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Asunto:[MESHIKO] Jean Hudon / Big Brother #32: Picking Up the 9-11 Scent Trail --- Webposted at
Fecha:Miercoles, 27 de Febrero, 2002  03:51:18 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-RedLuz <chicanos>

Solicitamos un traductor voluntario al español de algunos materiales del 
Earth Rainbow Network (ERN) del canadiense Jean Hudon. Interesados 
comunicarse a la Red Anáhuak a <redanahuak@...>. 
Saludos fraternales 
Ricardo Ocampo 
Foro Meshiko 
3,000 ONG's de México y Latinoamérica 
From: globalvisionary@... (jean hudon) 
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 05:35:29 -0400 
Subject: Big Brother #32: Picking Up the 9-11 Scent Trail --- Webposted at 
Hello everyone 
At long last a Canadian mainstream newspaper has picked up the putrid scent 
trail leading to the real masterminds behind the 9-11 staged terrorist 
attack and ending up at the CIA-Bush doormat (see #1 below). You've already 
received in these compilations nearly all the same evidence they've 
considered and so this will come as no surprise to you - if you did 
actually read the relevant compilations! Yet to most of the still 
blissfully ignorant American public, even hearing about those repressed 
revelations in their coward, emasculated corporate-owned media (they've 
lost their tiny balls long ago) would come has a terrible schock. Or 
perhaps not! Perhaps the American public is not so dumb and crassly 
oblivious to what their corpocratic government does. Remember that nearly 
half the eligible U.S. voters no longer bother casting their vote - 
possibly because they know all too well their pseudo democratic system is 
so utterly corrupted that no matter where they put their mark on the 
ballot, it wouldn't change a damn thing - simply because the dices are 
loaded as the selection of W Bush has clearly shown! 
I've got lots of other things to share with you this week but this one has 
got to come first! 
Feel free to share widely... 
Jean Hudon 
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator 
Go at this site to subscribe to the ERN list 
"If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds 
and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy 
them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every 
human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?" 
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Russian novelist, Nobel laureate (born 1918) 
1. Follow the money, as they say, and you'll find the smoking gun 
2. War reporting--no. Hollywood on the battlefield--yes 
3. Criticize Cheney, Go to Jail: Two Days in the Life of an Environmentalist 
4. Nazis in the attic 
5. Statement by 100 Nobel Prize winners 
Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad 
The Pentagon is planning to provide news items, possibly even false ones, 
to foreign media in order to influence public opinion in both friendly and 
unfriendly countries. (...) Headed by Brig. Gen. Simon P. Worden of the Air 
Force, the new office has begun circulating classified proposals calling 
for aggressive campaigns that use not only the foreign media and the 
Internet, but also covert operations. (...) General Worden envisions a 
broad mission ranging from "black" campaigns that use disinformation and 
other covert activities to "white" public affairs that rely on truthful 
news releases, Pentagon officials said. "It goes from the blackest of black 
programs to the whitest of white," a senior Pentagon official said. (...) 
In the 1980's, Army "psyop" units, as they are known, broadcast radio and 
television programs into Nicaragua intended to undermine the Sandinista 
government. In the 1990's, they tried to encourage public support for 
American peacekeeping missions in the Balkans. (...) "The Office of 
Strategic Influence still thinks the way to go is start a Defense 
Department Voice of America," a senior military official said. "When I get 
their briefings, it's scary." 
Pentagon Propaganda Plan Is Undemocratic, Possibly Illegal 
(...) Indeed, as the Federation of American Scientists points out, the Bush 
Administration's insistent efforts to expand the scope of official secrecy 
have now been widely noted as a defining characteristic of the Bush 
presidency (Secrecy News, 2/18/02). The administration's refusal to 
disclose Enron-related information to the General Accounting Office is 
perhaps the most publicized of these efforts; another is Attorney General 
John Ashcrofts October 12 memo urging federal agencies to resist Freedom Of 
Information Act requests. In addition, the Pentagon's restrictive press 
policies throughout the war in Afghanistan have been an ongoing problem. 
