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Fecha:Viernes, 30 de Noviembre, 2012  08:59:42 (-0600)
Autor:REDCONCIENCIA <lacasadelared>

To: Iberamerican Web of Light <>

Date: 2012/11/30

From: CharlesM <>
Date: 2012/11/30




April 16, 2012
This past weekend at "The Summit of the Americas" in Columbia, President Barrack Obama met with 33 different heads of stateto discuss issues which are important to the diplomacy between these many countries. Much to the Obama administrations dismay, the main topic at this summit was the drug war, or more specifically ending the drug war by legalizing drugs. The western establishment has successfully painted the legalization movement as a bunch of disgruntled hippies who just want to get high, however, like many political memes this statement offers a gross oversimplification of the real topic at hand. Now, with many of the countries close political allies suggesting legalization that myth is starting to hold less and less weight among the general public. These foreign politicians are obviously not demanding a change to drug policy because they want to get high, politicians aren't subject to their own laws,
so they can get high all they want.What they are pointing out are the hidden costs of the drug war and the impact that it has on innocent people, which the western establishment refuses to address. These costs aren't so much hidden, they are obvious to anyone who has studied the history of alcohol prohibition, but they are hidden in the sense that they are never talked about, and to mention these issues in the political arena is completely taboo. First off, the war on drugs has failed miserably at its stated goal of reducing drug addiction. This is no mistake, like many ideas to come out of Washington, the stated goal of this project is extremely different from its actual goals. If we want to discover the real motives behind these measures, we must look at what they actually accomplish instead of just accepting the governments cover story at face value, like all too many people do.
What the drug war actually accomplishes is the establishment of black markets and gangs, the erosion of personal liberties, the expansion of the prison system and prison population as well as a constant excuse for frivolous government spending. This hypothesis has been tested time and time again, anytime throughout history where a ruling power has prohibited the consumption or possession of ANY ITEM WHATSOEVER. This process was made quite clear during the alcohol prohibition of the 1920s and 1930s.As we saw with alcohol prohibition, making a substance illegal does nothing to stifle its use, but simply creates outlaws out of nonviolent people and foments a culture of violence that the rest of society is forced to deal with, even if they have no interest at all in the banned substance.
Alcohol prohibition was successful at creating and empowering gangsters like Al Capone, who were many times assisted by an equally menacing and corrupt police force that continued to multiply in size so they could handle the persecution of nonviolent people who took part in the forbidden practice of drinking alcohol. Although as I mentioned prohibition even put the nondrinkers of the time into serious danger, as now they ran the risk of getting caught up in the crossfire of a gang turf war or police shootout. Not to mention the emotional torment of watching friends and family have their lives turned upside down due to a nonviolent crime. Much like today, during the times of prohibition almost everyone was acquainted with at least one person who was facing some sort of legal trouble for a nonviolent offense,.
.So why haven't we learned our lesson after all of this madness? Well sadly, most of us do know the truth about prohibition, even those in government. Well then if that is the case, then why haven't these laws been repealed? A Freudian slip made by Hillary Clinton a few months back can give us some insight into the answer of this question. If I myself wasn't facing drug charges, with many nonviolent friends in cages as well, there is no doubt that I would find this absolutely hilarious. This past January, Clinton was interviewed during a visit to Mexico, where the violent reality of drug cartels has pushed legalization into the spotlight. During the interview, Clinton was asked this very question: "In Mexico, there are those who propose not keeping going with this battle and legalize drug trafficking and consumption. What is your opinion?"
Her response: "I don't think that will work. I mean, I hear the same debate. I hear it in my country. It is not likely to work. There is just too much money in it, and I don't think that – you can legalize small amounts for possession, but those who are making so much money selling, they have to be stopped. They can't be given an even easier road to take, because they will then find it in their interest to addict even more young people. Mexico didn't have much of a drug problem before the last 10 years, and you want to keep it that way. So you don't want to give any excuse to the drug traffickers to be able legally to addict young people." Real quickly, lets point out that she started telling the truth then caught herself and broke off into a sentence that had no relation to the one prior to it, or any real relation to the question at alL
This is an obvious backtrack on where her statement was going and a typical move that we see from politicians every time they open their mouths. Realizing that she made a vital error answering the question she unloads fallacy after fallacy, appeal to fear, appeal to guilt, and neglected aspect. She immediately jumps to villainize drug dealers (who wouldn't exist without prohibition), then she reaches for the "save the children" guilt trip, which she repeats multiple times. What is very interesting here is that she mentioned Mexico's drug problem as being relatively new, but failed to link the escalation of the drug war and government actions as possible causal factors. I'm also sure that she was safe to lowball the actual length of Mexico's drug problem, that way it didn't directly line up with the establishment of drug prohibition. Sadly, as Clinton said "there is just too much money in it" for the government to legalize drugs.
