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Asunto:[redanahuak] Tamera Newsletter December 2012
Fecha:Lunes, 17 de Diciembre, 2012  23:53:29 (-0600)
Autor:REDCONCIENCIA <lacasadelared>

From: Tamera Information <>
Date: 2012/12/17
Subject: Tamera Newsletter December 2012

stonecirlce Video pilgrimage

Tamera Newsletter - December 2012

Dear friends of Tamera,

A full and intensive year lies behind us. As of the middle of November the Tamera Community is engaging in an intensive period which is to continue for several months. During this time we are to re-set the course for our work. The extensive resonance the Peace Research Project encountered this year clearly shows how badly needed knowledge for an alternative life on earth is wanted today. It is precisely the success of many of our projects and the many newly arisen crosslinks that raises the question of what needs to be done even more intensively. How can we fully actualize the spectrum for which we as a community and project are taking a stand?
We have made a video which we sent out to all our friends and cooperation partners as greetings from Tamera, as a gift and also as an information about the support we currently need. You can view it under the following link: Video

With the video we would like to draw the attention to our campaign “1000 new members for the sponsor circleuntil the end of 2012”. Those who wish to join are informed here: Support circle

The Peace University and the Seminar- and Guest Centre of Tamera will reopen its gates in the coming spring. Event dates have not been fixed yet as they largely depend on the results of the current planning time. We therefore ask all those who wish to visit Tamera or participate in the study course or in seminars to keep in touch with us: More

News from Tamera:

Network trip "Escola de Esperança" from Tamera to Berlin: The initiative „Escola de Esperança” - for the foundation of an international school in Tamera - went on a three-week school and networking trip. Adults and children visited and attended an alternative school in Berlin in order to become familiar with their innovative schooling concept. For the children it was a big-town-experience, they received Break-Dance lessons and made many new friends. At the end of the trip the group was hosted by the ZEGG close to Berlin. A warm thank-you to all those who made this venture possible by their donations and to those who put up and supported children and adults. This video shows the work of the “Escola da Esperança” (school of hope): More

Global Grace Day. Many thanks to all of you who participated in the Global Grace Day on November 9th - from São Paulo to Bangalore, from Mexico to Kenya. With the different actions of either being in silence with one self, or in open street parties, public meditations and political rallies the decision for a change of system was strengthened. For a new life on this planet; for trust instead of war; for cooperation with nature and for a life that no longer has to rely on walls. In Lisbon the Global Grace Day was the culmination of a Grace-Star- Pilgrimage where groups walked towards Lisbon from different regions of Portual. In Israel-Palestine the Global Grace Day marked the beginning of a three-week Grace-Pilgrimage along the banks of the Jordan River. In Tamera a fire was burning in the Stone Circle for twelve hours; the Community and guests went on a pilgrimage through Tamera and brought tree seeds into the earth for an edible landscape and for reforestation. For more view: Reports

Tamera on Portuguese Television: RTP, the first Portuguese Television Channel, emitted a 40-minute report on Tamera on November 9th during prime viewing time. It was very informative and an overall sympathetic coverage about the divers aspects of our work. Since then the number of letters and mails we receive from all over the country has markedly risen. At this time of crisis, people are looking for alternative ways of life and for solutions to handle the economic and ecological difficulties the country presently experiences.

BASE: Tamera participates in the EU program BASE which stands for Bottom-Up Strategies for Climate Change Adaption for a Sustainable Europe. It examines projects which by their own initiative provide positive answers to the climate change, particularly in the areas of energy, food, water and community.

News from the Network:

Green Phoenix 2012 "MODELS FOR A FUTURE PEACE CULTURE" – held at the Schweibenalp Centre of Unity in Switzerland the successful congress assembled eighteen Community-Projects and specialists from different areas of knowledge, like economy, architecture, perma-culture and community development. Apart from Tamera various cooperation partners from our network were present, PRVME, the Peace Research Village Middle East; OTEPIC from Kenya; “Favela da Paz” from São Paulo, Brasil and the Communidad de Paz San José de Apartado from Columbia. During the five days we experienced a growing sympathy and an intensive exchange of knowledge, visions and experiences, in particular with urban communities. The emergence of an initiative to create a fundraising group which intends to attract investors for communities and peace villages is one of the results of the congress. Green Phoenix 2013 will be dedicated to the subject of economy. A further topic planned is the exchange among generations. More

