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Asunto:[MESHIKO] Urgent Alert: Protest Repression in Oaxaca at Mexican Consulate Nov. 2, 3 to 7 pm
Fecha:Martes, 31 de Octubre, 2006  19:42:47 (-0600)
Autor:Red Iberoamericana de Luz <ricardoredluz>

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From: dorindamoreno <>
Date: 30-oct-2006 11:19
Subject: [spanishusa] Re: Urgent Alert: Protest Repression in Oaxaca at Mexican Consulate Nov. 2, 3 to 7 pm
To: Spanish USA <>, "" <>

Dan Bacher <>

> Stop the Repression in Mexico! Sunday evening, Mexican Federal Police
> Attacked the Striking Teachers in Oaxaca!
> Join Sacramento's labor, peace, student, and Latino Civil Rights
> members as we protest to the Mexican Government by:
> Demonstrating in a peaceful candle-light vigil, on Dia de los Muertos
> (Mexico's traditional homage to our dead and departed), on Thursday,
> November 2, 2006, at the Mexican Consulate, 8th and J Streets,
> Sacramento, California 95814. From 3:00 to 7:00 pm.
> The situation in Oaxaca for the striking teacher union and its
> grassroots community has taken an urgent, violent, and ominous turn
> today, when President Fox's federal police joined Oaxacan state
> security forces to break the picket lines and occupation of worker
> controlled districts in Oaxaca City. The PAN and PRI party rightwing
> push for privatization of Oaxacan services, commercialization of the
> historic indigenous cultural ways of life, and state corporate
> governance is being strongly repelled by the educational workers,
> Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación Sección XXII
> (SNTE), and the Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO).
> On Friday, U.S. Indymedia journalist, Will Brad and three APPO members
> were assasinated by the Oaxacan police authorities. Another
> journalist, Mexican photographer Oswaldo Ramirez, was wounded, along
> with dozens of teachers and APPO members. Today, Sunday, October 29,
> 2006, the Federal police FPF (Policia Preventiva Federal) staged a
> repressive attack against picket line worker brigades in the downtown
> district.
> There are up-to-the minute reports from independent media in Mexico
> that many have fallen, and dozens of strikers have been rounded up and
> tranported to a military compound. As a result, the APPO, and the
> Oaxacan democratic and human rights organizations have issued an
> appeal to international labor, indigenous, and civil rights groups and
> movements to condemn the state-sponsored violence against the civilian
> and unarmed population. The San Francisco labor community has called
> for an emergency demonstration at the Mexican Consulate to protest the
> political murders in Oaxaca, for Tuesday, October 31st.
> In Sacramento, leaders of several community and labor organizations,
> including the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
> (LCLAA-Sacramento), issued a call for protest at the Mexican
> Consulate, located on J and 8th Streets, Sacramento, CA 95814, for
> Thursday, November 2, 2006.
> Al Rojas, a member of LCLAA's Executive Board, said, "Only very
> recently, our LCLAA chapter leadership heard the plea of help and
> solidarity for Oaxacan's educational workers, and we voted to support
> their strike, to support the right for justice for the indigenous and
> poor. Brother Fernando Mendoza explained how privatization was
> destroying Mexican political and economic rights. For nearly 45 days,
> I have travelled with Fernando to various worker and grassroots
> meetings in several cities in California. Because the Corporate Media
> is not informing on what is really happening in Oaxaca, its up to us,
> labor activists, especially Latino unionists to provide active support
> for the Teachers and the community in Oaxaca." The largest community
> of Oaxacan people in the United States live and work in California.
> It is no coincidence that Oaxaquenos now comprise a substantial part
> of farmworkers, restaurant and hotel workers, and in construction.
> All members of LCLAA are urged to walk the protest line on Thursday,
> November 2, 2006, in Sacramento, in front of the Mexican Consulate,
> during the Dia de Los Muertos Vigil and Protest, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
> We extend a special invitation as well, to other civil rights groups,
> student, church, peace, and labor unions to join the Mexican community
> solidarity movement at the protest activity. Please forward this
> notice and flyer to your list of contacts. If you have other email
> addresses you want to reach out to, let us know, and we will email the
> flyer for you. A Spanish-language flyer is being circulated, let us
> know if you would like it emailed to you.
> * The SNTE teachers struggle was explained by brother Mendoza at
> the Stop the Iraq War rally in San Francisco on Saturday,
> October 28, 2006, where he and Al spoke before thousands of
> peace marchers.
> * The Oakland Association of Teachers, AFT, voted to support the
> Oaxacan's peoples rights by passing a motion of solidarity with
> the SNTE. This after Mendoza and Rojas made the presentation in
> Oakland Saturday evening.
> * LCLAA, Union Civica Primero de Mayo, and Voluntarios de la
> Comunidad de California, several peace and justice
> representatives including the Pearcy's, Dan Elliot, Joan Kelly
> and students, staged a demonstration at the Mexican Consulate on
> Saturday also. Univision's Ch. 19 had not been covering the
> Oaxacan's solidarity events, but they covered the demonstration
> at their newscast Saturday night. It's becoming readily
> apparent to Sacramento and national news media that the
> anti-striker violence by paramilitary security forces has begun
> to target Mexican and international journalists in order to
> prevent the true story from being broadcast.
> ** Mark Your Calendar, Demonstrate at the Mexican Consulate:
> Thursday, November 2, 2006, from 3pm to 7 pm **
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