 
filterlog 5/3/04Submitted by atomjack on Saturday, May 01, 2004 - 07:51 
~ What Happens When A Species Achieves Telepathy? [+] [no more 'truth' or 
'lies', no more masking of intentions, no more need for lawyers or laws or 
politicians or even politics. mckenna speculated that we are rapidly 
evolving into a 'visual species' where intent cannot be masked by language 
or culture. hence illiteracy is a sign of progress, not danger. we are 
reading less because we are becoming more visual. his thoughts on this path 
led to VR, but to me, that sounds a bit quaint. i don't think we are heading 
towards a visual culture. we are already there. i think we are heading 
towards a telepathic culture, bypassing vision completely] 
Demand for increasingly powerful communications technology points to our 
future as a "techlepathic" species 
As I thought further about this similarity it occurred to me that the 
technology required to create a technologically endowed form of telepathy is 
all but upon us. By combining Jorgensen's device and a cochlear implant with 
a radio transmitter and a fancy neural data conversion device, we could 
create a form of communication that bypasses the acoustic realm altogether. 
The dream of mind-to-mind communication and the desire to transcend one's 
own consciousness is as old as language itself. You could make a strong case 
that there's a near pathological craving for it, a tendency that manifests 
through the widespread belief in paranormal telepathy. 
ESP aside, it seems that this craving will soon be satisfied. Several 
advances in communications technology and neuroscience are giving pause 
about the possibility of endowing us with techlepathy. As we continue to 
ride the wave of the communications revolution, and as the public demand for 
more sophisticated communications tools continues, it seems a veritable 
certainty that we are destined to become a species capable of mind-to-mind 
This prospect is as profound as it is exciting. Such a change to the species 
would signify a prominent development in the evolution of humanity‹a change 
that would irrevocably alter the nature of virtually all human relations and 
Indeed, humanity appears to be on the cusp of a rather remarkable 
development: We are, for all intents and purposes, about to become a 
telepathic species. Such a development will occur this century and it will 
likely happen in three major phases. 
Further, this tendency seems to be the driving force in the history of the 
development of communications technology. On the surface humanity appears to 
be spreading outward, venturing across continents and into space. Yet in 
actuality we are journeying towards one another. Our globe has never 
appeared smaller and our proximity to each other has never been closer. 
This trend shows no signs of slowing down, pointing the way to a remarkable 
interconnected future. 
~ Make No Mistake, We Are 1930's Nazi Germany [+] 
This is a real moment of danger for America. 
The Bush/Limbaugh Republicans are the 1930's Nazis, period. And these 
eunuchs that make up the Democratic Party - these battered wives who will 
come up with any excuse to allow these Nazis to continue doing what they are 
doing - means that America will go the way of Nazi Germany. 
The Bush/Limbaughians - even if defeated this election - won't go away, and 
will continue to fester and fester into a parallel version of imperial 
terrorists, ala the Nazis, Napoleon, or the countless other examples of this 
occurring throughout history. That is, this will happen unless you stand up 
become the leadership of the future, because certainly the morality-free 
Republicans nor the ball-free Democrats will. It is up to us Moderate 
Independents to boldly, strongly stand up now in defense of our nation - by 
getting involved - yes you - in the political process as candidates. 
Is there anyone with both balls and a conscience living in America - who is 
willing to put down their remote control and stand up in defense of their 
~ French Bag With French Label Written In French, A Huge Hit In The States 
Handbags bearing the inscription in French - "We're sorry our president is 
an idiot. We didn't vote for him" - have become a runaway hit in America. 
The bag's designer, Tom Bihn, says he had no idea the inscription - "Nous 
sommes desoles que notre President soit un idiot. Nous n'avons pas vote pour 
lui." - had been included on the bags' washing instruction tag. 
He said: "It depends on either your nationality, or the president you think 
is an idiot; you choose." 
Clients throughout the United States have flooded his offices in Seattle and 
Port Angeles with calls and emails to order for the bags, he said. 
But 80% of the Americans think it is an accurate message, he said. 
The company has now launched a series of T-shirts, selling at US$20 each, 
with the same message, with funds going to a war veterans' centre in 
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