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Asunto:[MESHIKO] Invitacion de Idealist.Org // El Pais del Plano // Solicitan ayuda sobre Veracruz
Fecha:Domingo, 13 de Enero, 2002  14:50:18 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak>

---------- From: Ami Dar <ami@...> Reply-To: idealist@... 
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 21:01:40 -0500 To: announce@... Subject: An 
invitation from Idealist to meet with others in your community on February 5 
Dear friends, 
Two weeks ago we wrote to ask for your feedback on 
The days since then have been the most moving and exciting we've ever had. 
Close to a thousand people from around the around world wrote back with 
their comments and ideas, some of which you can see at the bottom of this 
Most importantly, several of those who responded offered to host start-up 
meetings in their communities on February 5th, and we hope that wherever you 
are you can participate in one. 
At you can now find a link to "Start-up 
Meetings on February 5th" where you can read more about these meetings, 
volunteer to host one, register to attend one, or pre-register to be 
notified automatically when a meeting is organized near you. 
Finally, please share this message with anyone you know who might be 
interested in this project, and don't hesitate to write us with any 
questions or comments you may have. 
Thanks in advance, and all the best to you and yours! 
Ami, Russ, Lorene, Dan, Mireya, Lea, Liz, Emma, Samantha & Adrian 
Action Without Borders 212-843-3973 
To subscribe to this newsletter, or to unsubscribe from it, please go to our 
homepage at 
These are some of the responses we received over the last three weeks. For 
more, please see: 
"I feel inspired by this idea, and we must do everything we can to get 
started as soon as possible. Please count on us for support. This is a 
fantastic opportunity to bring people and ideas together for the common 
Peter Bangura, Executive Director, Community Research and Development 
Organization (CREDO) Freetown, Sierra Leone 
"I am a case manager at a homeless shelter. After reading this proposal, I 
felt a thrust of energy. As an Ashanti proverb reads, "It takes a village to 
raise a nation". Count me in." 
Rasheedah Jones, Bronx, New York, United States 
"I work for an international company in Pakistan. I fully support this 
initiative because it offers a wonderful opportunity for people like me in 
the private sector to apply our skills for a good cause and earn the most 
important benefit, which is personal satisfaction - something that is often 
missing in commercial sector jobs." 
Qazi Yawar Naeem, Karachi, Pakistan 
"I'm a student at Wesley Girls High School. I think it's a really great idea 
and a very interesting project to embark upon. I'm all for it!" 
Dzifa Ackuaku, Accra, Ghana 
"As a sustainable development consultant with a private consultancy, which 
deals essentially with local authorities and the private sector, it is 
sometimes hard to make changes at a local level. Policy is essential when 
pursuing change, but it rarely empowers people or educates them about the 
choices available to them. I think the idea of 'Help Centres' is wonderful 
as a way to establish connections with people globally in order to make 
local changes. I say the sooner the better. Where can I sign up?!" 
Jane Hackett, Dublin, Ireland 
"I've been working in the Social Sector in my country for about ten years, 
first as a volunteer, and now as a professional for the last couple of 
years. I find this new project extremely interesting and pertinent, and I 
would very much like to help develop it down here." 
Luz Mariela Avruj, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
"I work as a general ophthalmologist in a government hospital. Truly 
speaking, I am excited to hear about this wonderful idea of getting people 
together via the Internet and, most importantly, face-to-face. I will be 
very happy to offer my help, wherever it may be needed, anywhere in the 
Khadija A. Yahyai, Muscat, Oman 
"This idea is inspiring and outrageous. I love it! As a library student who 
is interested in community action, this is exactly the project for me." 
Annette MacIntyre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
For more comments from around the world, please see 
And to read about this initiative and get to the Meetings page, please go to 
Action Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that promotes the sharing 
of ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people 
can live free and dignified lives., a project of AWB, is one of 
the richest communities of nonprofit and volunteering resources on the Web, 
with information provided by 25,000 organizations in 150 countries. 
To subscribe to this newsletter, or to unsubscribe from it, please go to our 
homepage at 
* * * * * * * * * * 
From: Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak@...> Date: Sun, 
13 Jan 2002 14:24:08 -0700 To: Nathan Flint <diamondinprogress@...> 
Subject: Re: Ayuda si es posible? 
