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Asunto:[GAP] July events / Global Meditations
Fecha:Jueves, 30 de Junio, 2005  11:57:53 (-0500)
Autor:RedAccion <redanahuak>

To: LuxWeb <LuxWeb@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 11:45:13 -0500
Subject: [LuxWeb] July events / Global Meditations

From: Barbara Wolf <bjwolf@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 07:06:22 -0700
Subject: July events

Hello, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf
Global Meditations Network.

1. July 24, 2005, Liechtenstein and world wide.
Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water.
has information just arriving from the office of
water scientist Masaru Emoto who wants you to
send water samples to Liechtenstein and, if you cannot
attend a Liechtenstein ceremony, please do your own
2. Archangel Michael July message.

3. Here are Calendar of Events listings for July.

July 1-3, Portland, OREGON, Benson Hotel. What The Bleep Do
We Know!? Conference, with special guest Deepak Chopra, whose
lecture is Unlocking The Hidden Dimensions In Your Life. Also
featured is Fred Alan Wolf, JZ Knight, Joseph Dispenza, John
Hagelin, Jeffrey Satinover, Michael Ledwith, William Tiller,
Betsy Chasse (filmmaker), and Elaine Hendricks.
Contact: prophets@...; Tel: 888-777-5981 (USA);
(44) 01367-250-370 (UK)
July 1- 4, ARKANSAS, Bald Mountain Park and Gulpha Gorge National
Park Campgrounds. Summer Gathering at Manataka. July 2, special
guest speaker, Tsolagiu M. A. Ruizrazo, author of "A Cherokee Elder's
Guide to Parenting". July 2-3, Native American ceremonies.
July 3, Fireworks show. Contact: Manataka American Indian Council,
July 2-Aug. 4. JAPAN. Stonewalk between Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
"60 Years On; Victims of the Bomb". Stonewalk is a global pilgrimage
honoring civilian casulties of war. Contact: Bruce Nichols,
July 2-9, MONTANA, Blacktail Ranch. Workshop,
Healing Trauma, Healing the Earth, with Brooke Medicine Eagle
and yoga healer Heather Tiddens.
Contact: office@...
July 2-3, 8-12, Perth, AUSTRALIA. Workshops. Alchemy of Sound
and Creating Sacred Space-Living Heaven on Earth with
Christan Hummel. Contact: jcrockett@...
July 3, JAPAN, Mount Fuji sanctuary. Gathering to help infuse the
planet with Great Light for the creation, evolution and awakening
of humanity. The blessing of each of the 192 countries on this
planet with prayers and mudras for the dimensional elevation of the earth.

You are asked to join in Spirit wherever you may be, USA Time,
July 2, Saturday, West Coast, 6:00pm -11:00pm, and GMT, July 3,
Sunday, 1:00am -6:00am.
July 4-10, Oslo, NORWAY. Visionary Voice Sound Healing Training
with Chris James of Australia. Learn to vocalise and fine-tune Healing
Sounds and Overtoning. Discover a freedom in singing that can usually
only be imagined. Contact: osolum@...; Tel: + 47 6691 0105,
Chris James, cjames@...
July 7-9, 7 pm-9pm, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, Spiritual Enrichment
Center, 2118 Hayes Street. Sacred Transformations workshops with
Sondra Slade (drumming on July 7); Jivanand Stuart Sovatsky
(Vedic practices on July 8), ATP stuartcs@...; and Travis Wernet
and Mardi Storm Von Ronne (sacred sound and breath on July 9),
travis@..., mardi@...; Sacred Sound
Concert, July 9, 8-10 pm. Contact: axismundi@...
July 8, 7-9 pm, Tucson, ARIZONA, Tucson Creative Living Center,
4850 W. Jojoba Drive. Summertime toning circle with Tucson
Soundings - a Guided Imagery (GIM) and dreamtime event.
Please bring pillow/ pad and join us in sweet sonic dreaming
Contact: Joan Vann, joanv8@...; Tel: 520-409-8439.
July 8-10. Janesville, WISCONSIN, Camp Rotamer, 5245 East
Rotamer Road. The Peacemaking Weekend with speakers,
workshops, presentations, drumming and a youth program.
Free and open to the public. Myron Eshowshy, Shaman, Peace
Activist, Founder of Pathways for Peace and Healing will be
leading the Friday night drumming and teaching on Saturday
9-11am and 1-3 pm. He will be joined by members of the
African Arts and Cultural Heritage group for the Saturday
night drumming. Venerable Chutiko, a Buddhist Monk, will be
giving Dharma Talks and Teaching Breathing Meditation.
Michele Hofer coordinates a youth program for the young and
young at heart. Contact: Jamie, relentless@...
July 9, 10 am-5 pm, Rochester, NEW YORK STATE, Clarion
Riverside Hotel, 120 E. Main Street. Kahu Fred Sterling and Kirael
Gathering. Host: John Forster. Registration:
Contact: Rochester@...; local Rochester Tel: 585-329-0050.