Most recently, Washington Post reporter Doug Struck claims that U.S. 
soldiers threatened to shoot him if he proceeded with an attempt to 
investigate a site where civilians had been killed; Struck has stated that 
for him, the central question raised by the incident is whether the 
Pentagon is trying to cover up its actions and why it won't allow access by 
reporters to determine what they're doing here in Afghanistan (CBS, The 
Early Show, 2/13/02). Taken together, these incidents and policies should 
raise alarm bells for media throughout the country. Democracy doesnt work 
if the public does not have access to full and accurate information about 
its government. 
In a Shift, U.S. Uses Airstrikes to Help Kabul 
American forces appear to have opened a new phase in the war in Afghanistan 
with two bombing raids that were aimed at forces opposed to the new 
government in Kabul. 
Bush Appoints Iran-Contra Conspirator 
Expert: FBI Shielding Anthrax Suspect 
Enron's new $5bn black hole,6903,636104,00.html 
Investigators extend probe to key firm at heart of energy giant's 3,000 
The story of Enron's implosion is not about one diabolical company, nor 
about a few bad apples, or a few broken rules. It's about the ugly guts of 
our entire economy. 
Much more on the EnronGate at 
Why We Dare Call It Enrongate 
Bush's little lie about his relationship with "Kenny Boy" could be the tip 
of a much larger iceberg. 
Germany and France warn Bush on Iraq 
Anthrax Terrorist Identified - But Who Is He? (Feb 21) 
Too Much Surveillance Means Too Little Freedom - 'Big Brother' in America 
(Feb 19) 
(...) By creating the means to monitor 300 million visits to the United 
States yearly, this administration and a supine opposition are building a 
system capable of identifying, tracking and spying on 300 million 
Americans. So far, the reaction has been a most un-American docility. CLIP 
<>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <> 
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 
From: American Patriot Friends Network <APFN@...> 
Subject: Follow the money, as they say, and you'll find the smoking gun 
Follow the money, as they say, and you'll find the smoking gun. The truth 
is out there ... right? 
At first, it all seemed so obvious. It was those Islamic terrorists. Osama 
bin Laden. Mullah Omar. George W. Bush had nothing to do with it ... did 
Note from Jean: Comment from "Nattanya Andersen" <nattanya@...> on 
this article: "I consider it to be extraordinary, and as a sign that the 
veil is ripping, the matrix falling apart." 
Also archived at: 
Canadian Newspaper Exposes 9/11 Lies 
Ian Mulgrew 
Vancouver Sun 
Saturday, February 23, 2002 
"The right wing benefited so much from September 11 that, if I were still a 
conspiratorialist, I would believe they'd done it." 
- Norman Mailer 
When the paladin of Camelot joined the fray, I knew 9/11 had become the 
Kennedy Assassination of the 21st century -- a real-life X-Files episode 
occurring before my eyes. Like those X-Files accounts of aliens living in 
oil deposits, this was a story with such staggering implications the 
mainstream media are loath to go near it. The question isn't who killed the 
president -- it's who piloted the airplanes that slammed into the World 
Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvanian countryside. 
Just as there remains lingering doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald fired a burst 
of fatally accurate shots from the Texas Book Depository, so there is 
skepticism that cells of Islamic terrorists secretly coordinated and 
simultaneously commandeered four commercial jetliners. The culprit 
responsible for the Sept. 11 attack is now rumoured to be the same one who 
lurked behind the grassy knoll: the oil-dependent U.S. military-industrial 
Not everyone is ready to accept this -- a substitute teacher in North 
Vancouver's Sherwood Park elementary school has been called on the mat for 
suggesting to Grade 5 students the Central Intelligence Agency might have 
been involved in 9/11. 
And at last count, there were a dozen U.S. Congressional Committees 
investigating the tragedies and how such an intelligence and security 
breakdown was allowed to occur. 