They benefit greatly from the war on drugs as Eric Blair of Activist Post recently pointed out in his article "10 Ways the War on Drugs is a Wild Success". With so much power and money at stake for the western establishment, Obama replied to world leaders this weekend by saying that he basically doesn't mind talking about drug legalization but its not going to happen. Again, I would be laughing if this was a laughing matter. Until we come to the understanding that it is prohibition that is actually causing the violence¸ cartelization and addiction problems that are being experienced by the people of this earth, we will be running around in circles debating how to tweak the policy when it is actually the very existence of the policy itself which is preventing us from making any progress. However, the fact that the drug war is becoming so unpopular in other parts of the world can signify a changing of the tides in relation to this issue and can add more credibility to a movement that has been struggling to be taken seriously in the mainstream dialogue.
Robert Wrote - In 1968, A Soviet Republic General defected to the West in 1968, General Jan Sejna, former Officer in charge of all Soviet drug operations, and featured in a book called "Red Cocaine" and the drugging of America. What we read is that at the time a virtual war was being fought between the West (American and British) and the East, primarily Soviet Russia for the control and distribution of the world drug trade, with Afghanistan being one of the prime sources of drugs. Both Russian and American interests competed for the lucrative drug market for many reasons, one being that drug money funded many "black-operations" thus avoiding detection of governments and concerned parties. America, and specifically the CIA and other government security and even military operations even today rely heavily on drug moneys to fund black-ops, assassinations, blackmailing prominent persons,
and a whole variety of secret and even occult movements and operations. In the 1960's the CIA started to make large inroads in both the South American and European drug operations, Afghanistan was a primary target for operational funding via its large and growing drug industry. Former President George Bush Senior, was then a CIA officer in charge of Afghanistan operations: Bush not only oversaw much of the drug trade operation but secretly benefited generously from his "cut" of all the loose moneys, as many Military, CIA, and government officials do even more so today. The bottom line is the following: As long as the governments, the CIA, British Intel, etc, control the drug trade, it is they who enrich themselves and have near unlimited funds for all their black-ops and immoral operations.
Following closely on the heels of the drug trade controllers are the pharmaceutical company's and all the interests intertwined with them. In the 1930's and on, it became clear to the drug company's that natural, herbal, and alternative medicines, like marijuana for one. had enormous medical and healing potentials, in fact for centuries previous many physicians knew well and proscibed these alternative, herbal, vitamin and mineral, marijuana, etc, remedies for a enormuos host of maladies; but these were cheap and commonly available, near impossible to control for profit, thus the beginning attempts to demonize these natural remedies in order to acquire complete control of medicine for profit. One has to look at the enormous cost of all the thousands if not tens of thousands of persons incarcerated for possession of small amounts of marijuana, of the insane and radical war on marijuana, raw milk,
organic farm produce, family markets, vitamin/mineral healing discoveries; all by a cadre of cultish and immoral persons whose only concern is the ever increasing demand for profit. It is a war, and it is becoming more violent as the Western Democracies are succumbing to Police State tactics and the attempts to Socialize America and Europe into a One World Satanic Judeo/Freemasonic Dictatorship. When Obama was elected a Vatican Cardinal stated that "Now America has declared war against God". Don't get me wrong – Bush, Clinton, Obama, they all follow the same rules and orders from a much more sinister secret government – but fools keep voting them in. Someone comes along who offers to correct many wrongs, one like Ron Paul, not an angel but one who demonstrates a moral base as also Sen. Santorum shows, and America rejects what is the best choice for what – you all deserve what you are going to get soon.
Blair T. Longley Wrote - If you want much more of the same, going infinitely deeper, click on my name, to my Web site, and follow the spiral of digressions of links out from there. It all begins and ends with militarism. One of the oldest books on the Art of War, written in 6th Century BC, China, made the essential points. That book begins by saying that "success in war is based on deceit," and ends with the last chapter that says "spies are the most important soldiers." Those ideas can be derived from basic energy laws and general systems theory. They are NOT merely some psychological choices made by elites! The real world is ALWAYS organized lies, operating organized robbery. It is superficial and silly to do correct analysis of history, but then collapse back to impossible ideals as the bogus "solutions" which could then be offered. In the real world, there are NO "good guys," only different kinds of "bad guys."
They work out their dynamic equilibria, which are NEVER finally resolved. My political philosophy is based on the fundamental concepts of subtraction and robbery. The drug wars are facets of the perpetual wars between all beings subtracted from their Whole. Our dilemmas, that societies ended up being controlled by the people who were the "best" at being dishonest, indeed DO go infinitely deep! Welcome to the Bizarro Mirror World Fun House: the drug wars now are primarily due to pot prohibition. It was BECAUSE cannabis is the single best plant for people, that the laws asserted "marijuana is almost as bad as murder." OF COURSE, THAT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT. International organizations were the primary drivers of those events, and the international banksters their primary controllers. The best organized crime gangs dominated the world. However, after perceiving the deeper reasons WHY that was so, there are no facile solutions, only more perpetual wars to work through.

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