Support for OTEPIC and "Favela da Paz": Two projects which are part of the Tamera network are on the verge of major breakthroughs due to large donations received from the Interkulturelle Friedensstiftung. These are Philip Munyasia, founder of OTEPOC in Kenya, who has received the sum of money needed to purchase the land for his model permaculture farm and incorporated Ecovillage called Eco-life. Claudio Miranda, his band Poesia Samba Soul and his family in Sao Paolo, Brasil, received the money to purchase the first house for the big vision of the “Favela da Paz”. Both projects are now confronted with the big task to realize their dreams and intentions. Many thanks to Barbara Woschek and Elke and Felix Woschek und all the best to the projects and to continued cooperation within the large planetary family. More: Otepic and Favela da Paz

Network travels by Tamera Representatives:

Reception of the New Era – Assembly at Lake Titicaca in Bolivia: Invited by the Bolivian Foreign Ministry,  Martin Winiecki and Monika Berghoff , representatives of the IGP Tamera, will take part in a meeting from 20. - 22. December to which Bolivia`s President Evo Morales has publicly invited at a UN session. The subject that is to be addressed is: „Closure of the none-time-cycle” and reception of a new cycle, i.e. “The time for balance and harmony with Mother Earth”. Bolivia is the first country to have an indigenous President since 2006. Morales, among other important laws, had “Rights of Mother Earth” included in the country`s constitution. The Bolivian government assembles at Lake Titicaca teachers, experts and carriers of knowledge for a new culture both from Latin America and the entire world. Among the topics of the meeting are: global crisis of capitalism, climate change, relationship between human being and nature, energy, food autonomy as well as “Buen Vivir” as a sustainable ethic and solution for humankind. In addition our representatives will visit various network partners and organizations in La Paz and Cochabamba. On December 17th they will speak at the Fundaciòn Solon in La Paz about “The secret of water and the development of communities of the future” (19.30hrs). Based on the social and political dawn in Bolivia and the country`s big search for alternatives to capitalism, the IGP has built and maintained contacts to journalists, activists and members of government. There is a large resonance to the ideas of our models in answer to desertification and globalization. The trip is a next step in the direction of concrete cooperation with the progressive forces of Bolivia. More

Conference GEN Africa: Representatives of Ecovillages from Africa are meeting in Sekem/Egypt this December in order to consult about how to better exchange and network. The principles of social and ecological sustainability fit well with African culture and offer many possibilities for food autonomy, women empowerment and landscape healing. In the Senegal alone 14.000 traditional villages are to be converted to meet the standards of ecovillages. From Tamera Leila Dregger takes part in this meeting in order to deepen the cooperation with African projects and to put across Tamera`s suggestions for landscape healing and for social sustainability. More: Gen Africa

Invitation from the Austrian Fellowship of Reconciliation. Solidarity journey to San José de Apartadó, February 2013. For quite some years the Fellowship of Reconciliation is supporting the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in Columbia which opposes the bloody conflict in this country with non-violent resistance (see blog of their peace guardian on site: Since two years the Fellowship organizes annual trips to the Peace Community for pacifist individualists. The trip addresses itself to cosmopolitan, politically interested and engaged people of all age groups, to individuals who feel connected to Latin America. This solidarity trip contributes to the security and acceptance of the Peace Community locally and to make this courageous stand of the San José inhabitants better known in the world. It also offers the possibility to get to know and better understand the situation in Colombia off the beaten touristic tracks. Date: February 6th to 23rd, 2013. More information:  internationaler Versöhnungsbund

At this point in time, during the last weeks of the year 2012 and shortly before the long awaited Maya-Date of the 21st of December, the Tamera Community extends its best wishes to all friends and cooperation partners. May we all receive plenty of strength, good orientation and inner guidance for all coming decisions that need to be taken!

May the Global Community continue to grow together!

The Tamera Community

P.S.1: Don´t forget: 1000 supporters by end of the year 2012! With a monthly contribution of an amount of your choice you become part of the realization and part of the increasing planetary community, which will bring peace models into being worldwide. More:
P.S. 2: Don´t forget: The School of the Future: You can take part in the peace study 2012, by receiving and studying the texts: Please write to:
P.S. 3: Please send us a mail should you no longer wish to receive our newsletter.
If you do not receive the newsletter in a proper version, please open it here:

Encuentro Global de las Tribus del Arcoiris-Palenque-Diciembre 2012

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