But President George W. Bush and his right-hand man, Vice President Dick 
Cheney, have taken the unprecedented step of trying to restrict those 
investigations, pouring fuel on the simmering conspiracy theories being 
propagated in alternative publications, on wingnut Web sites and among some 
serious media outlets. 
In Germany, a former minister of technology, Andreas von Buelow, made 
headlines when in an interview he dismissed the U.S. government's 
explanation that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network is responsible for the 
attacks. His own explanation implicated the White House. "I wonder why many 
questions are not asked," von Buelow said. "For 60 decisive minutes, the 
military and intelligence agencies let the fighter planes stay on the 
ground; 48 hours later, however, the FBI presented a list of suicide 
attackers. Within 10 days, it emerged that seven of them were still alive." 
In Britain, a flight engineer has published a detailed paper asserting the 
U.S. took the joysticks out of the pilots' hands using a method of remote 
control developed by the American military in the 1970s. 
In the U.S. and Canada, independent publisher and editor Mike Ruppert (a 
former LAPD cop who hates the CIA) has drawn huge crowds to his two-hour 
lecture in which he states baldly that the U.S. government was complicit in 
the attacks and had foreknowledge. He opens his documentary presentation 
with an offer of $1,000 US to anyone who can prove any of his sources were 
misrepresented or inauthentic. 
A former U.S. government agent also has given interviews claiming the CIA 
has been dealing with Osama bin Laden since 1987. 
According to those who do not believe in The Lone Gunman, the truth is as 
plain as the nose on your face: Sept. 11's terrorist acts were planned and 
paid for by the CIA to enable the Bush Administration to "legitimately" 
bomb Afghanistan into submission on behalf of the oil industry. 
After all, everyone knows the Bush family has strong and long acknowledged 
ties to the oil industry, as do other senior members of the administration. 
Cheney until recently was president of a company servicing the oil patch. 
National Security adviser Condoleeza Rice was a manager for Chevron. 
Commerce and Energy Secretaries Donald Evans and Stanley Abraham worked for 
Tom Brown, another oil giant. 
Follow the money, as they say, and you'll find the smoking gun. 
Under this scenario, conspiracy theorists say a pliant Afghan regime was 
essential because of plans to pipe central Asian oil across Afghanistan. 
And there is a harvest of coincidence and contradiction to feed such 
Consider first that the intelligence breakdown that led to 9/11 appears to 
have been a consequence of the Bush Administration telling the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation to back off on its investigation of Middle Eastern 
terrorism. A senior FBI investigator resigned from the agency, noisily 
claiming its main obstacle in the investigation was Big Oil's political 
influence. In an ironic twist of fate, the agent died in the World Trade 
(Fox Mulder, was that you? Is that why they cancelled the series?) 
There also are recurring reports the CIA station chief in Dubai met with 
bin Laden only seven weeks before 9/11 while he was laid up for surgery. 
(The CIA denies this, but of course you can't believe anything it says.) 
Now think about this for a second: The Independent in London questions how 
Bush could claim in two public appearances to have seen the first plane hit 
the first tower long before any such TV footage was broadcast. The paper 
also asks why Dubya continued sitting with elementary school students after 
the second tower was hit and he'd been told, "America is under attack." 
Very mysterious, when standard procedure for such a situation is to whisk 
the president away to safety. Unless -- and here is the nub -- unless he 
knew something more than we did that morning. As the Independent asked, 
"What television station was HE watching?" This is rich stuff for those who 
see Them under the bed, especially since the financial miasma melds nicely 
with the already swirling rumour and insinuation. 
In the days before the attacks, there was unusually heavy trading in 
airline and related stocks using a market tactic called a "put option" that 
essentially bets that a stock will decline in value. If you were Osama, 
buying puts would be a great way to boost the value of your investment 
And sure enough, unusually high numbers of put options were purchased in 
early September for the stocks of AMR Corp. and UAL Corp., the parents of 
American and United -- each of which had two planes hijacked. The U.S. 
government is now investigating suspicious trading in 38 companies directly 
affected by the events of Sept. 11. 
