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Asunto:[gr_mulhacen] NO SE DE QUE VA
Fecha: 30 de Abril, 2003  22:08:14 (+0200)
Autor:JOSE MIGUEL <jmsolaf>

ACABO DE RECIBIR ESTE MENSAJE ¿Aluno de vosotros nos puede comentar de que va?

Hi All,

My apologies if you get this message more than once.

You can check this link:

or read on.

For a number of years now, I have been trying to
establish a viable gem processing operation in
Australia and have proceeded through all the right
channels in order to succeed.

During this time, my efforts have been frustrated, by
certain individuals who frequently flaunt the laws or
bend the rules, in relation to collecting gems,
minerals and fossils.

I have made many statements in this regard in various
posts but there comes a time when something really
needs to be said and done about the problems in the
gem and mineral industry in Australia.

Currently, I am working towards establishing a mining
venture in Northern Territory and have been through
the relevant channels in order to achieve this goal.

In the past, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars
establishing mining tenements and prospecting for gems
and minerals only to be frustrated by people who
believe there aren't any rules.

The current situation in relation to the prehnite in
the Northern Territory is only one example where the
law, relating to fossicking for gems and minerals, is
being flaunted by so called ‘fossickers’ removing
large quantities of materials solely for the purpose
of commercial gain.

This is compounded by the dealers who are prepared to
purchase these materials, in large quantities, knowing
full well that they are illegally gained.

Who, then, is responsible for taking the vast of
quantities materials to supply to dealers?

Does any ever consider the people who genuinely take
out mining tenements for the purpose of mining
legitimately? I doubt it.

The only reason that fossickers are made aware of such
deposits is through the hard work of the legitimate
prospector or mining company who pays their way.

Mineral and Energy Departments are partially funded
from royalties paid by mining companies.

So, what right does a fossicker have to collect
tonnages of materials on the premise that it is
'fossicking' for personal needs.

Currently, Exploration Licences are held over vast
areas of the country, by legitimate mining companies,
and it is not the right of the fossicker to remove
vast quantities of potentially profitable material
from these tenements without consent of the

Most mining companies are not aware of the possible
profits available from the sale of 'high-graded'
materials for specimens and there is always an angle
for the dealer who has a market to buy cheap and sell

It is time that people give correct information when
applying for special rights to prospect on granted

With this in mind I have prepared a URL for
information in the hope that common decency will
prevail over pure greed and that 'fossickers' will
honour the code that once existed.

You will find the information at:

For legitimate dealers and processors interested in
bulk materials we are conducting a survey which may
result in the current holder of mining tenements
receiving a fair share of the rewards of their

All information is confidential.

Thank you for your participation,


Gerald Pauley.

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