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Asunto:[MESHIKO] Conference on Science, peace and Sustainability in Oaxtepec
Fecha:Miercoles, 13 de Febrero, 2008  09:45:56 (-0600)
Autor:Proyecto Interredes <lacasadelared>

From: Gabriele Krauskopf <> 
Date: 13-feb-2008 3:52 
Subject: Conference on Science, peace and Sustainability in Oaxtepec 
To: lacasadelared@... 
Dear people from Casa de la Red / Red Iberoamericana de Luz. 
I found your mail addresses on the Ecovillage Network of the Americas website. 
I worked for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) -Europe some years 
ago and I am living in ZEGG community near Berlin. 
Now I work for the International Network of Engineers and Scientists 
for Global Responsibility (INES, see 
INES is holding a conference in Oaxtepec and Mexico City in 
cooperation with the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) 
from February 29 - March 3rd. 2008. 
Please find the program below. You are very welcome to forward it to 
other people. It would be great to greet some of you at the conference 
and/or around the official dates. 
Please find the program attached. 
Best regards 
Gabriele Krauskopf 
Executive Secretary 
INES office: Glinka Str. 5 
10117 Berlin, Germany 
Fon: +49 (0)30 20653831 
Fax: +49 (0)30 20653837 
* * * 
The International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global 
Responsibility (INES) 
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) 
INES-UNAM conference: "Science, peace and sustainability" 
Mexico City and Oaxtepec/ Mexico 
February 29 -  March 3, 2008 
The International Network of Engineers and Scientists (INES) is an 
independent non-profit-organisation, founded in Berlin in 1991, which 
is interested in the impact of science and tech-nology on our society. 
Through the meeting "Science, Peace and Sustainability", INES is 
seeking to facilitate contact among concerned scientists and 
researchers from Mexico, Central  and Latin America. This meeting will 
be held in the Campus of UNAM (Mexico City) and IMSS-Oaxtepec 
Convention Centre (Morelos, Mexico). 
INES has been involved in the discourse of sustainability, science and 
peace for a long time, with a long-standing tradition initiating or 
participating in this discourse, e.g. at the INES conferences in 
Amsterdam (1996), Stockholm (2000) or through the INES activities at 
the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg 
Purpose of the Meeting 
The debate about science for sustainability and peace has been broad, 
international and trans-disciplinary so far, but still exhibits a 
number of blind spots. With this meeting, INES intends to reveal some 
of these blind spots. 
Science, Peace and Sustainability 
Whereas it is often scientific paradigms that shape our perception of 
the world, the way we manage world affairs happens mainly through 
technological structures, i.e. through a combina-tion of scientific 
and engineering knowledge. Engineering is a closely interrelated but 
independ-ent institutional structure to science, and a paradigm shift 
is as necessary here, as it is in the scientific community. 
Given the fact that sustainable science understands itself as problem 
solving discipline, science, engineering and design are competing for 
the role of the best problem solver, a competition that needs to be 
made fruitful for sustainable development. 
The high relevance of military research should be an essential part in 
the discussion of science for sustainability. INES is an active part 
in the scientific and civil society coalition for abolishing nuclear 
- Science, education and social responsibility 
- Militarization and spreading of nuclear weapons: the persistent threats. 
- Climate Change and environmental issues 
- The paradigm of sustainability 
- Perspectives of Central and Latin America. 
Challenges of the Meeting 
This will be the first INES meeting in Latin America, a continent with 
great social and scientific tradition. Dramatic and deep changes of 
societies are happening already. New ways of solving the great social 
and ecological problems of hunger and biodiversity, as well as 
independence and new social structures. These changes raise questions 
of peace in and between societies and, particularly, about the role of 
science and technologies in such a process. 
Friday, February 29, 2008 (Mexico City) 
15:00  Opening 
National Library, Campus of the  National Autonomous University of 
Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City 
Science peace and sustainability 
- José Narro Robles, Rector of UNAM 
- David Krieger, Chair of the INES Executive Committee and President 
of the Nuclear Age         Peace Foundation (NAPF) 
11:30 -  13:00  Public lectures 
Challenges for inevitable global and regional changes in society due 
to peace, science and technology developments 
- Sir Harold Kroto, Nobel Price Laureate, Florida St. University, USA 
Views of responsible science 
- Elena Alvarez Buylla, Institute of Ecology, UNAM ;  Union of 
Scientists Committed to Society (UCCS) 
Transfer of conference participants  to the IMSS conference centre in Oaxtepec 
Saturday, March 1, 2008 (Oaxtepec) 
10:00   Welcome 
- Alberto Salazar Martinez, UNAM; Member of the INES Council 
- Reiner Braun INES Activities Coordinator 
10:30 -  13:00  Plenary 
Introduction lectures to the four workshops 
1. Raul Montenegro, Alternative Nobel Laureate, Argentina 
2. David Krieger, INES and NAPF, USA 
3. Jürgen Scheffran, University of Illinois, USA /Germany 
4. Omar Masera Cerutti, Centre of Research in Ecosystems, UNAM; 
Pugwash Mexico; member of the IPCC, Mexico 
13.00  - 15.00 Lunch 
15.00  -  17.30  Workshop 
1. Globalisation and challenge for both: the responsible use of 
science and the role of scientists. 
