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Asunto:[redanahuak] El Teatro Campesino Presents: 7, 8IGHT, 9…
Fecha:Lunes, 11 de Marzo, 2013  00:55:16 (-0600)
Autor:REDCONCIENCIA <lacasadelared>

Date: 2013/3/11
Subject: El Teatro Campesino Presents: 7, 8IGHT, 9…
To: Foro Gap Internacional <>

Subject: El Teatro Campesino Presents: 7, 8IGHT, 9…
To: Foro Spanish USA <>

From: El Teatro Campesino <>
Date: 2013/3/10

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El Teatro Campesino Presents: 7, 8IGHT, 9…
"A tragic comedy about 99 percenters trying to steal their
American Dream”

El Teatro Campesino in association with Company of Strangers presents the Northern California Premiere of 7,8IGHT, 9… a new tragic comedy written and directed by Joe Luis Cedillo. Inspired by real-life events 7, 8IGHT, 9… was recognized by the Kennedy Center as runner-up for the National Latino Playwriting Award. More than a gritty LA crime story, 7, 8IGHT, 9… is a collage of the struggles of three desperate men and women trying to make ends meet, their broken opportunities, and their shared burden of trying to stay alive while the world eats them raw.

7, 8IGHT, 9… premieres at El Teatro Campesino with performances Friday, April 5 thru Sunday, May 5, 2013. Shows are Thurs-Sat @ 8:00 PM & Sun @ 2:00 PM.

Reeling from the economic recession during 2009, Gonzo and Lincoln meet in the living room of their friends, Lupe and Eva, to get high and lament their fates dining off an EBT card. Tired of hanging out in the Home Depot parking lot waiting for work, they come up with a solution to their problems—to commit a get-rich-quick robbery in the City— a robbery that goes horribly wrong from the get.

Told with cinematic flare and laced with hard-hitting humor, this gritty thriller examines the shocking events of their deadly outing that ends…with the LA Sheriff’s Department hot on their trail.

Come to El Teatro Campesino and experience this new Chicano Noir classic on the stage— before it becomes a film!

Tickets are $10 for General Admission on Thursdays;

$15 for Adults; $12 for Seniors, Students & Children (12 and under) on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays

Discounts & Promotions available—no one will be turned away.

For more information, call (831)623-2444.

Purchase tickets at 800.838.3006 or at

Joe Luis Cedillo (Writer & Director & COS Co-Founder) is a Chicano Playwright-Director. A graduate of Iowa's Playwright's Workshop, he is a two-time Runner-Up for the Kennedy Center's National Latino Playwrighting Award, Bay Area Playwright Festival Finalist, 2009 Oregon Shakespeare FAIR Fellow, member of The Unit Collective@The Playwright’s Center and Alliance Theater Kendeda Finalist. He is Artistic Director for Company of Strangers, Associate Artistic Director for Texas State’s Black and Latino Playwright’s Conference, and Artistic Associate for Theatre Unleashed. In Los Angeles his work has appeared at Edge Fest, the LA History Project, the MET Theater and Highways Performance Space. His play, Cruising Con La Virgen, was produced by Moving Arts for Radar-LA and his site-specific play The Party was in Chalk Rep’s FLASH Fest ’12 at the Page Museum.


What: 7, 8IGHT, 9, a new play by Joe Luis Cedillo

Who: El Teatro Campesino

When: Thurs, April 4 thru Sun, May 5. 2013. Thurs-Sat at 8 PM and Sun at 2 PM.

The show runs approximately 90 minutes and is appropriate for ages 14+

Where: 705 Fourth Street, San Juan Bautista CA 95045

Tickets: $10 - $15

Discounts available—no one will be turned away. For more information call (831) 623-244

Purchase tickets at 800.838.3006 or at

705 Fourth Street, San Juan Bautista CA|
More Info: +1 (831) 623-2444

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