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Asunto:[GAP] 04 Meditation
Fecha:Miercoles, 15 de Septiembre, 2004  17:53:21 (+0200)
Autor:Marite Renkens /Joao Jutglar <marite_Nordic> 04 Meditation 
                  Honolulu Church of Light 
                  1539 Kapiolani Blvd. 
                  Honolulu, HI 96814 
                  Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to
                  - John Fitzgerald Kennedy 
                  Global Peace Meditation - Monday, September 27, 2004 
                  9:00pm Eastern time 
                  (Tuesday, September 28 at 01:00 UTC (GMT)) 
                  LIVE online videocast at 
                  Weave: to form (cloth) by interlacing strands (as of yarn); to
unite in a coherent whole. 
                  -Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary 
                  When millions of people come together for a common goal at a
specific moment in time, there is a collective consciousness created that is felt
around the world. Many of us have experienced how the energy of war and
disharmony fills the world with fear and depression. We cannot stand idly by and
allow this to be our world. We must take every opportunity to let peace prevail
on Earth. Please make your commitment to join us on September 27 as we create
another "wave" of peace to ripple around the world. This will accelerate the
greatest mission possible to reach a billion people committed to peace for the
Billion Person Peace Meditation held on December 18. 
                        Monday, September 27, 2004  
                        3 PM - 6 PM Hawaii  
                        4 PM - 7 PM Alaska  
                        6 PM - 9PM Pacific  
                        7 PM - 10 PM Mountain  
                        8 PM - 11 PM Central  
                        9 PM - 12PM Eastern  
                        Tuesday, September 28, 2004  
                        01:00 - UTC (GMT)  
                        2 AM - 5 AM London  
                        3 AM - 6 AM Paris  
                        4 AM - 7 AM Athens  
                        5 AM - 8 AM Moscow  
                        9 AM - 12 PM Hong Kong  
                        10 AM - 1 PM Tokyo  
                        For more times, check our worldwide calendar time table.

                        Live Webcast Schedule 
                        1st hour: Kahu Fred Sterling shares his passionate
message for peace 
                        2nd hour: Weave the People for Peace Global Meditation -
a time to experience peace and harmony within through toning. The Peace
Meditation will be guided by Kahu Fred Sterling followed by toning. Each will be
guided by their essential self to create a vibration of sound to focus peace
within the self and on Mother Earth. 
                        3rd hour: Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of
Kahu Fred Sterling 
                        What more can I do to weave peace? 
                       What more can I do to weave peace? 
                        Spreading the Word 
                        Participating in the Peace Weave 
                        Planting a Crystal 
                        Participating through Sleepstate Programming 
                        Creating your own Global Peace Council 
                        Being Conscious of Your Thought 
                        How to Watch & Listen Live Online 
                        At the time of the live event, you will find a prominent
link on our homepage. Viewing the webcast requires Windows Media Player or
RealPlayer software. 
                        Two chatrooms will be available during the video
                          a.. chatroom 
                          b.. iConference room labeled "The Great Shift with
Fred Sterling" 
                        What if I am unable to join the live event? 
                        There are two powerful options available for those who
are not able to view the live event. 
                        1. Send your higher self to participate during your
sleep state 
                        2. Listen to the audio archives of the webcast and add
your love and light to the global consciousness or peace 
                  Weave the People for Peace 
                  Throughout history there have been great people who shared
their thoughts and songs of peace and for brief moments of time many others
gathered their forces behind them. Yet until now peace has not prevailed on
Earth. While we honor these great minds and their passion for peace, we know we
MUST find our own passion and create peace within our own hearts, and then join
in a united force of We the People to create peace on Earth. 
                  Imagine one heart, one ribbon, one crystal at a time weaving
an energy so powerful to become one thought, one voice, one heart, one light that
brightens our world. We must say within our hearts "I AM committed to peace," and
then do all that we can toward that goal. Please make your commitment to join us
on September 27, 2004, as we create another "wave" of peace. This will accelerate
the greatest mission possible to reach a billion people committed to peace for
the Billion Person Peace Meditation on December 18, 2004. 
                  Yes, I AM committed to creating Peace on Earth! 
                  Back to top --^ 
                  A Special Message from Kahu Fred Sterling 
                  Peace is not a dream.It is a right! 
                  By Kahu Fred Sterling 
                  Was 9-11 avoidable? Is a budget that is out of most of our
realms of understanding truly our focus? Do we actually believe we are getting
all the facts? We must take action. We can no longer wait for others to get
onboard. Our resources are nowhere near as limited as we may believe. Stay
present and let Easter Sunday become the day we rise. 
                  We are not hawks and we can no longer be doves. What we must
be is We the People in concert with our knowing. For instance, I truly know that
if a billion people came together to pray for peace, something magical would
happen. The real truth is that if we could align people to start now, moving
towards a world event, that same world would begin its change in the now. 