Dear Nathan, Thanks por writting. Around February the 2nd in Tlacotalpan, 
Veracruz, is held the famous Candelaria musical and religious festival. It 
is very recomendable. I will forward your letter to some other friends in 
our network to see if they can give you more tips. Have a great trip! 
> From: Nathan Flint <diamondinprogress@...> Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 
> 22:41:07 -0800 (PST) To: anahuak@... Subject: Ayuda si es 
> posible? 
> Dear sir, 
> I have been receiving messages from the lux web for sometime now and I thank 
> you.  
> There is something that I thought you might be able to help me with.  I am 
> leaving for Mexico on the 31st, driving with my dog and partner on an extended 
> mission of service and learning. 
> I have heard from some local friends from my previous trips of a gathering or 
> festival somewhere around Veracruz in Febrero.  I was wondering if you had any 
> info on this  or any other gatherings between February and April. 
> I have been to Chichen during the Spring Equinoxes but am also interested in 
> other Equinox gatherings you may know of.  My main interests are Learning, 
> Native/shamanic practices, expanding consciousness, and meeting righteous 
> people. 
> If there is anything you may offer that may aid my search it would be greatly 
> appreciated. thank you ~Nathan Flint 
* * * * * * * * * * 
En 'El Pais del Plano', los personajes son formas geometricas diversas que 
viven en un mundo exclusivamente bidimensional. Al comienzo de nuestra 
historia, el narrador, un Cuadrado de mediana edad, tiene un sueño 
inquietante en el cual visita un reino unidimensional, el Pais de la Linea, 
cuyos habitantes solo pueden moverse de un punto a otro. Con creciente 
frustracion intenta explicar quien es el, una linea de lineas, proveniente 
de un pais en el que se puede uno mover, no solo de punto en punto, sino 
tambien de lado a lado. Los habitantes del Pais de la Linea, enfadados, 
estan a punto de atacarle cuando se despierta sobresaltado. 
Un poco mas tarde, aquel mismo dia, intenta ayudar en sus estudios a su 
nieto, un pequeño Hexagono. El nieto sugiere la posibilidad de una tarcera 
dimension, un reino en el que habria arriba y abajo, ademas de un lado y 
otro. El Cuadrado tacha esta idea de estupida e inimaginable. 
Aquella misma noche el Cuadrado tiene un encuentro extraordinario, decisivo 
para su vida: recibe la visita de un habitante del Pais del Espacio, el 
reino de las tres dmensiones. Al principio, el Cuadrado se siente 
simplemente confundido por su visitante, un extraño circulo que parece 
cambiar de tamaño, e incluso desaparecer. El visitante se presenta a si 
mismo como una Esfera. Parecia cambiar de tamaño y desaparecer, tan solo 
porque estaba acercandose al Cuadrado en el espacio y descendiendo al mismo 
tiempo. Dandose cuenta de que solo con argumentos no podria llegar a 
convencer al Cuadrado de la existencia de la tercera dimension, la Esfera, 
exasperada, le introduce en una experiencia de profundidad. El Cuadrado 
queda fuertemente conmocionado. 
Dice: 'Tenia una sensacion confusa y mareante en la vision, era algo 
distinto que ver; veia una linea que no era una linea, y un espacio que no 
era espacio. Yo era y no era yo mismo al mismo tiempo. Cuando pude recobar 
la voz, lance un grito de agonia: Esto es la locura o el infierno!'. 
'No es ninguna de las dos cosas', replico serenamente la voz de la Esfera. 
'Es conocimiento; son las tres dmensiones. Abre tus ojos otra vez, y trata 
de mirar con tranquilidad'. 
Tras haber tenido esa experiencia intuitiva de la tercera dimension, el 
Cuadrado se convierte en su apostol, intentando convencer a sus 
conciudadanos del Pais del Plano de que el Espacio es algo mas que una 
nocion propia solo de los matematicos. A causa de su insistencia, es 
finalmente encarcelado en beneficio publico. Cada año, en lo sucesivo, el 
sumo sacerdote del Pais del Plano, el Circulo Jefe, acude a tantearle para 
comprobar si ha recobrado su sano juicio, pero el Cuadrado continua 
insistiendo testarudamente en que hay una tercera dimension. No puede 
olvidarlo, aunque no es capaz de explicarlo. 
Cuento popular de la epoca victoriana. 
Lista SAVIA 
* * * * * * * * * *  
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