- Jean-Paul Lainé, member of the INES Executive Committee; Syndikat National de 
l' Enseignement Superieur (SNESUP) France 
- Raul Montenegro 
- Jürgen Scheffran 
- Mauricio Fortes Besprosvany, UNAM, consultant to OECD 
- Marcelino Perello, Faculty of Sciences, UNAM, 
17.30 – 18:00 coffee break 
18.0 -  20.00 Workshop 
2. Militarization and nuclear weapons: the persistent threat to Human security. 
- Reiner Braun, INES 
- David Krieger, INES and NAPF 
- Luis de la Penya Auerbach,  Pugwash Mexico (invited) 
20.00 Dinner 
Evening: "World café" or other event 
Sunday, March 2, 2008 (Oaxtepec) 
9:30 -  11:30  Workshop 
3. Environment, global warming and the survival of humans in a 
liveable world: new challenges for science and research 
- Gabriele Krauskopf, INES Executive Secretary, Germany 
- Amparo Martinez, Centre of Atmospheric studies, UNAM, Mexico 
- Jürgen Scheffran 
- Enrique Leff Zimmerman, UNEP 
- Omar Masera Cerutti 
11.30 - 12:00 coffee break 
12:00 - 14.00  Workshop 
4. New ecological and economical strategies: the concepts of 
sustainability and there need for the developing countries 
Chair: Alberto Salazar Martinez 
- Raul Montenegro 
- Raul Garcia Barrios, UNAM, Regional Centre of Multidisciplinary 
Research (CRIM) 
- Reiner Braun 
Lunch 14:00 – 16:00 
16:00 - 18.00  Plenary discussion 
Latin and Central America - a continent of immense social and 
political change. What impulse can give it to the world? The rise of 
alternatives for a social and ecological 
development in contrast to the neo-liberal economic trend. 
- Heinz Dietrich, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, UAM 
- Victor Toledo Manzur, UNAM 
- Raul Montenegro 
- Marcelino Perello 
- Enrique Leff Zimmerman 
- Reiner Braun 
18:00 Coffee break 
18:30  - 20:30  Final Plenary 
 Résumé and results of the workshops and the plenary discussion 
- Jean-Paul Laine 
- Omar Masera Cerutti 
20:30 Dinner 
Monday, March 3, 2008 (Mexico City) 
9.30    Transfer from Oaxtepec to UNAM / Mexico City 
12:00 – 14:00  Plenary 
Faculty of Sciences / Campus of the UNAM, Mexico City 
A sustainable world of justice, without war -  a view from responsible 
- Ramon Peralta-Fabi, Director of Faculty of Sciences, UNAM 
- David Krieger, INES and NAPF 
- Jean-Paul Laine 
- Enrique Leff Zimmerman 
- Reiner Braun 
- Marcelino Perello 
- Alberto Salazar Martinez 
This second public event will integrate the many ideas and discussions 
from the meetings in the previous days, and will set up a discourse, 
possibly a proposal coming from INES-UNAM com-munity, or an 
announcement of a joint INES project in order to face some of the most 
crucial global changes. 
14:00  Close 
Logistic information 
The conference language is English. 
The costs for the participation in the workshop (Friday evening  to 
Monday morning) in the IMSS Centre in Oaxtepec (accommodation and 
food) is 
a) Youth hostel:  900,- Mexican Pesos (55,- Euro / 80,- US $) 
b) Shared house (single or double rooms): 2000,- MXP (125,- Euro / 185,- US$) 
c) Hotel (4 star) single room (suitable as double): 2800,- MXP (175,- 
Euro / 260,- US$) 
Reduction for students or other people on request: 600,- Pesos (35,- 
Euro (/ 55,- US$). 
To apply for a reduction please contact the INES office or Alberto S. 
Martinez before the con-ference. 
Transportation from Mexico City to Oaxtepec and back will be organised 
but participants are expected to cover the travel costs. 
Please fill in the registration form below and send it back to : fax it to th the INES office: 0049 (0) 30  20 65 38 
For more information see also: 
For enquiries please contact: 
The INES office:; 0049 (0) 30 – 20 65 38 31 
Gabriele Krauskopf: mobile phone: 0049 (0) 162 - 63 14 858 
Reiner Braun: hr.braun@... ; mobphone:one: 0049 (0) 172 - 231 74 75 
Alberto Salazar Martinez: alberto@... ;  mobile phone: 0052 
- 551 481 830 
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