The initial survey of beneficiaries, however, turns out not to include one 
tall, dark-haired, olive-skinned, Allah-loving, Saudi- born sheik. Mainly 
the profiteers were blue-chip, establishment, red- white-and-blue 
Americans, some of whom were tenants in the collapsed twin towers, such as 
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Lehman Brothers and the Bank of America, major 
airlines, cruise companies, General Motors Corp., Raytheon and others. 
Several insurance companies are also on the 38-name list U.S. and Canadian 
financial firms were asked to review and compare with their records for any 
unusual patterns. 
(Which may say more about who plays the market than anything else, but why 
quibble with the quixotic?) 
Cynics are also questioning the incredible speed with which evidence in the 
WTC collapse is being destroyed. Never in the history of fire 
investigations, they say, has evidence been destroyed before exhaustive 
investigations are complete. 
(Say what? Two skyscrapers' worth of debris should be warehoused?) 
And then there were the curious developments swirling around the anthrax 
public health hysteria triggered shortly after 9/11. Even dullards can 
appreciate that anthrax sent to a top Democrat and to the U.S. media helped 
unify the nation behind the war effort while literally shutting down 
Congress -- a remarkably useful outcome for Dubya and his gang. 
Indeed, specialists in biological warfare say the anthrax appears to be a 
U.S. military strain and the culprit a disgruntled American scientist who 
possesses a rare combination of laboratory skills that make him (they 
believe it's a man) relatively easy to identify. Hmmm. And who didn't smell 
a bad odour two weeks ago when Tennessee driver's licence examiner 
Katherine Smith died in Memphis under "most unusual and suspicious" 
circumstances. One day before her arraignment on charges she conspired to 
provide phoney licences to five Arabs tied by the FBI to the 9/11 attacks, 
her car crashed into a utility pole. The car was only slightly damaged, the 
gas tank was full and intact, but the vehicle was immediately engulfed in 
As one report pointed out, Smith and the car interior apparently were 
doused with gasoline, which would certainly qualify in my book as at least 
And Memphis ... Memphis? Wasn't that the same place a noted Harvard 
bio-warfare expert "fell" off a bridge in December? 
The truth is out there. I know it. You too can help find it. 
If you would like an activist kit to get involved in urging a full public 
investigation of 9/11 and its aftermath, reply to findtruth40@... 
with "Send kit." 
But be warned. 
The Pentagon has just established a new Office of Strategic Influence that 
calls for the planting of false stories in the foreign press, phoney 
e-mails from disguised addresses and other covert activities to manipulate 
public opinion. 
This could be one of them. 
Haliburton: To the Victors Go the Markets 
The influence of big energy corporations in the Bush Administration is no 
secret. But the story of Dick Cheney and his former company, Haliburton 
Co., has received little attention -- and it may be the most important. 
Prospects for democracy in post-Taliban Afghanistan appear dimmed by the 
bare-knuckled oil services deal-cutting overseen by the victor, the United 
States. Last December, the US Department of Defense made a no-cap, 
cost-plus-award contract to Halliburton KBR's Government Operations 
division. The Dallas-based company is contracted to build forward operating 
bases to support troop deployments for the next nine years wherever the 
President chooses to take the anti-terrorism war. CLIP - This is a MUST 
O.S.I. = Office of Strategic Influence 
CIA complicit on September 11? 
FAA Alerted Military Immediately On 9.11 
TERRORISM / DynCorp / Enron / Herbert "Pug" Winokur DRUGS / HUD / ENRON / 
DYN CORP / RON BORWN / PUG WINOKUR Enron embraced U.S. government agencies 
for $1.2 billion Looking For The Bush-Enron Smoking Gun 
`In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.' 
<>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <> 
From: "Judith Iam" <judeiam@...> 
Subject: War reporting--no! Hollywood on the battlefield--yes 
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 
More Orwellian reality! 
February 24, 2002 
Coyote Rummy 
The secretary of defense fires off lots of memos, known as "snowflakes" or 
"Rummygrams." I want Rummy to send a Rummygram telling the Pentagon to kick 
its addiction to fiction. 
