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Asunto:[MESHIKO] West African Drumming Workshop/Marimba House News!
Fecha:Miercoles, 31 de Octubre, 2001  22:00:37 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak>

West African Drumming Workshop/Marimba House News!

From: "Niyan" <>
Organization: Marimbanet
Reply-To: "Niyan" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 01:38:57 +0200
Subject: .West African Drumming Workshop/Marimba House News!

I hope that you have had a decent year so far. Here are some details about what will be happening around Marimba House for the remainder of 2001. If you cannot access the internet please click on the blue (e-mail me more info) link. I will e-mail the details to you. Otherwise click the web links.

West African Drumming Workshop with 'Africa' Kotei Djanie, from Ghana - Thu 27th to Sun 30th Dec 2001

Marimba House at Rustler’s Valley is proud to announce the Fifth Annual Drumming Workshop during the Xmas festival, December 2001. This workshop will be led by two experienced and acclaimed Master Drummers, Kotei Djanie more popularly known as ‘Africa’, from Ghana's Suade Cultural Troupe and Lena Slachmuijlder currently living in Burundi.
The workshop will be tailored to suit the level of the participants and will include techniques and exercises for beginners, and more advanced rhythms and cross-rhythms for intermediate and advanced drummers. Song and movement/dance will be integrated into the workshop, to allow the participants to better understand the dialogue between the drum rhythms and dance in West African traditional music. Africa and Lena are dynamic, enthusiastic teachers and performers who live, eat and breathe traditional African music. The rhythms run through their veins. We have a limit of 30 participants for this workshop, so be sure to book soon or you may be disappointed.
(e-mail me more info)

Sweat Hut - Sat 3rd Nov 2001
As usual we will be holding a Sweat Hut to celebrate the Full Moon. There is place for fifteen people. The Sweats are on a Donation base. Please let me know if you wish to join us this coming weekend. (e-mail me more info) <>

Self empowerment thru Voice/Sound - 18th to 22nd Dec 2001
We are honored to have well known Singer Extraordinaire, Faith, fitting Marimba House into her busy schedule of light work to offer a unique workshop. A workshop for South Africans by South Africans. Niyan and Zulu will assist Faith with musical accompaniment. We explore the realms of the South African Spirit with the unique tools that we have been given. Our voices! Unique African Trance inducing instruments and the Sweat Hut will be integrated with voice in Ceremony and song to lift the spirit and consciousness of the participants. We will only accept 20 participants for this workshop, so be sure to book soon or you may be disappointed. (e-mail me more info) <>

Sound as a Vehicle for Growth - Dec 2001
David Tomsu
, one of South Africas most talented natural instrument makers and players, has a rich cultivated knowledge of Harmonics. David will be presenting a unique four day workshop. Integrating Sound, Music and the Sweat Hut in an exploration of our uniqueness as caretakers of our soil. Sound meditations and Journeys into our unique sound will be the focus of this workshop. We will only accept 20 participants for this workshop, so be sure to book soon or you may be disappointed. (e-mail me more info)

Rustlers Xmas Festival - 15th to 27th Dec

...Free Entrance!......Free Camping!..
This Festival has always been my favourite. A gathering of like minded people which grows every year. It is a small intimate festival of 300-400 people. There is no official stage or entertainment other than the activities advertised. This is a participatory festival and the people create the diversity and atmosphere. Spontaneous jams and spur of the moment party evenings make this a special festival where one can spend time getting to know the people who come here year after year.

Activities that are already gathering momentum are: Tipi Gathering - 15th Dec - 3rd Jan, Sweat Hut Gatherings held regularly throughout the festival, Drumming Circles, Children's Activities, Marimba Music Jams, Sound Journeys & African Shamanic Trance Journeys, voice workshop, Drum Workshop.
(e-mail me more info) <>

Children's Festival Celebrations
Children's activities will play an important part of this festival.
We invite you to a children's celebration.
Daily, fun full workshops and activities, throughout the festival, celebrating ourselves in everything.
                                   All ages welcome.  (e-mail me more info) <>

New Years Party - 28th Dec to 1st Jan 2002
Another Original New Year Party, hosted by the legendary international Rustlers Crew.
African Masked Ball - Mon 31st Dec 2001. I feel no need to emphasize this evening. Rustlers has a reputation for New Years Eve parties. This will be no exception. (e-mail me more info) <> < year/2002.html>

Marimba Wwoof
Marimba House is finally ready for the another purpose it was built. To accommodate Willing Workers on Organic farms, Wwoof. We have accommodation for people who wish to work in the garden an participate in the community living which is unique to Marimba House. As part of the international Wwoof organisation of which Marimba is a member, we will accommodate and feed serious participants in exchange for a half days work in our developing permaculture garden, on the slopes of the mountain, beneath Marimba House. These spaces are available only for those who participate, and applicants will be screened before acceptance.
(e-mail me more info) <>

A personal Note from Niyan.

Marimbanet is fast becoming one of the largest Whole-istic Directories in South Africa. It is a non-profit site, so your e-mail address is never sold or given to others. It is not sponsored or controlled by any person other than myself and my aim is to get people together, to do whatever they do to achieve their 'spiritual' high. I personally maintain the website and cover its costs. This is a free service to you! and allowing me the opportunity, to do what I can, to bring Southern Africans together. I do not send any forwards (whatever the content!) and you will receive no 'Spam' from me. By regularly visiting my web site you help keep the system working and moving. Please send this e-mail to a friend that you feel would benefit from hearing about Marimbanet activities. And please visit the site. It will expand and get more exciting as I learn more about getting all the fancy stuff to work. If you are a computer programmer and could offer any Free assistance to help Marimbanet grow, I would love to hear from you.

We are one.

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