July 10, 2 pm-9 pm, Glen Arbor, MICHIGAN, The Homestead,
Wood Ridge Road. Kahu Fred Sterling and Kirael Gathering Hosts:
Cheri Bieberich and John Shanklin.
Contact: GlenArbor@...; local Michigan Tel: 231-334-4200.
July 9-10, 9:30 am., AUSTRALIA, Hepburn Springs, Borsa Hall.
Ascension Parth: Healing Workshop. Includes: The Universal
Greeting, The Cosmic Egg, Higher Self Connection, Cancelling
Erroneous Belief Systems, Totem Animal Meditation, Learning
the Language of Light, The Triple Grid, Forgiveness Meditation,
12 Strand DNA Activation, Unity Breath Meditation, Platonic
Solids Activation. Contact: Brenda Kay, bkayart@...;
Tel: (07) 3410-0401; Mob. 0401-223-420
July 9-16, FINDHORN, Scotland. Festival of Sacred Dance, Music
and Song to invoke peace in the world through the joyful healing
energy of music, dance and song. Special Guests, Xenos, the Balkan
Gypsy band from Australia. Contact: enquiries@...
July 11-16, LAS VEGAS, Nevada, Tropicanna Hotel and Casino,
3801 Las Vegas Boulevard, South Las Vegas. Seminar: OverLight
Spiritual Psychology, presented by Steve & Barbara Rother of Contact: Charmaine Paliota,
Charmaine@...;Tel: 702 871 3317.
July 11-17: Ascutney, VERMONT. Workshop: Using the Voice with
Intention to explore the fundamental neurophysiology of the body
and how sound effects healing, change and growth via the natural
forces at play within our human bodies. Facilitated by Zacciah
Blackburn, The Center of Light. Contact: sri@...,
Tel: 802-674-9585.
July 15-16, SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Best Western Garden Inn,
154 West 600 South. A Glimpse of 2012 and Beyond. Also,
question and answer session with Archangel Michael, channeled
by Ronna Herman. Contact: RonnaStar@...
July 15-17, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS. The First Annual Light
Language Conference. Light Language is an ancient Mayan practice
of using sacred geometry to heal and transform the ordinary into the
extraordinary. Participants: Starr Fuentes, Selena Rodriquez,
Shirley Resler, Jerry Pegden, Richard Gordon, Kirke Vom Scheidt,
Kevin Gaspard, Sharon Barnett, Dr. Suzan Rossi.
Contact: Starrfu@...; Tel: 936.894.3447
July 15, 7-10pm, Fairbanks, ALASKA, University of Alaska.
Fairbanks Healing Symposium and the Fairbanks Summer Arts
Festival. GrandMother Drum Prayerformance.
Contact Judy Divnyi at cccram@...; Tel: 907-474-8869.
July 16, 10 am- 6 pm. Fairbanks, Dragonfly Ridge Healing Arts
Center, 1703 Fiddle Way. Baby Drum Making Ceremonial
Workshop- Drums of Peace. Contact: Tarika Lea, Tel: 907-479-3820.
July 17, 11am- 5 pm. Fairbanks, Dragonfly Ridge Healing Arts Center.
Portal Activation Ceremony to heal land and water to help recharge
the earth through its songlines participating in what is called a portal
activation. This involves creating a medicine wheel or portal for the
healing and to reawaken the good, true and beautiful of the twelve
bloodlines of the tribes of humanity. Contact: Tarika Lea,
Tel: 907-479-3820; Suraj Holzwarth, rainbowdream@...
July 16-24, Sunrise Ranch, just outside Rocky Mountain National
Park, COLORADO. 10th Annual International Healing Sounds
Intensive, created by Jonathan Goldman, sound healer. A 9-day
program of Principles of Sound Healing, Psycho-Acoustics and
Sonic Entrainment, Breath and Sound, Toning, Sonic Yoga,
Vocal Harmonics, Tantra of Sound, Color and Light, Sound
and Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Inter-Dimensional Fields,
and much more. Contact: healingsounds@...,
Tel: 1-800-246-9764, Fax: 303-443-6023.
July 22-31, Ashland, OREGON, Southern Oregon University. Seminar.
We invite you to change the world: Social Artistry in Leadership,
with Jean Houston, Edgar Mitchell, Lynne Twist, Angeles Arrien,
Don Beck, Margaret Rubin, Robertson Work, Carol Hwoschinsky.
Contact: Bridget, Bridgetthebrit@...; Tel: 541-488-1200.
Or, Jean Houston, socialartistry@...
July 24, LIECHTENSTEIN and World Wide..
Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water.
has information from the office of water scientist Masaru Emoto
who wants you to send water samples to Liechtenstein and, if you
cannot attend a Liechtenstein ceremony, please do your own

July 29-31, Honolulu, HAWAII, Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. Signature
Cell Healing, a Lemurian Style of Healing, facilitated by Kahu Fred
Sterling. Contact: The Honolulu Church of Light,
Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

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