A day after we learned that the military's Office of Strategic Influence 
wanted to plant fake stories in the overseas press, we read in Variety that 
the Pentagon is teaming with Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of "Top Gun," 
"Black Hawk Down," "Pearl Harbor" and "Coyote Ugly," and Bertram van 
Munster, of "Cops," to make a TV docudrama about the war on terrorism. 
The 13-episode "reality" series on ABC will profile our troops abroad. 
The Los Angeles Times reported that the Pentagon would also cooperate with 
a VH1 show called the "Military Diaries Project," which will turn 60 
soldiers into Josh Hartnetts as they star in their own war movies, training 
digital cameras on themselves. 
"I'm outraged about the Hollywoodization of the military," Dan Rather told 
me. "Somebody's got to question whether it's a good idea to limit 
independent reporting on the battlefield and access of journalists to U.S. 
military personnel and then conspire with Hollywood." 
He said the Bush administration had gotten overly fawning "Hans Christian 
Andersen" press coverage and was now doing "the equivalent of moonwalking 
in the end zone." 
An ABC News executive said it was "ridiculous" and "very awkward," since 
the news side had been pounding the Pentagon for months for "bare-bones 
access" to the war, to see Pentagon officials roll out the camouflage 
carpet now for ABC's entertainment division. 
An ABC Entertainment executive said the Pentagon was eager to "produce what 
Americans want to see" because they regard it as "an Army recruiting film." 
Military reporters say they are more handcuffed now than during Desert 
Storm. They have had only the most restricted and supervised access to 
Special Operations units. Even reporters who went to Afghanistan with the 
Marines found themselves quarantined in warehouses and handed press 
releases from Central Command in Tampa about casualties less than 100 yards 
away. Some who got close to the action had film confiscated and guns 
pointed at them by Special Operations soldiers or their mujahedeen bullies. 
The Pentagon said one reason it couldn't give more access was because it 
was too dangerous. But reporters like Danny Pearl are more than willing to 
assume that risk. More journalists have been killed in Afghanistan than 
American soldiers have in hostile fire. 
When Don Rumsfeld finally conceded that Special Forces had killed the wrong 
guys, 16 pro-Karzai Afghan villagers, thinking they were in Al Qaeda, he 
wouldn't admit an error. 
Rummy does not make mistakes. And when the war on terror becomes a 
Bruckheimer production, you won't be seeing any mistakes either. "We're not 
going to criticize," Mr. van Munster told Variety. Bruckheimer is the new 
Patton, and his macho, obvious, hyperpatriotic blockbusters suit the 
Bushies - and Karl Rove and the Republican National Committee - perfectly. 
The Navy even gave Mr. Bruckheimer an aircraft carrier to have the premiere 
party for "Pearl Harbor" in Hawaii last spring. 
The White House and the Pentagon want to write the narrative of the war on 
terror, and they are willing to use their own soldiers as cameramen and 
actors in comic book versions of a messy, dirty war. 
They would rather make troops available as props in gung-ho videos than 
available to explain how the commanders let Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda 
leaders escape or targeted the wrong villages. Mr. Bruckheimer said his 
program would not usurp reporters' access. "Reporters are after breaking 
news," he said. "We're doing profiles." He said the Pentagon would check 
the show before it aired, as it did with "Black Hawk Down": "It's not 
censorship, but we do have a conversation." 
Posters of Bruckheimer war epics hang near the Pentagon's public affairs 
office. Down the hall is a painting of Ernie Pyle bent over a typewriter, a 
relic from the days reporters were allowed to cover wars. 
The only question is: Will reporters be permitted on the set of 
Bruckheimer's war, or will that war, too, be closed to the press? 