                  Easter Sunday must stand for more than one man coming to a new
level of consciousness. It must be a time where We the People begin to
non-violently take charge of our reality. We must rise from the tomb and let the
world know there is a cause. World peace is not up to a few leaders. It is up to
                  Sincerely, I do not have all the answers. What I do have is a
determination to begin. As Jesus arose from the dead, let us rise through prayer
and masterminding into a world without pictures of women, children and soldiers
dying in the street. Let us rise to a knowing that in fact we must get the
children of today to choose peace over war. Let us find our Creator as a source
of strength and begin our prayers for peace in the Middle East. After all, isn't
this where it all started anyway? Let us ascend to a new level today! 
                  I pray the feeling this brings to present mind is a movement
and not a moment. Choose to make a difference - start now! 
                  Imagine there's no countries 
                  It isn't hard to do 
                  Nothing to kill or die for 
                  And no religion too 
                  Imagine all the people 
                  Living life in peace... 
                  You may say I'm a dreamer 
                  But I'm not the only one 
                  I hope someday you'll join us 
                  And the world will be as one. 
                  John Lennon, 1971 
                  Back to top --^ 
                  Spreading the Word 
                  Download event flyer (Adobe PDF 132KB) 
                  Share the Weave the People for Peace flyer and website
information with everyone you know, either by printing it out, e-mailing it,
posting it wherever possible in a bookstore, on a bulletin board, at your church,
at work.get as creative with it as you can! This global peace meditation is one
of a series of global meditations within our Billion Person Peace Meditation
mission, which began in 1998. Please help us reach the goal of one billion people
who are passionately committed to creating peace on Earth by December 18, 2004. 
                  The following excerpt is from a Kirael Shift Report, "The
Billion Person Peace Meditation," December 2002 
                  Q: What exactly will happen if we get a billion people? Why
that particular number of one billion, which is one-sixth of the world's
                  KIRAEL: I answer this way: What will you gain by bringing one
billion people together? You will gain the experience of awakening to love, of
being love. You will open to the oneness of Creation and understand that there is
nothing to fear by learning; that learning simply means experiencing all
possibilities; and experiencing all possibilities is the awareness of being part
of Creator Light itself. 
                  Back to top --^ 
                  Participating in the Peace Weave 
                  A single ribbon. No matter how beautiful it is to see or
touch, its meaning does not travel very far. unless you give it intent for which
it symbolizes. Then you add another ribbon woven together by golden thread, and
then another and another, and the weave gathers strength and soon a beautiful
tapestry begins to unfold. And what is the intent of this tapestry? To symbolize
the millions of those around the world that comprise We the People who are making
a commitment and taking a stand for peace in our world, that love is our true
essence, that healing is a birthright for all, and harmony means we live for the
highest good of all. 
                  Please join us in creating a tapestry representing the
commitment of We the People for Peace. From your heart choose a ribbon (6' or 2m
in length) in the color and design that best represents who you are to symbolize
your commitment to be a part of this passion and mission for peace and send it
                       Weave the People for Peace 
                        c/o Honolulu Church of Light 
                        1539 Kapiolani Boulevard 
                        Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 USA 
                  Back to top --^ 
                  Planting a Crystal 
                  Our Mother Earth has lovingly shared her life force with us,
and we have most often taken unconsciously from her. It is time to share our love
to assist the Mother Earth in her healing. Please choose a crystal that you love
that brings joy to your heart and plant it at least 3 to 4 inches deep (7.6 - 10
cm) in an area where you feel needs an uplifting of energy. Mother Earth will
bless you in her own special way. 
                  The following excerpt is from the live recording, Kirael
Speaks! Our Last, Best Hope for Peace, May 2004. 
                  KIRAEL: One of the things that you can do, and I hope that
everybody would try this, but if every one of you would take something from the
mineral weave, if you got a crystal, especially if you got like a Lemurian
crystal, but any crystal that you might have that is just small -- I don't want
any big chunks of crystal stuffed into Mother Earth, but if you got just a wee
little crystal that you truly love -- it's got to be if you love it, because if
you don't love it, you are wasting your time. If you truly love it, take it some
place that you know you felt and you felt this great being awareness there
whenever you go there, and tell Mother Earth you have a gift. 
                  Because, you see, when this whole planet began, energy
patterns from other worlds brought you gifts, brought Mother Earth gifts, and it
was all of the mineral weave. And so whenever you Goddesses decide to start
planting little crystals back into Mother Earth again, instead of everybody
taking everything out, put one back in. And you have only got to make a whole,
maybe 3 or 4 inches deep, and then just take a stick, a beautiful stick, and poke
a hole and put it down in there, and then fill it in on top. Mother Earth will
feel the feeling of her own Goddess Light again. So everybody plant a crystal. 
