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OM -Boletin Clarid Juan Ang
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Asunto:[UNION_GLOBAL_DE_LUZ] L.Wurts in Peru (a tribute)
Fecha:Domingo, 20 de Abril, 2008  10:09:44 (-0300)
Autor:Juan Angel Moliterni <juan-angel>

 "KONTIKI...KONTIKI" (KON=Energy from above      TIKI=Energy from below

 In the colorful peruvian trail...En la colorida senda peruviana

A tribute to: D.Miller, J.A. Moliterni, C.Chapman, Tyberonn, S.Isabelle, J.Delgado, L. Hartwick and my Higher SELF

By Linda Wurts

(  in Spanish  bilingual)

 Para evolucionar más allá de cierto punto, el ser humano necesita descubrir la vida impersonal y cósmica y penetrar en ella. Al sumergirse en esa inmensidad, será atraído hacia la síntesis y la unidad de toda la existencia, comenzará a florecer en su interior. (1)

 To evolve further than a certain point, a human being needs to discover the impersonal and the cosmic and penetrate into it. As it plunges in this immensity, he will be attracted towards synthesis and unity of all existence, he will begin to flourish inside. (1)

Meditating on the Golden Sun Disc in Machu Pichu/ Meditando sobre el Disco Solar Dorado en Machu Pichu
Metatron speaks thru Tyberonn about the connection of this infinity point, as a place that has already ascended! Indeed, at certain angles of activation, this site is within zero point. (2)
As I look back, it was a golden motion of a conscient body enacting its own rythm, with eyesight dressed in native´s colorful textiles. My touch was brown to their skin, reddish to the flavour of the spicy sauce going down my throat and the breath becoming pink...these fantasies in colour... due to lack of oxygen?  or a graphic tale of the unseen?
Metatron nos habla a través de Tyberonn, sobre la conexión de este punto infinito, como un sitio que ¡ya ha ascendido! Debido a que en ciertos ángulos de activación, este lugar se encuentra en el punto cero (2)


 ¡My life is a perfect demonstration of the principles of DIVINE LOVE!

     Encodement Technicians at work at Lake Titicaca using AMMA´s activation/desactivation DNA principles described by Cathy Chapman (3)

Técnicos codificadores trabajando en el Lago Titicaca, usando el proceso descrito por AMMA de activación/desactivación del ADN, a través de Cathy Chapman (3)

 ¡Mi vida es una perfecta demostración de los principios del amor divino!

At the call of "OMEGA LIGHT" in the Sacred Valley, as described by David Miller from the Teachings of the Sacred Triangle (4)
In the INCA tradition PACHAKUTI "return of the light"( in 1992) marked the transition of the new five hundred year cycle of the cosmos.
It made possible the return of the CHILDREN OF THE SUN, in all of us. (5)
Al llamado de: "LUZ OMEGA" en el Valle Sagrado, como lo describe David Miller en las Enseñanzas del Triángulo Sagrado(4)
Is this the friendly Arcturian sent by a sister starseed (thanks Inge) to give a helping hand  (Cuzco city)? 
¿Es éste el amigo Arcturiano enviado por una hermana semilla estelar, para darme una mano (en Cuzco)?

 The blueprint of my ancestors emerging....La huella de mis ancestros resurgiendo

Through the eons of time, this practice of weaving has shown us how to master the art of LIVING.

Close to this Andean lady I felt how we can disengage ourselves by centering our attention on the thread held in our hand (visible or not).

A través de los eones del tiempo, la práctica del telar nos ha mostrado como conquistar el arte de VIVIR.

Junto a esta señora andina, sentí como podemos desengancharnos, si centramos nuestra atención en el hilo sostenido en nuestra mano (visible o no).

This crystal skull "called me" in Machu Pichu. At the store, I found Delgado´s book that I had been seeking without luck.
A legend says they hold information about humankind´s true purpose and future destiny.
I had the luck of being initiated by Susan Isabelle in Mt. Shasta. (6) Therefore, finding the book and the skull at the same time, worked like a magnet.
Nevertheless, a "terrible" unease my body felt at the moment, as the altitude played tricks in every internal organ.  "The Veils between the worlds are very thin here in this Sacred City."
Sunrise at City of Puno (Lake Titicaca at the back)


According to the Maya Calendar, my seal is that of a "sky walker", a true explorer that unites Heaven and Earth. In Quechua, the term given to a "bridge person" is Chacaruna.

May my constant practice and Inti´s (sun) rays of benevolance assist me in openning the doors that will connect me into what I must find and pass along.

I thank the pachamama (mother Earth) and mamapacha (galactic kachina-Divine Mother) as I sing a soothing chant...."kontiki...OM...ADONAI....shimmer...shimmer...OM"

merging the weaver from ancient times...the charazani (medicine woman)... the Maya warrior... today´s yoguini...yesterday's chemist... quartz...

the stone and quantum light... into ONE.

I thank Hilarion for letting me know about the old ways, hidden within (7)


(2) www.Earth-Keeper.Com 



(5) Delgado, J.L. & Male, M.A. ANDEAN AWAKENING. An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru. Council Oak Books.



"Coloca en TI el sitio de TU destino".
Linda D. Wurts M.
Health Educator in Yoga & Ayurveda