The New York Times Company 
<>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <> 
Sent by Antares <Antares@...> on 19 Feb 2002 
Criticize Cheney, Go to Jail: Two Days in the Life of an Environmentalist 
By John Blair Story 
Day One 
Tonight I was arrested for nothing more than exercising my rights as a 
citizen in what I thought was a free country. Dick Cheney came to my town 
to stump for one of the Environmental Dirty Dozen, Indiana 8th District 
Congressman John Hostettler. 
I had made up a sign which stated, "CHENEY-19th Century Energy Man." The 
event was held at the convention center across the street from Evansville's 
government center. I walked down the street with my sign in hand to a 
location that I thought would at least be visible to the people entering 
the $100 to $1000 event. 
As I stood across the street from the people who were entering the event, I 
was approached by a plain clothes policeman. The cop confronted me saying 
that Protesters were not allowed in that area. I asked why since it was 
clear that everyone but protesters were allowed in the area in which I was 
standing. In fact, the whole incident took place as the public employees 
who worked at the government complex walked by without being accosted by 
the police at all. 
It was clear that I was singled out only because I had a sign. 
In the course of our conversation, several other cops surrounded the scene, 
more out of curiosity than anything else. I surprised myself with my calm 
demeanor but I will admit to asking several questions concerning the 1st 
Amendment and why others were allowed in the area and I was not. 
The main cop informed me that if I did not go more than a block away to the 
area he apparently had just arbitrarily decided was to be used by 
protesters, that I would be arrested. I complied and started to walk away. 
When I turned to ask if it was OK to go to the parking lot where hundreds 
of people were, either leaving work or arriving to attend the event, he 
instructed his uniformed men to arrest me. 
They failed to read me my rights. They even talked among themselves what 
the charge should be. Finally they decided to say it was "disorderly 
An 87-year old man who was standing there with me observed the whole thing 
and told the local media how shocked he was about the whole thing. I was 
shocked too. I was not in the least belligerent, although I did ask 
questions of the officer who ordered my arrest. 
What I was arrested for was exercising my rights, not necessarily to 
protest since I had done none of that. No, this was a preemptive arrest to 
assure that no one going to the event would see any protesters let alone 
hear any protesters. 
I have learned a lot about civil liberties in my years as a photojournalist 
and as an environmental activist. I also understand the need for security, 
especially for people like the VP. However, I was singled out simply 
because I was carrying a sign that showed my disdain for Cheney. That is 
something that certainly falls within the realm of rights our country's 
founders fought to attain. 
If you can be confronted by a cop simply because you are carrying a sign, 
then it won't be long before you will be subject to arrest for writing a 
letter to the editor or speaking out about injustice. If I had been in an 
area that was cordoned off or otherwise secured, there may have been reason 
to tell me to leave, indeed I may have been subject to arrest. But none of 
the people passing by were confronted by any authority. They did not have a 
sign stating their views. They were not exercising their free speech. 
Frankly, I felt as if this must be akin to the silence that was mandated by 
the Taliban towards Afghani women. Events such as this will certainly quell 
the prospect of protest of all official actions. I fear, that we have 
become just what Osama Bin Laden wanted us to be when he ordered the 
attacks on 9/11. 
I am going to plead, "NOT GUILTY" when I am required to go to Court. I will 
never say anything more accurate in my life. 
Day Two 
It was difficult sleeping last night. I stayed awake questioning whether 
this was all worthwhile. I awoke early to make my court appearance on a 
disorderly conduct charge. I got to court to find that the prosecutor had 
decided that my charges should be increased to a Class A Misdemeanor called 
Resisting Law Enforcement instead of the lesser charge. So now I am facing 
what could be a year in jail for my political crime of carrying a sign to a 
political event. 
Some people have suggested that I was marked before I even got there. I do 
not believe that to be the case, but it is true that I am a very outspoken 
member of this rather compliant and docile community. It has also been said 
that I am courageous for what happened last night. I would beg to differ 
since I had no intention of getting arrested and took no pride in being 
forced to be a spectacle in my home town. 
