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Asunto:[GAP] FW: HELP!!! - Stop Canada's Massive Seal Hunt!
Fecha:Sabado, 26 de Marzo, 2005  13:40:51 (-0500)
Autor:Claudio Sanchez <cabelitos1975>

>From: Adrien Amadeo <healingspiral@...>
>To: cabelitos1975@...
>Subject: HELP!!! - Stop Canada's Massive Seal Hunt!
>Date: 25 Mar 2005 19:29:36 -0000
>To All:
>This information is for those who feel so inclined to help stop
>this horrific killing. Thank you!
>Dear Friend,
>The largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet
>will begin in just a few days. By the end of this year's hunt,
>more than 300,000 seals will have been brutally killed--many of
>them babies as young as 12 days old. Some of them will have been
>skinned while still conscious and able to feel pain. Stand with
>me today and stop the seal hunt forever by joining the Canadian
>seafood boycott. To learn more about the hunt and sign the
>pledge, click here: .
>Once you've signed the pledge, you'll be able to spot Canadian
>seafood by using HSUS's downloadable pocket guide to spotting
>seafood. You can also sign up for Seal Watch, a frequent email
>that HSUS will send out during the hunt featuring stories and
>Thanks for joining me in ending this awful hunt.
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