                  Back to top --^ 
                  Participating through Sleepstate Programming 
                  Sleepstate programming is one of the Ten Principles of
Consciously Creating. (A recordings series and transcript textbook about these
principles is available through For more information, you may want to
start here: 
                  In simplicity, sleepstate programming is the act of
instructing your higher self (your non-physical soul self) to work on your behalf
while your physical presence is asleep. There are two short articles about
sleepstate on this website: 
                  There is also an article as an appendix to Kirael: The Great
Shift, which is available as an eBook.) 
                  The following is an explanation from Master Kirael about using
sleepstate programming for a singular purpose, such as creating world peace. 
                  KIRAEL: You do something called the Billion Person Peace
Meditation and you instruct the people, if you can't be there at the very exact
moment, that you can use Sleepstate Programming. 
                  For instance, when you do one of these, there are time zones
that are collective around the world. You may do it in the mid-afternoon here at
the church, and then it may come out at early morning hours someplace around the
other side of the globe. So that person who cannot get up and do it and
participate with you, prior to going to sleep, can use Sleepstate Programming to
participate at the exact moment that it is taking place. 
                  Now, how does a greater number of people begin to affect? I
say this: Through Sleepstate Programming, because you must use the intent, has
its experiential possibilities of bringing forth a mass consciousness at a
singular moment in time. In essence, you can actually create what we call mass
awareness through the sleep state. 
                  Now, I will give you a prime example, as we were saying in the
Billion Person Peace Meditation. When you have those meditations and you bring
literally hundreds of thousands- and, hopefully, one day you will even reach the
billion mark or better-when you bring that to focus, you will begin to see that
something happens to the etheric fabric. 
                  Now, let's break that down and see what can it be I am talking
about. Once everyone is on the same potential page, so to speak, meaning that
everybody is moving to an exact moment-that is why it is so positively necessary
to have the exact moment when you will be participating in a gathering such as
this. For when people who cannot participate in the physical realm and are going
to use Sleepstate Programming, they can program their higher self, because the
higher self does not know the illusion of time other than what you in the
material plane give it. But once you have established it clearly in your mind-for
instance, at 12 o'clock sharp that's when you want your higher self to go and
participate or to become actively participating in this Billion Person Peace
Meditation, at that moment, the higher self, the essential self, waylays
everything else it is doing and immediately moves to that vibration. 
                  As it is moving there, it begins to see other essential selves
moving to the same identical vibration. Once these vibrations all start to merge,
they begin to slow or speed up their pace as to align to the perfect spot and
where all else is already congregated. So what you have is the potential of mass
consciousness inside of a mass consciousness. Now, what happens is, for instance,
when you are using peace, which is a system where you will not be adhering to
anything other than love, right? What takes place is the etheric fabric of your
particular vibrational Earth plane is literally in-lighted throughout the
entirety of itself. 
                  When you have a Billion Person Peace Meditation and you use
Sleepstate Programming so all can participate around the world simultaneously, it
isn't about going around the world in a slow maneuver; it is about critical mass
of energy that actually in-lightens the whole of the Earth plane and the
surrounding energy of the Earth. 
                  So, when you use Sleepstate Programming and the intent is to
program a particular set of light amassing, you simply begin to allow that energy
force to happen at the exact moment, in the exact time, in the exact space, that
you designate. And that begins to fill the mass conscious arena by creating a
smaller mass consciousness. A smaller mass consciousness affects the larger mass
consciousness, until you get better and better at these processes, until such
time as something like Sleepstate Programming can literally begin by huge groups
of people coming together to in-lighten the universal plane that you have existed
in for thousands of years. The material plane is susceptible to the Sleepstate
                  Back to top --^ 
                  Create a Global Peace Council 
                  Global Peace Councils are being created around the world! The
idea is simple: Find twelve people you know who have a passion for peace
(everyone knows twelve people!). They don't necessarily have to be physically
located where you are. It can be done in chatrooms on the internet, in conference
call, by e-mail, any way you can imagine. Create a mastermind statement (see
Masterminding, one of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating). Meet on a
regular basis to accomplish the above-mentioned commitments to peace. You will
discover it is a great adventure enhanced with many blessings and rewards. Then
ask each member of your council to create lateral councils of their own in the
same manner. Finally, we invite you to please share your journeys with others by
posting them in the "Weave the People for Peace" forum in our online discussion
                  Back to top --^ 
                  Be Conscious of Your Thoughts 
                  Far too often in our world today war has been the solution to
resolving conflict. That idea has come to its end and we must create a new way of
handling our differences. Each day as you go about your day continue to be aware
of your thoughts and whether they contribute toward peace. If you find yourself
in an antagonistic situation, ask yourself "How can I bring this situation to a
peaceful conclusion?" If we consciously choose peace at each opportunity, we will
soon find ourselves creating and attracting harmony in our environment. Take time
each day to imagine how living in a peaceful world would feel, and then take this
into your heart and let it reside within you. Still have some doubt? Just commit
to this for 21 days and see what happens! 
                  Back to top --^ 
                        Guide To the Unseen Self by Fred Sterling   
                        Live the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating today!  

                       Kirael: The Great Shift now available as an ebook   
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