I had some great advice on the possibility of bringing a Civil Rights 
action in Federal Court. I will consider that path. However, I am trying to 
remain focused on what is turning out to be the battle of my life with 
Peabody Energy and their plans to build two 1500 MW power plants-one in 
Illinois and one in Kentucky. The one in KY is in the comment period until 
February 28. The comment period was supposed to end tomorrow. Am I ever 
glad it was extended since I have not been able to focus on that at all 
Today has been a mixture of elation and depression as people have called 
and written their support. In fact, I arrived at my office after court to 
find my flag at half staff and a Kleenex anonymously attached to my door. 
Very metaphoric. 
Also on the positive front, a friendly attorney, representing another 
client showed up in court and offered me his services pro bono for my 
defense. I accepted. Then, too, a local TV station has decided to do an 
in-depth (at least for TV) analysis of the things that I am involved in 
from the numerous environmental fights to winning the Pulitzer for News 
Photography. No doubt that will be an ego boost but... 
It does not in anyway make up for the trampling my civil liberties took 
last night. In court this morning, the Prosecutor tried to imply that I was 
being removed from the scene because I was some sort of threat to Cheney. I 
guess the pen is mightier than the sword. 
In the affidavit, signed by the arresting officer, it was stated that the 
boss cop told me to leave or get arrested "at least five times." In fact, I 
was told that only once and I then complied. But of course, they had to 
make something up in hopes that I would come into court this morning and 
bow to their injustice. I am not sure how to counter the lie in the 
affidavit since my only witness is an 87 year old man with hearing 
That is what has been depressing today. When the cops lie, what is anyone 
to do to defend himself. 
John Blair runs Valley Watch, an environmental group in Evansville, Indiana 
that battles against big coal and the nuclear industry. In 1979, he won the 
Pulitzer Prize for news photography. 
<>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <> 
From: "Judith Iam" <judeiam@...> 
Subject: Nazis in the attic 
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 
Please distribute far and wide, not to spread fear, but to spread truth 
that can liberate us and heal our nation and world... 
Nazis in the attic, part 1 
By Randy Davis 
Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance Between the 
U.S. "Establishment" and the Nazis, Before, During and After World War II, 
up to the Present. Did the Bush Family, including George Senior, as well as 
later-to-be CIA director Allen Dulles, plus General Motors, the Ford Co. 
and other powerful forces help the Nazis before, after and even during 
<>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <> 
Sent by Teri Livengood <sheslivengood@...> 
Statement by 100 Nobel Prize winners 
Nobel Laureates warn that the poor and dispossessed people of the world 
will not wait much longer for the rich to help them. January/February 2002 
At the Nobel Peace Prize Centennial Symposium celebrating the 100th 
anniversary of the Nobel Prize, 100 Nobel Laureates from a variety of 
fields issued a brief but dire warning of the profound dangers facing the 
world, and outlined the way forward into the future. 
The statement 
"The most profound danger to world peace in the coming years will stem not 
from the irrational acts of states or individuals but from the legitimate 
demands of the world's dispossessed. Of these poor and disenfranchised, the 
majority live a marginal existence in equatorial climates. Global warming, 
not of their making but originating with the wealthy few, will affect their 
fragile ecologies most. Their situation will be desperate and manifestly 
"It cannot be expected, therefore, that in all cases they will be content 
to await the beneficence of the rich. If then we permit the devastating 
power of modern weaponry to spread through this combustible human 
landscape, we invite a conflagration that can engulf both rich and poor. 
The only hope for the future lies in co-operative international action, 
legitimized by democracy. 
"It is time to turn our backs on the unilateral search for security, in 
which we seek to shelter behind walls. Instead, we must persist in the 
quest for united action to counter both global warming and a weaponized 
world. These twin goals will constitute vital components of stability as we 
move toward the wider degree of social justice that alone gives hope of 
"Some of the needed legal instruments are already at hand, such as the 
Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Convention on Climate Change, the 
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. As 
concerned citizens, we urge all governments to commit to these goals that 
constitute steps on the way to replacement of war by law. 
"To survive in the world we have transformed, we must learn to think in a 
new way. As never before, the future of each depends on the good of all." 
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